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Friday, April 24, 2015

Brison Miller: Teen goes missing from Washington

Brison Miller, 18, was last seen on Sat. April 11 at the University Place Apts., near the Safeway on Bridgeport on a long board skate board.  He had no wallet and no cell phone with him.


If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the police at 253-798-8606.

Mary Buckely: Missouri missing senior's son found dead

What started out as a man missing from his home he shared with his mother on the 700 block of Sugar Glen in St. Peters near St. Charles, Mo., has turned into a lot more.

The police went to Mary Buckley's home on April 21, to tell her that her son, Gary was found dead of an apparent suicide.  77-year-old Mary was not there and it was not too long before police realized she was missing along with her car.

Mary had limited mobility and medical ailments, including Alzheimer's, and her inability to live without oxygen would have prevented her from going far.   Gary was her only caregiver.

On Wednesday a tip stated that her car was at the bottom of the river, but it was not found although several other cars were found including a Bronco, an Impala and a Hummer.

Aubrey Haynes
Three cars were pulled out the river near Second Street and one of them appears to be a Hummer H3 which caught the attention of social media because missing Michelle Parker was last seen driving a 2007 H3 in Orlando in 2011.  Michelle's Hummer was found in a parking lot of the Mall at Millennia in 2011, so it has been accounted for.

A news report dated Oct 20, 2013 though, talks about missing Aubrey W. Haynes, 43 of Grain Valley, Mo.  He was last seen leaving his residence on Northwest Nicholas Drive in his black Hummer H3 with Missouri plates CG5-U2H.  As far as I can tell he is still missing.  Grain Valley and St. Peters are two hours away from each other.  Whether the muddy Hummer pictured above is the same Hummer as Aubrey was driving is not known at this time.  Below is a picture of what a 2007 Hummer looks like.

So, there is a comment that Aubrey was found.  I did not find anything about him being found, only being lost.  I do not know if he was found safe or not.

Police will be checking the VIN numbers on the Hummer and the other cars they pulled out of the river to find out who they belong to.

On Thursday, it was realized that Mary's car was not in the river when a train conductor spotted it near the railroad tracks south of 30 in Bridgeton.  Mary is still missing.

Could the car that was pulled out of the Missouri River be Aubrey Haynes who drove a H3 just like this one?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jason Richards: Teen missing from Alabama, $5,000 reward offered

Jason Glenn Richards, 15, has been missing from Albertville, Ala. since Feb. 8, 2015.  He was last seen at a parking lot in Guntersville when he was dropped off by friends. 

The Governors office is offering a $5,000 reward for information on this case.

WGNO reported that Jason may be in the Slidell area and had gone to Mardi Gras in Crescent City.  WKRG reported that he may have been in the Panama City area. 

WHNT reported that Jason is considered a runaway but because he has been gone since February they believe he is in danger.  Over 90 percent of teens return home within thirty days. 

Jason is 5'10" tall, 150 pounds with blue eyes and dark hair.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the Albertville police at 256-878-1212 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

Parents stated they were "treated like criminals;" police release body cams

The California mother of an abducted boy, who has since been found, is telling the media that the police treated her like a criminal after she reported her son missing.  The police responded by taking three body cam videos and posting them on You Tube.  (Read full story here).

 The whole incident began when Brock's father, Paul Guzman's put Brock in their 2001 Corolla and started the engine and went back into the house to get some belongings and his older son (no mention of which of the older two sons it was, other than it was the one who attends school 40 miles away in Napa.  It was then, at that exact moment that a car thief hopped in and drove off with the car and Brock in the back seat in the early morning hours of April 20.

When the police arrived, Suzanne Brock, Brock's mother decided that she was not going to let the police into her home to search for Brock.  For some reason she didn't realize that the more she stood her ground the more suspicious she seemed.

It is hard to take Suzanne's side after watching the video, as her constant profanity and screaming about them not entering the house makes it all about her and not her missing son.

Suzanne Guzman
With all the protesting she does, you can't help but wonder, as I assume the police must have, if Brock wasn't really in the house or which I believe is more likely, there was something in the house she didn't want them to see.

Was there maybe a small marijuana plant growing in the closet, or an unregistered handgun?  There must have been something there that she was worried about the police finding because I just can't believe that she would feel the need to stand up for her constitutional rights at a time like this. What parent would be concerned about their 4th amendment rights when their child is missing and in possible danger.  Maybe one that had something to hide inside their house?

There are many, many families of missing children who have opened up their homes to the police even though it is obvious the child is not there, just so the police can do their procedure and move to the next step of the investigation.

"Here's what I think, you do what the police ask, or suffer the consequences...if they step on your rights, you can deal with that at a later time...but her child was missing? she should have just let them in if she was innocent so the police could rule her out and move on to what really happened...her actions caused the police to focus on her, when they could have been searching other avenues," Kim posted on Facebook.

