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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dominic Serna 16 yrs Missing 02 09 2015

Dominic Serna is 16 years old, he was last seen in Indio California.

Dominic is Boxer here is one of his matches on you tube
Dominic Serna is
is 16 years old
5 feet 9 inches at 136lbs
Brown eyes and Black hair
Please Contact:
Indio Police at 1-760-391-4057

Monday, March 2, 2015

Update Phil Bogenschultz Last Seen February 6 2015 in Hemet Ca

Phil Bogenschultz Is 2 time war veteran and resident of Hemet California, Last month on February 6, he had unexpectedly stepped out, and hasn’t returned yet! He is or was driving a 2011 Chevy Colorado crew cab truck Dark Blue, Plate number when find it, he purchased the truck a couple months prior.
A military friend of his was having troubles, he does have roots in Denver Colorado

Phils wife, received phone call from the bank fraud department of activity from his bank card in three different locations in San Jacinto

Response from post to his son

Phil Bogenschultz is 58 years old
5 feet 8 inches at 175 lbs
He has brown eyes and black hair

Please Contact:
phone number update
Debbie Bogenschutz
At 951-306-5102

Do you know who Emily is?

With one name and one photo, Sander Kult traveled from Holland to New York to find a young homeless woman named Emily that had become the star of his graduate film project, "In Emily's Case," in 1998.

Sander's said that after meeting Emily and making a short film with her in the leading role, she asked him afterwards if she could go with him back to Holland.  Instead of telling Emily no, Sander's left without saying goodbye.

Then a Dutch television program called "Memories" became aware of Sander's quest and followed him back to New York as he searched for Emily again, with a photo of a homeless woman that looked very much like Emily.  They were not able to locate her.

This morning I received a request from a reader in Denmark, Richard Schippers, asking if we could let everyone know about Sander's search for Emily and help renew the search for her.

"Hope you don't mind me bringing a missing homeless person case to your attention, that has a connection with the Netherlands. A popular show in the Netherlands, "memories" has helped try to find a girl known by the name of Emily. Unfortunately the search hasn't been successful up till now. This case intrigues me all the time. Maybe you see a chance to renew the attention for it in the US? Here's a link to a page with information and some videos, partially in English. Thanks very much for your attention and your time! And....sorry for any mistakes in my English. Kind greetings, Richard."

Because some of the best armchair detectives I have ever known come here, I knew that there was a good possibility that we could drum up some leads.

All we know is that Emily would be about 34-years-old and could be anywhere, but more than likely she is still in New York.  She could be working, married or maybe still on the streets.

There is a photo of a homeless woman taken back in 2008 that was shown on the Dutch TV show that looks strikingly like Emily (see above).  Also, on the show you can hear Emily talking and I cannot place her accent, but during the TV show, Sander's says she has a French Canadian accent.

If you think you might have some information, please leave a tip here. 

You can watch "Memories" by clicking here, but know that the narrative is not in English.

Aaron Blackwell and Emma Blackwell: Amber Alert from Indiana Found

UPDATE: Both teenagers who police said were abducted at gunpoint on Monday have been returned home safely, police said.
UPDATE:  3/2/15 - Aaron has been found in Michigan after a high speed chase with police in Detroit, but they are still searching for Emma.

"We have been working with a multi-agency task force to safely recover the children and take the suspects into custody," said Detroit Police Department Sgt. Eren Stephens. "We are still searching for the missing female. Three suspects are in custody, including one suspect from earlier today, and two suspects were arrested this evening."

Original story:  An Amber Alert has been activated for two who have been abducted at gun point.  Aaron Blackwell, 16, and Emma Blackwell, 13, were taken by armed suspects from their home at 1215 Lasalle Street in Indianapolis, Ind. around 3 a.m. on Monday.
Aaron was wearing a black bathrobe and Emma was wearing pink and white pajamas.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. believe the teen were taken b a black male with the name of "Jay."  Jay is described as 5'11" tall and 250 pounds with short, black hair and brown eyes.  According to WLFI, Investigators believe the kidnapping was committed by three black men driving either a black Dodge Charger or black Cadillac Escalade,

 IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn told the Associated Press, investigators don’t believe a parent is involved in the abductions. However, he believes the crimes were not random.

Isaac Pernell, the father of the missing children, spoke with reporters Monday afternoon at the home from where they were taken, and he said he wants "his babies back," and he thinks they were kidnapped for money.

Aaron is 5'1`11" tall, 180 pounds and Emma is 5'5" tall and 1590 pounds,  They both have black hair and brown eyes. 