"I think it's her right to refuse access to anyone - including police - into her home. It's called the 4th amendment. BUT, I think it's an unwise decision on her part. I agree with her in theory, but in this situation she really should've been more helpful. Something stinks," posted Lucy.

On Suzanne's Facebook page she posts:  "Paul was cuffed because they told him he could put the dogs away at the end of video- he got to the door and one of the ones that touched me up grabbed him and drug him away- the other pulled their taser on him, he said 'what are you going to shoot me?!' And he put his hands up (I thought it was a gun), they cuffed hi and put him in the car. No explanation at all, I think it was to isolate Liam from his parents."

 During the video you can hear the policeman ask Suzanne why was her husband is driving around with a flat tire.  She responded he was looking for their son.  I find it odd for many reasons.  Where did this second car come from?  Was it a car they owned but had been sitting because it had a flat tire?  Why did dad feel he had would be able to find his son by driving around the neighborhood.  Was it because he already have a good idea who took him?  

Although both parents deny knowing who left the bike behind that was found on the property, it seems so strange that a random bicyclist goes by at that exact time and sees Paul walk into the house and thinks to himself, "Hmmm, I am going to ditch my bike and steal that car."  I am wondering if that person may have known the Guzman's or even possible been there for some reason at that time in the morning.

During that meeting with the media, Brock's father, Paul Guzman told the media that the reason the police could not come into the house was because they had a dog that would bite.  Guzman's Facebook page shows he owns a pit bull named Oso (bear).

No matter what the Guzman family says, it comes down to why they didn't want the police in their house and I suspect it is not because of a biting dog or the 4th Amendment.

Will Suzanne be charged with hindering an investigation by denying the police access to the home and slowing down the procedure or will the Fairfax police department and Guzman family call it a draw and drop the whole thing? 

Aubrey Moss: Missing from Tacoma

Aubrey Moss, 20, is missing from Tacoma, Wash.  She was last seen on April 10, 2015 leaving her home. 

Aubrey is 5'2", 100 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. She was last seen April 10th, wearing black yoga pants, a t-shirt and a dark pink vest with flip flops. She has Roman numerals on the back of her neck and arrows on her wrist. She has her nose pierced, she usually wears a hoop in it

She left her home in North Tacoma, WA, did not tell anyone where she was going, left with nothing, has not contacted anyone, her cell phone has not been turned on nor has she been online.

Aubrey does not own a car.  

  Please share this story and contact Tacoma PD at 253-798-4721 if you have any information!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brandon Williams: Missing from Nashville since 2013

Brandon Williams was last heard from on May 18, 2013 in Nashville, Tenn.   
Brandon left Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday May 17th 2013 via greyhound bus. He was on his way back to Key West, FL. The last contact that we have was on May 18th when he was in Nashville, TN. He contacted both his best friend and his roommate. He was due to arrive in Key West on Monday May 20th. The bus came and went, he was not and has not made contact since May 18th, 2013.

For more updated information please go to Brandon's Facebook page.

Dede Bown, Brandon's mom wrote:

"In the the end of May of 2013, my son Brandon Williams boarded a greyhound bus heading from Salt Lake City, Utah to Key West, Florida.

According to Greyhound and their records my son arrived in Atlanta, Georgia and never boarded the bus to his final destination. The last person to hear from him was his roommate. They discussed when my son would arrive and that his roommate would be there to pick him up. Brandon never arrived and his roommate thought maybe he missed the first bus. When the second bus arrived and my son was still not on the bus he became concerned. He called my son's best friend (who my son has not missed at least a weekly phone call with in the last 9 years) and he had not heard from him since that Saturday (May 18th). His best friend called me the following Thursday and stated that he nor my son's roommate had heard from him.

My daughter and I filled a missing person's report. No one that we have talked to has heard from my son since May 18th. This is concerning on many levels but the thing that worries me the most is that my son suffers from epilepsy and does not have any of his medications. He is not traveling with a phone and had just $150.00 dollars to his name. As the holidays are approaching my heart is aching even more wondering what has happened to my son. This is a mother's heart felt cry for some help in locating my son. I just want to know what transpired when he arrived in Atlanta and why he never arrived in Key West."

Monday, April 20, 2015

Berry "Tyler" Allen: Missing University of Colorado Student

UPDATE:  4/22/15 - A tip stated a person matching Tyler’s description passed through the Boulder RTD station on Sunday, but the person didn’t board a bus. RTD confirmed that they were contacted by a detective and have pulled surveillance video from that day and are reviewing it.

This is a possibility that Tyler could be carrying a guitar and/or laptop.

Original story;

Berry "Tyler" Allen, 20, a University of Colorado Boulder student was last seen on April 11, 2015.  He was heard from when he texted a friend on April 16. 

Berry is 140 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.  If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the Boulder police at 303-441-4328.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ashley Condon: Missing from Gulfport Found

Ashley Kaye Condon, 28, went missing from Gulfport, Miss. on Wed., April  15, 2015.  She was last seen leaving her home and heading to work at a local hospital.  Condon left driving a white, 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier that may be missing a hub cap, with the license plate HDE257Condon usually works a night shift from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and was last seen leaving for work at 6 p.m.

 Gulfport police tracked Condon's cell phone, which showed the phone died shortly after she left for work and the last traceable spot was her residence.

UPDATE 4/19/15 - Ashley's body was found on the north-west side of the Fort Bayou bridge, in Ocean Springs, and her car was found on the east side of the Ocean Springs/Biloxi bridge.

Ashley has a small son stated her sister and would not have left him behind.  

Read more here:

Read more here:

Condon is white, 6 feet tall, weighs 150 pounds and has brown hair an brown eyes.

She was driving a white 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier that may be missing a hub cap.

To give a tip, call Gulfport police at 868-5959 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Read more here:

Iona and Emily Costello: Mother and young daughter go missing from New York Found

UPDATE:  4/20/15 - Iona and Emily have been found safe.  A relative told CBS2’s Matt Kozar that Iona had family troubles. She said Iona’s husband, George, died two years ago and children from a previous marriage were contesting his will.  The case has been tied up in the courts for two years, Kozar reported.

Original story:  Iona Costello, 51 and her daughter Emily, 14, have been missing since March 30.  They left their  East End farm to travel to Manhattan and have not been seen since.

Iona is a well-known equestrian from Greenport, and her daughter, Emily, a student at the posh Ross School in East Hampton.

Iona's car was found in a parking garage on 42nd Street on Wednesday.  A video surveillance showed them in the garage and they were laughing and talking when they got out of the car.  The only clue is they had suitcases, which indicated they were going somewhere.

“She has animals, she has cows, she has horses … she was supposed to be back last Tuesday,” Diana Malcolmson, Iona's mother said. “I’m expecting her to come back.”

Stress may have prompted them to take off, Malcolmson added.

“It’s possibly they could be almost anywhere. Family and friends are very concerned. We’d feel a whole lot better if they’d reach out to family or friends to let them know they are okay,” said Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Leslie Roy and Lee Wright: Sisters go missing on way to UP FOUND

UPDATE:  4/24/15 - Leslie and Lee have been found alive.  Their car  got stuck near Crisp Point on Lake Superior in a remote area and they remained with the car.  They were spotted by a helicopter on Friday and the two woman got out of the car and began waving their hands in the air.  Both women were reportedly week and take to the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital for evaluation.

The two women survived on Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese Puffs until they were found.

Leslie Roy, 53, from Nebraska and her sister, Lee Marie Wright, 55, from Oklahoma went missing from Ishpeming to the Upper Peninsula on April 10, 2015.

They went to visit their other sister at a nursing home in Ishpeming and planned to stop at the UP and then travel to Kalamazoo to visit more family, but they never arrived.

Relatvies lost track of the sister between Ishpeming and Mackinaw City where they were to check into a hotel and they never did.  Mackinaw City is where you go to get on the ferry to go to Mackinac Island.  They talked about going to some waterfalls, and police are checking on that.

The sisters were traveling in a white 2010 Ford Explorer with Nebraska license plate number of TVC973 or TTM081.

They have cellphones but no one has been able to reach them. 

If you spot them, please call the Michigan State Police at 906-475-9922.

Oliver "Pareece" Jones: Dad goes missing after a large purchase at Walmart in Rancho Cucamonga

Oliver "Pareece" Jones, 37, from Colorado was last seen at the Walmart in Rancho Cucamonga on April 7.  Before that he was seen at the Four Points Sheraton when he was checking out of the hotel at 6:26 a.m.

Leah, Pareece's sister, said that he called her on April 4 and asked her to come pick him up in Rancho Cucamonga.

Pareece ended up in Rancho Cucamonga with his cousin as they were driving to Vegas.  They stopped at the Claim Jumper and got into an argument.  Pareece walked away and piecing the story together the authorities now know he walked to the Sheraton motel and spent the night.  Then he went to the Walmart and bought $300 worth of clothes and camping gear, and a cellphone. 

The cell phone was found in field over a mile away from the Walmart and the package had never been opened.

The family said that Pareece had been mugged and assaulted outside The Plaza Club on La Brea Avenue and ended up with a concussion and was hospitalized, reported KTLA, but it was not clear when this happened.  They also reported he checked himself out and was heading back to Colorado when he stopped at the Walmart on Foothill Blvd. 