If you have any information, please call 1-888-58AMBER

Missing Homeless Person in Arizona

Missing Person Homeless Man
Trisha Hipps Elsharkawy of Arizona met a Homeless man in Arizona. Sean is the name he uses. Sean says, he was on a Greyhound Bus to visit someone and got on the wrong bus at a rest stop. He's been lost ever since. He thinks he's from Springfield, Missouri. Someone has to be looking for him. Sean is special needs, he can’t read or write and sounds like an 8 year old when he speaks. Contact Trisha Hipps Elsharkawy

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mark Lane Smith: Missing from Moreno Valley since 2001

Height: 5’11” 
Weight: 200 
Hair Color: Brown 
Eye Color: Blue 
City of Residence: Moreno Valley, CA. 92551 
Vehicle Info: 1995 Green GMC Yukon, License #3NVW067 
Summary: Mark was last seen on a construction site in Moreno Valley on August 25, 2001. Both he and his vehicle have not been seen since. Photograph was taken around December 1998. Mark was 42 when he was last seen.


Caitlin Kearney: New Jersey woman missing since 2012

Caitlin Kearney, 23, has been missing nice 2012.  She was last seen at her home in New Jersey.  She walked out of the home and never returned. 

Denise Urevick has been driving around Camden where she was last seen in hopes of finding her daughter. 

But, lately tips have stopped coming in. 

Catilin left behind her daughter who is now three-years-old. 

Kaitlin is 5 feet tall and 110 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes and a tattoo of a strawberry on her lower left abdomen. 

If you see her please call the Pitman Police Dept. at 856-589-3500 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Noncritical: Documentary film talks about the lack of media for black and missing

Noncritical Film has finished a documentary on the subject of missing Unique Harris and whether their is enough attention given to black and missing in America. 

This short film "follows the journey of a grieving family in the search for their missing loved one - Unique Harris, a black missing mother of two from Southeast D.C., taken from her apartment as her two boys and niece were sleeping on October 10, 2010. As Unique's detective weighs in on motive and suspects, the film's re-enactment scenes depicting her final hours illuminate the theories behind her," says Kelsey Marsh the producer and editor of the film. 

Unique's story was filmed and produced by Noncritical Film's, and who partnered with the Black and Missing Foundation, just found out that this film had been accepted into the 5th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival. 

In the film, the most interesting person is Valencia's herself, that does a wonderful job of explaining what she thinks happened to her daughter. 

The question arises in the film of whether lower income missing people do not get as much attention when they go missing.  

"It took me months to get national exposure for my daughter," said Valencia.

Valencia is the main character in this documentary as her vigilance and strength is compelling and real as she tells of her search for her missing daughter. 

The cinematography in this documentary is wonderful and the scene where the balloons are released would be magically if it wasn't for the sad reason for the vigil.

Please take a few minutes to watch the trailer below and if you have information about Unique, please call 202-715-7300 or leave an anonymous tip here.

William Tyrell: Missing 3-year-old Australian boy may be anywhere

You may not have heard of 3-year-odl William Tyrell, as he was last seen at his grandmother’s home in Kendall on the NSW north coast of Australia in September 12, 2014, but this week the investigation has moved to the U.S. as authorities believe he may have been abducted, said the Daily Mail.

“This is not a child that wandered off.  We think there’s been human intervention,” the NSW Police Inspector Gary Jubelin told The Australian.

Even though the authorities have asked the public all over the world to keep an eye out for William they are are going to go back to the area where William was last seen playing with his younger sister in the yard while they were visiting at their grandmother's home with their mother from Sydney.

'If you were in the area and did not come forward, we would have grave concerns and a certain amount of suspicion would be attached,” said Jubelin.

Because William was only alone a few moments and police find it more than a coincidence that he went missing during that time frame and theorize that someone had been watching the house for several weeks. 

'It's a huge coincidence that you have a situation where a young boy has been unsupervised, only for a very short moment, and someone has come into contact with him at the time,' he told AAP. 

The photograph of a man with his arms folded taken by local searcher shortly after William went missing, wasn't  brought to the detective’s attention till 5 months later.  The searcher said she decided to speak out about it after William still had not been found and the photo of that particular person kept bothering her.  Authorities have not commented on it.  

This case reminds me of the types of cases that Ty Rittter or Project Child Safe works on.  Back in 2011, I watched an episode of "Kidnap and Rescue." In this episode it showed kidnappers, watching a mother and her child, called Jenny, on the front lawn of their home in Huntington Beach, California.  The kidnappers made a phone call to the home, and as the mother went inside to answer the phone, another kidnapper, posing as a mother, lured the little girl closer to the fence by asking her if she wanted to see her baby in the stroller.  When she came closer, the woman puts a handkerchief over Jenny's face and drugs her.  Suddenly, another kidnapper rushes up and grabs Jenny and puts her in the back of the SUV and drives off.  In minutes, Jenny is gone.

"A blond, blue-eyed child sold on today's market has, in some cases, reached six figures," said Ty.

I have to confess that I had no idea that kidnapping of America children by foreign countries was actually going on.  Was there really people out there, coming to the U.S. and stealing our children?  Yes, there were, and we have to consider that it is happening elsewhere and this may be what happened to William.

Law enforcement is limited to what they can do, and many missing person cases, that may have to do with human trafficking, just go cold.  Law enforcement can't get past compliance issues or jurisdictional boundaries, and are stuck in limbo.  

Interpol, the world's largest international policed organization, is one organization that is able to gather information about human trafficking and pass this information on to private organizations, like Project Child Save.

Below is a clip from the show.  Be warned that it is rough to watch, as it is so realistic, but worth it to hear Ty talk about Jenny's rescue. (please note that there are 4 videos that will play back to back with a brief pause)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Missing Men from Liberty County Texas

All these men are missing from Liberty County Texas.

These names have numbers because they are part of the Missing Texas Forty, which is a list of 40 plus men and woman that have disappeared from Montgomery County and Liberty County, Texas.

Walter Brawner - 06-10-2008: 23. Walter Brawner, w/m, 67 y/o. Shepherd TX (Found him to be missing from San Jacinto County and not Montgomery or Liberty - leaving here for now [7/23/12])
Two of Mr. Brawner's children had stopped by to visit him for Father's Day in 2008. Mr. Brawner's vehicle was in the driveway, but there was no response at the door. The adult children went to a neighbor who had a key that allowed them entry into their father's home. Mr. Brawner was not there. The children became suspicious of the neighbor upon asking some questions and called the local authorities and reported their father missing. Mr. Brawner has not been found to date. Foul play is suspected and the neighbor is a person of interest in this case.
Rodney Stokely - 19.   01-22-2008: Rodney Stokley, w/m, 19 y/o. Cleveland, Liberty County, TX 
His father related what he knows of the night his son disappeared — Jan. 22, 2008.
A buddy of Rodney’s had picked him up at the family’s home and taken him to Brookhollow Apartments for his buddy’s birthday celebration. What he knows about what happened next is based on the friend’s account and what police have uncovered.
“His buddy and girlfriend were arguing so Rodney said he would leave, and left on foot. He made a couple of phone calls including one to his girlfriend. He made a couple more phone calls after that but the battery on his phone was going down,” said his father. The last of the calls he made pinged, or connected, off a cell phone tower on Wells Road off Plum Grove Road. After that, no calls were made from the cell phone and no one ever heard from Rodney again.  “Everything was going good and then Rodney disappeared. It’s not like him to be gone and not in contact with us,” said Rodney Sr. “That’s where his trail ends.” The “not knowing” is the worst part of it all for the Stokley family.
Mark Rhineburger - 40.  02/15/2012  Mark Larry Rhineburger, 39, from Crosby, Texas Liberty County was last seen at the Shell gas station on FM2w100, Indian Shores subdivision on February 15, 2012 around 5:30 a.m.  Mark was driving a 2005, white 4-door Chevy pickup with a crew cab.  His truck was found on February 15, near County road 2148 in Liberty County near Romayor, Texas.  It was out of gas. Mark is 5'10" tall, 170 pounds with brown eyes and black hair.  (New information has come out about this case on March 22, 2012.  Click here to read.

Dennis Rogers- 41.  03/08/2012 Dennis Rogers, 54,  from Plum Grove, Texas Liberty County was last seen going for a walk in the woods near his home on CR 347 South.  He called 911 and told them that he had gone too far and was lost.  The authorities reported on March 13 that the case was now criminal and would not elaborate any further.

Edwin Rogers - 37.   12-30-2011: Edwin Clark Rogers, w/m, 62 y/o. Tarkington, Liberty County, TX
Rogers’ son, David, and his own brother, Lesley Rogers, were the last two people he spoke with before his disappearance. Lesley Rogers said his brother told him he had been at the VFW in Liberty.
“I talked to him at 11:43 p.m. on the 30th,” said Rogers. “He asked if I was still up. I said no, so he said, ‘Ok, I’m gonna go on then.’ I guessed he was talking about going home.”
David Rogers said his dad had called him a few minutes earlier and said the same  thing.  No one has heard from Edwin Rogers since then. The next day, Dec. 31, Rogers’ stepson, Josh Roskie, said he and his wife saw Rogers’ jeep on the side of SH 321, but didn’t think anything about it because his parents had argued and were separated at the time. He said a few days later, several other people had seen the jeep in the same location, so he began to worry and called his mom. Roskie said after he called his mom, she went down to the car and placed a rock on the tire as a way to monitor the vehicle's movement. She also found Rogers’ cell phone under the front seat and became worried. Rogers’ stepdaughter, Gina Goh, said she found out about her stepfather’s disappearance on Friday, Jan. 6, and reported Rogers as missing to authorities.
Family members say it is completely uncharacteristic of Rogers not to keep in touch.
Rogers’ sister-in-law, Tabitha Rogers, said she suspects foul play.  “He just doesn’t disappear like this,” she said. “It’s not like him not to keep in contact with family.”
Larry Baker - 29.   01-29-2010: Larry Baker, w/m, 55 y/o. Cleveland, Liberty County, TX
A 54-year-old Cleveland area man remains missing and endangered on Monday. Larry Richard Baker, Sr. suffers from multiple serious health problems including high blood pressure, multiple strokes and the beginning stages of dementia.
Baker, who lives near the intersection of Plum Grove Road (FM 1010) and CR 325 was last seen Thursday night by his sister who lives on the same property when she took food to him.
Westley Moore - 47.  6/9/13 - Westley Moore, 32, (W/M)  Westley Allen Moore, 32, has been missing from Liberty County Texas since June 9th, 2013.Authorities searched for him near the pipeline area near the 6800 block of Outlaw Bend where Polk County, Hardin County and Liberty County all merge together and specifically Hardin County where Mr. Moore was last seen.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jack Rattigan: Senior missing from New Hampshire Found

UPDATE:  2/27/15 - I received this message: 

"He was found safe and sound last night at Quincy Medical in Quincy, MA. He ended up getting into a minor accident, a little banged up and bruised up but nothing serious and his family took him home. Thanks again for your help and for sharing the link on your great site."

Jack Rattigan, 82, left his home in Londonderry, N.H. on Wed. Feb 25 around 5:30 p.m. and is now missing.  He was seen driving his 2007 silver Dodge Dakota Truck with plates 2JACKS.  He does frequent Hannaford's, Walmart and Applebee's in Derry.  He will also park at Lake Massabesic.

 He was wearing a long sleeve sweater, with black slacks and winter boots. He does not have his front teeth in.

He is 185 pounds and between 5'8" and 5'9", does not have a cell phone or credit cards.

If you see him or his truck, please call the police.

Christopher Sylvia: Missing hiker in San Diego

UPDATE 3/2/15 -  Mary Litch was hiking the Pacifc Crest Trail when she found a pair of hiking sandals and an empty package of freeze-dried stew near Tule Spring.
“One of the shoes had an empty package of beef stew that had been folded up and then tucked inside of one of the shoes,” Litch told CBS News 8.
No word yet if they belong to Sylvia or not. 

UPDATE:  2/27/15 - There were lots of searchers and dogs looking for Christopher today.  Because of a storm coming in Friday night they had to call off the search for him, but will be back to look for him again on Monday.

Original story:Christopher Sylvia, 28, has been missing while hiking in Anza, Calif. near Highway 74 on Feb. 16, and the SDCSD decided to released a public bulletin on Wednesday.

Christopher told a friend to meet him at Warner Springs on the 17th but Christopher never showed up. His backpacking gear and belongings were found near where he was to meet his friend.  And that is where they started their search and then panned out.  Chris may have left his gear there and then went higher up the peak to try and make a phone call or to look around.  Whatever the reason he never returned back to his gear.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Searching for Cloudia Wells

UPDATE 2/28/15 - Robin held a candlelight vigil for her mom in Los Angleles on Saturday.  She has one more week before she has to return home. 

Original story:  On Wednesday, I helped search for a homeless woman that might be Robin Wells Burton's mom, Cloudia Wells that she has not seen for 15 years.

Robin's mom, Cloudia Wells  was reported missing from San Diego 15 years ago, and she didn't even know where to start to look until she saw the photo of the homeless woman in the LA Times (top photo).  Robin found out that the photo was taken in 2013 in Skid Row.  Robin knew she had to start searching there.  Robin planned to drive from Illinois to Los Angeles to look for her mom but didn't have the funds.

After a few months, Robin was able to raise the money with help from many, including Stephanie Coplin, from "Letters to our Missing" and  They began their trip last week.    Local news from  Collinsville, Ill. did a story before Robin left Illinois.

Also, I did a story about Robin and her search for her mom called after Robin received a horrific phone call from the San Diego Police Dept. before she left on her trip:

Daughter of missing mother posts rude phone message from San Diego Police Department

Stephanie Coplin and volunteer Clint discuss the next step in the search- photo by JDean

Robin and Stephanie made it to San Diego on Monday, Feb. 23, and talked with the local Channel 10 news about her search.

Robin and Clint search near area
where woman from bus stop would walk
Photo by J Dean
Robin and Stephanie planned to go to Venice on Wednesday, but yesterday afternoon I saw a woman sitting at a bus stop in Santee and emailed the photo (see above) to Robin.  Robin wasn't sure it was her.  I went back with my son this time and he gave the woman a bottle of water and took a video of the woman just for Robin to see, so we could eliminate the possibility and then we emailed that to Robin.
Robin still wasn't sure, and she was planning on going to LA.  Then Robin began getting tips that Cloudia may be in San Diego.  The uncertainty of my photo and all the tips leading to San Diego, Robin decided to put off her trip back up to LA, and continue searching in the East County area of San Diego.
Robin went to businesses on N. Magnolia in El Cajon and ran into a manager at the Weinerschnitzel that had video surveillance that showed the same woman I saw yesterday.  Everyone there was so supportive.  They said that she came in there at least twice a week.  The Starbucks in the same shopping center confirmed they saw her often too and they were just as supportive.  I even saw a Starbucks employee outside the store double checking a homeless woman that went walking by with a red shopping cart, to see if it was the woman from the bus stop. 

Since this was the area that the woman was seen everyday, Stephanie waited at the Weinerschnitzel, while we drove up and down the boulevard and behind buildings and then to a homeless shelter.  We got a tip that she might be near the bridge where the homeless went to sleep.
Homeless sleeping under the 67 bridge in El Cajon, Calif. - Photo by JDean
 Everywhere we went we kept getting positive sightings. Everyone knew her, everyone had seen her and knew she pushed a shopping cart up and down the main street.  That's wonderful, but was that woman, Cloudia?  

Homeless Woman at the bus stop - Photo by Dawson Dean
We even headed to an area that had a broken fence after we received a tip.  Dawson and Clint volunteered to search as it was a place you did not go alone, but nothing was found.  

Robin had doubts that it was her mom, but we couldn't ignore the fact it could be.  Even with my photo and video and the surveillance video from the Weinerschnitzel, no one was sure it was not her mom.  Plus, everyone who had actually seen her face to face were saying after they compared the video to the photo of Cloudia, that they were the same.  With so many people who had seen the woman at the bus stop saying it was the same person as in the photo, Robin could not leave San Diego until she knew for sure.  No one wanted to be left thinking, what if, for the rest of our lives.  We kept searching for this woman who was at the bus stop. 

All we knew for sure right now was that the video at the Weinerschnitzel was definitely the same woman at the bus stop. But was that Cloudia? 

Then late Wednesday night, Robin told me that she had found the woman in the video who ended up having blue eyes and not brown, like her moms.
"As most of you know tips came in that led me to Santee, California Wednesday. To look for a homeless woman a few people thought was my mother. As I searched for this lady. I stopped by a church I found out She went to. I asked If I could go in their sanctuary. I sat down and just cried and prayed harder than I have in a long time. I search the streets, shelters, underpass, river. As we were getting ready to go get a motel room their She was. It was getting dark and she was walking with her shopping cart. We pulled up and I got out and spoke with her. Right away I knew it wasn't my mother Cloudia Leslie Wells Missing. But I stayed a few minutes and spoke to this lady. She loved my necklace I had on. And I explained to her that it represented my mom who is also homeless. I handed the lady $20.00 and told her to be safe. She thanked me and went on her way. We had stopped to get food to go. We pulled over in a parking lot to eat. I see the woman again But this time without her shopping cart. I watched her as she walked in the liquor store and purchased her a bottle of whisky. Instead of getting mad, I wasn't at all. How good it must of felt to her to have that drink. Jesus did turn water into wine. Don't be so harsh to judge the homeless. We don't know what they have been thru. We haven't walked in their shoes. God led me here for a reason. I just hope that reason is to find my mom. Just wanted to share my experience with you all tonight. Good night and God bless you all."
The woman at the bus stop was not Cloudia.  Robin's search in San Diego has come to a disappointing end, but it doesn't stop her from continuing. 

Homeless woman at bus stop - Photo by JDean
 Robin will get up tomorrow and start all over again, as you never know what tomorrow will bring. Each of Robin's steps are steps of hope, and that hope may help someone else that is searching for their loved one, and help them to keep strong and keep searching.

Elijah Jackson: Missing from Washington DC

Elijah Jackson, 31, is missing from Northwest DC.  Elijah walks with a cane.  He was wearing a heavy green jacket, tan boots, tan/black checkered scarf, green beanie.  He was last seen on Mon. Feb. 16, 2015.  If you see him, please call the Metropolitan Police Dept. at 202-727-9099 or leave a tip here. 

Unique Harris: Young woman disappears after witnessing a murder in 2010

Unique Harris was 24 when she went missing in 2010 from the 2400 block of Hartford St., se, in Washington DC.  Her mother Valencia still puts up flyers and is searching for her.  Please help share this poster. 

Justice Rees: Newborn kidnapped from Sacramento, mother found disoriented Found

UPDATE 3/1/15 - Mother has been arrested for the murder of Justice.

UPDATE:  2/25/15 - The body of missing Justice was found on the shores of a remote slough in Yolo County.  Authorities are trying to get to the bottom of what happened.In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, the police chief said "it's too early to tell if there was foul play."

Is this a case of post-partum depression or kidnapping?

Original story:  The Marin County Sheriff's Department are looking for a new born baby that the mother said was kidnapped.

Samantha Green,  23-year-old mother of the baby, Justice Rees told police that she and her baby were kidnapped on Monday.  She was heard calling for help along a lough west of Knights Landing in Yolo County on Tuesday, which is located near the Sacramento River. 

The police said she was disoriented and hysterical as she told them her story.  She also had injuries and was taking to the hospital, said Woodland Police Capt. Dale Johnson.

The police do not know why Green was in Knight's Landing as she does not live there and has no known links to the town.  She does have family in Woodland which is about 10 miles away. 

The police have been searching the area for the baby whose age has been said to be 14-217 days old, but have found nothing as of yet. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Carley McIlvain 16 year old from Hemet CA FOUND

There was communication from Carley's Grandmother, around midnight or early morning of February 26, 2015. She is apparently safe, though not much word on details.
Misty McIlvain statment
She is still listed as a missing person until she is back with her father and myself her legal guardians. This is turning into a child abduction by a family member. So safe is relative...she is at least not on the streets right now.
Her grandmother is estranged from the family.

Statement from Carley Anne
Just to make it very clear everyone, my mother is give false information about me, i ran away, I'm not a missing person, i am in a very very safe environment and the police know where i am and my mom is trying to make sound like she is a great mom when she isn't, i worry about my safety , she has tried killing me before and told me "i hope you get raped in life", and i don't even go to school because i watch kids all the time and i need school for my future so before you people say I'm in the wrong there are two sides to every story. Thank you and sorry for concerning anyone.

I had personally asked Carley a few questions:
  1. Are you trying return to school in Hemet posible staying at your grand mothers
  2. are you able to file charges against Misty and her husband
  3. have you seen the movie frozen

Carley Ann's Reply
  1. Yes i plan to go to school, as i want to be a cop when im older
  2. and I can't file charges
  3. and yes i have seen that movie

Carley McIlvain, 16 years old, and her mother moved to Minnesota recently. Carley had flown back to Hemet, CA, to visit with her friend. Carley was in care of her friend’s mom. Her friend’s mom had purchased a plane ticket for a flight back to Minnesota that was scheduled to depart at 9:22am, on February 24, 2015, from LAX. When her friend’s mom woke to take Carley to the airport she was not there. It is believed that Carley left the home early in the morning of February 24, 2015, to avoid returning to Minnesota, per a note she left behind.

Tim Jaskiewicz: Man from SC goes missing in Georgia

Tim Jaskiewicz, 51, has been missing since Feb. 16th, from Richmond Hills, Georgia. Tim recently moved home to Charleston, SC after separating from his wife. He went missing while visiting a friend in Richmond Hills, GA. His friends said they went out for an errand and Jaskiewicz was not there when they returned, and they have not seen or heard from him since, she said.
"Last seen at p.m. on Feb. 16th. His phone last pinged at midnight and has not been turned back on and no activity on his credit cards or bank accounts.

Critically endangered man has gone missing. 5’10” tall approximately 150 lbs. thinning dirty blonde hair brown eyes. Last seen in Richmond Hill Ga. Lives in Charleston SC. and has a 9 & 11 child in Apollo Beach Fl."

 Please note that he may be driving a red 2002 Toyota Tundra with a Florida tag BDZN21.  If you happen to see the truck parked along side the road, please call the police or Det. Linto at 912-756-5845.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cancelled Amber Alert: Elinor Trotta, 3 years,Found

Cancelled Amber Alert!

Recovered Safely:
Tuesday Morning, Michael Trotta 39 year old father of Elinor, was taken into custody in Massachusetts. 3 year old Elinor is safe!
On February 23, 2015 The New castle Police department responded to a domestic dispute at the School Side Apartments New Castle, at 800 Block of East Basin Rd at 6:48pm. The ex-boyfriend 39 year old Michael Trotta reportedly assaulted the Mother of Elinor Trotta and left with Elinor, their 3 year old daughter.

Erica Alonso: Missing woman from Costa Mesa


Erica Alonso, 27, has been missing since Feb. 14, 2015.  She was last seen at the Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa.  Surveillance video shows her and her date leaving with another couple.  The couple and Erica had gone to the man's home in Irvine and they left around 3:45 a.m. and Erica got into a fight with the man.  Erica drove away about 10-15 minutes later. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department have interviewed the man, whose name has not been released.

The police have not classified Erica's disappearance as a crime and there are no suspects. 

Erica may be driving a Honda Civic with California plates 7FSS564.

If you have any information about her please call (714) 647-7000 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Chad Ferschweiler: Missing from Oregon Found

UPDATE:  2/26/15 -The Corvallis Police Department issued a statement saying that Ferschweiler had been found unharmed at a hotel on the central coast.

“It appears Ferschweiler has been traveling up and down the coast since leaving Corvallis on February 16, 2015,” the statement said.
Original story:  Chad Ferschweiler, 34, was last seen on Feb. 16, 2015 in Corvallis, Oregon. He was suppose to open the Pita Pit in Corvallis on Monday but he did not show up and has not been seen since 9 a.m. on Feb. 16.

He was last seen wearing a Chive zip up hood, Pita Pit trucker hat and chinos.  There is no formal search being done by the Corvallis Police Department.

His Facebook page shows a guy with a great sense of humor.  Chad I hope you realize how many people care about you and you make contact with everyone and come back. 

On Instagram the post reads:  "His family says he has been depressed and struggling, and he failed to report to work Monday morning. No one has seen him since. He drives that Pontiac there, Oregon plates, and the tags are expired. Has a green Bill Murray sticker in the back window. If ANYONE has ANY information on him - if you've seen his car even, please contact Corvallis police IMMEDIATELY. There is no formal search as the police say that an adult is basically none of their concern when they go missing, but so many of us disagree. #FindChad #newberg #newport #yamhillcounty #linncounty"
Aaron Deen, the owner of the Salem Pita Pit, said that he originally owned the Corvallis Pita Pit and sold it to Ferschweiler in February 2011, according to the Albany Democrate Herald, but Ferschweiler didn’t meet the terms of the sales agreement, so  Deen began legal proceedings to take back the business. As of February he was in control.

The Corvallis Pita Pit was closed Monday, and a sign on the door asked anyone who knows anything about the location of Chad to contact the Corvallis Police Department.

Chad, please leave a note here or call someone and let them know you are okay.   Everyone is worried about you and we just want to offer our friendship.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Julia Potter: Child missing from Seattle

Julia Potter, 7, is missing from Seattle, Wash.  She may be with her dad, Jason Potter, 45. 

Police Agency:
If info, or seen, contact the Seattle Police Department, Det. Jason Stolt, at (206)233-1536,
Sheriff's Dept/Criminal Investigations Unit; Det. Luke Hillman at (206) 263-2117, WSP Missing Persons Unit, at (800) 543-5678, 1-800-THE LOST, or 9-1-1
Case # 14-372496 NCMEC# 1240281 OR leave an anonymous tip here.

Gavin Marsh: Missing in San Francisco

UPDATE:  2-25-15 "Thank you to everyone that has shared my site. Gavin had made contact with us last night and we were able to get him back home this evening (Feb 23/15) safe. I cant thank everyonte (sic) enough for your prayers and continued support."

Gavin Marsh, 23, is from Avon, Ind. and he was last seen in San Francisco on Feb 14, 2015.  His family is looking for him.  If you see him, will you tell him to please call home or please leave an anonymous tip.  

Please contact Amanda Blackburn with any information 317-201-6328

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do you know who Sean is?

UPDATE:  2/25/15 - Just a note to let you all know that every single one of your links you have sent me, of who you think Sean is, has been sent to  They have responded to me and are looking at each and everyone of them, and also told me they have received a lot more from others.  So, know that NamUs is doing what they can to find out who Sean is.  Kudos to NamUs.

Original story:  This photo above comes from the Missing Homeless Facebook page, as it was placed there asking for help to identify this man. 

The post read:

"This is Sean. A poster has known him for several years and taken him food, clothes, and blankets. Sean is Special Needs. He can't read or write and sounds like an 8 year old child when he talks. He recently told me that he is here because he got lost and can't find his way home. He was on a Greyhound Bus to visit someone and got on the wrong bus at a rest stop. He's been lost ever since. He thinks he's from Springfield, Missouri. Someone has to be looking for him. He's such a harmless, gentle soul. Please pray for him."

Almost immediately a poster posted a photo of Sean White.  Although Sean White looked heavier than Homeless Sean, it could have been a match, especially taking into consideration that Sean White would have been homeless for 10 years.

It took about 24 hours before we all got the word through the News-Leader who has been following the story, that Sean White was not our Homeless Sean.  According to the News-Leader, Sean was found a short time later in 2004 and is currently living in a psychiatric hospital in Farmington.  Sean White's brother confirmed he is there. 

More research found that Sean White remained on the list as a MP by the police department and it was a mistake that the information had not been updated to show he had been found in 2004.

So, the search is back on for Sean.  Please share with everyone and let's see if we can find out who this Sean is and help him reunite with his family. 

Richard Downs: Missing from Kentucky

Richard "Chad" Downs, 38, has been missing from Louisville, Kentucky since Feb. 6, 2015.  He was last seen leaving Assured Auto Care in Jeffersontown heading towards PRP. 

He drives a green and tan 1997 Chevy truck with plates 737TAR. 

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call 911. 

The Hidden South: Hundreds of photos of homeless people

Heather, a reader, sent me this link to a page called The Hidden South.  It has hundreds of photos and bios of people that are homeless.  If you are missing a loved one you should go to that page and look at the photos.  If you are an armchair detective you should go there and look to see if you can match anyone with a reported missing person.

Also, don't forget to go to my new Facebook page, Missing Homeless in America to find more photos of homeless and possible missing people.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Marisa Kaluhiokalani: Missing from New Jersey Found

UPDATE:  2/22/15 - "Help Find Marisa" posted Marisani had been found Saturday evening.

"Marisa has been found. She is home safe with her family and we just ask for some time to heal," read the status update. "Thank you everyone for all your love, prayers, and help. You have no idea what it means to us and Marisa."

Original story:  Marisa Kaluhiokalani, 27, from Woodbury Heights, New Jersey has been missing since Feb. 2, 2015.

Marisa was seen in Camden after a friend dropped her off to cash a check.  She never returned home.  Which was particularly unusual as it was her daughter's third birthday, the following day. 

Marisa is a cancer survivor and left behind her medication. 

Marisa is 5'4" tall, 160 pounds with a tattoos of a flower on her left leg and left wrist and a ribbon on her right wrist and a butterfly on her right shoulder. 

If you see her, please call the Woodbury Heights police at 856-848-6707. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NAMUS: A tool everyone should use

NamUs is a website that many do not even know about.  In fact, there are law enforcement personnel that do not even know about it even though it is a government run website.

NBC Philadelphia ran a story on NamUs that explains not only about it, but also about the disconnect there is between NamUs, NCIC, the public and missing person statistics.  

It used to be that NCIC was the only database out there.  In fact, to this day it still remains basically the same as it has always been, simple stats on a screen that makes you think you have taken a time machine back to the 1980s.  There is no touch screen, no photos, just a green text on a black background provided by the Matrix style at the time.

"NCIC or the National Crime Information Center, is an electronic index of crime data, overseen by the FBI since its launch in January 1967 and only available to federal, state and local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies," reports NBC Philadelphia.

The entry of this information relies on law enforcement, so if they have a heavy case load or a secretary or radio operator can't be wrangled up to help input information, the information may sit for awhile.  Even to this day, that information seldom is passed to NamUS.  

"A big reason the FBI reports 84,924 active missing person records as of Dec. 31, 2014 while NamUs currently has 10,985 in its system," reports NBC Philadelphia.

But these two entities were never suppose to meet.  NCIC was exclusively for the use by law enforcement and was, and still is, so protected that if law enforcement personnel tried to look up information on their neighbor the database would flag them.  NamUs is so wide open that the public can put the information in themselves.

Currently, there is no law that says this information needs to be shared or requires law enforcement to enter what they have into the NamUS database, and I have to agree that it really should remain that way, and the family themselves should be putting the information into NamUS. One reason is because they know the information is in there immediately and they are not waiting around for an LEO to do it AND nobody knows your family member like you do.  So, you can put in birth marks, tattoos, and even scars as identifiers.

The criteria to put in a missing person on NamUs is so wide there is nothing holding the general public back from entering in their missing family member.  In fact, if you are not even related to the person, but know they are missing you can enter their information into NamUs.  It is also turned out to be a wonderful tool for armchair detectives everywhere that have taken on the task of matching a John or Jane Doe.

Just recently, a volunteer known as greymetal shared a flyer of Grateful Doe found on NamUs.  Grateful Doe's DNA is being tested to see if he is a match with Jason Callahan.
DNA is being done to find if Bossier Doe (left)
matches missing Carol Cole
That same type of investigating was done by Todd Matthews, who is currently heading NamUs.  He became involved in knowing who "Tent Girl," was.  She had not been identified since 1968 when her body was found in Kentucky,  Matthews began doing his own volunteer investigating in 1987 and in 1998 Barbara Ann Hackman Taylor was identified as "Tent Girl," after Todd found her sister. 

Luckily, NamUs is now being used by medical examiners who are putting in information on a Jane or John Doe in hopes that they find a match or one shows up when a family enters their missing family member into the database.  

With about 40,000 deceased people, whose identities are unknown there is a very good chance that a family can find their long-lost missing family member by using NamUs.  And it is important for every one of them to get their DNA put into the system.
As much as I believe it needs to be entirely up to each person that reports a missing person to be responsible for entering their own family information in to the database, it is just as important that law enforcement let these families know about NamUs, and encourage them to follow through and use it.  It is very apparent there is a lack of knowledge about NamUs  when "only 1,063 missing persons and 1,103 unidentified remains cases have a fingerprint card in the original NamUs database," reports NBC Philadelphia.

You can read more about NamUs by clicking on this very informative story by NBC Philadelphia - Missing in America:  A Mass Disaster Over Time.


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