A private investigator is on the case.

Jennifer Freeman: Missing from Texas

Jennifer Freeman, 38, of Hidalgo County in McAllen, Texas has been missing since Feb. 28, 2015.  Freeman was last seen in her boyfriend's truck as they were driving to Walmart.  She has not been seen since.

Her mom said she left with nothing but her ATM card and the truck.  The ATM has not been used.

If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please call the Edinburg Police Dept. at 956-383-8477.

Jonathan Groce: Reward offered for missing New Braunfels man

Jonathan Groce has been missing from New Braunfels, Texas since October 2010. 

His black 1984 station wagon was found the following day near the intersection of Loop 337 and Gruene Toad.  There has been no financial activity on his bank accounts or credit cards.

Jon is 5'11" tall and 155 pounds. 

There is a $5,000 reward for information about his whereabouts please call 830-620-8477. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ksenia Quiros: Mother of Air Force Cadet that died mysteriously is missing Found

UPDATE 4/19/15 -  The body of Ksenia Quiros was found in a steep, rugged area west of Gold Camp Reservoir that was not near a trail, by a volunteer searcher on Saturday. 

Original story: The police are searching for missing Ksenia Quiros, 45,  of Colorado Springs who was classified as a "suicidal female," but so far all they found was her 1998 Dodge Ram truck.

Just two weeks ago, Quiros's son, Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Alexandre Quiros died mysteriously and was found in his dorm room.  He had suffered injuries, but the police are still investigation and said there is no criminal investigation.

A crew searched the Stratton Meadows Open Space at Cresta Road and La Veta near South Suburban and Gold Camp reservoir on Thursday, reports the Gazette.

The reservoir was also searched with sonar but nothing was found.

McStay family endure years of online rumors

Patrick McStay lost his precious family, Joey and Summer McStay, and their two children who were found in an unmarked grave in the desert after missing for years. 

Now he has to endure a trial of the man that the authorities believe is responsible for their deaths.  But I bet many of you didn't know that Patrick has to endure something else.  The constant slings and arrows of trolls that have continued to attack the family to this day.

From time to time and more than you probably realize, a person will become so involved with a crime case that they will spend countless hours leaving comments, starting a Facebook page and even starting their own blogs about the case. 

They pick a side and take a stance and zero in on at least one or two people they feel are directly involved with the case and will verbally come after them. Their goal it seems is to defame, belittle, damn, harass, embarrass and constantly talk about the person they have in their sights.  What drives them is a mystery, but I believe has to do with their need to feed their ego by subjugation and denigration.

Like something out of the TV show "Fear Thy Neighbor," the difference is usually the battle is played out on the internet instead of face to face, and sadly in the beginning, the authorities state there is nothing they can do about it.

For example, several years back, Tony Calabrese (click on the link to read, "When Advocacy Becomes Lunacy") began a website that focused on the Holly Bobo case, the young woman that went missing from Darden, Tenn. in April 2011.   Whether drunk with power or delusions of grandeur, Tony, according to ABC news encouraged others to bypass the TBI and to send any tips about the case directly to him, as he was running a SAR team.  Later it was found he was the only member.  Tony's interference with the case became so bad, that the TBI and OBCI executed a search warrant and went to Tony's home.

These individuals proclaim themselves an expert on the subject and many times proclaim they are privy to inside information, which usually turns out to be no more than made up stories or unsubstantiated tips.  Hiding behind "freedom of speech" common decency is out the window as they post statements on their blog that is meant to create a verbal riot and draw attention.  In Hollywood, celebrities that do this are called fame *hores. They gain followers of like mind that are more interested in the drama than truth. 

If you have ever been a victim of any situation, you know how long it can take to recuperate, but when it is a case of constant unwanted attention then there is no recuperation, as every day is a day of fending off another blast of words that are written just to create controversy.  Many family's do their best to defend their loved ones, and to balance the attacks with facts, but it is usually an un-winnable battle, as it never stops or slows down the obsessed blogger, because they are obsessed.

Patrick states that he has endured four years of "attacking, harassing, bullying and stalking" of his murdered family as well as his living family and friends and supporters and has even had followers of this blog show up at his house and take pictures that were later posted on the blog, so that others would know his address. 

The blog stated:
"I will put up my website and name names, addresses, family members and where these people work. I will post pictures of their houses and cars. I will take out full page ads in their local newspapers telling their community what a pile of crap these people are. I will make signs exposing who they are and stand in front of their place of employment. If that does not work, I will show up at their doorstep with a civil police escort, I promise."
Remember this is addressed to a man that is suffering the lost of his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, and to those that support him.  Who and why would anyone feel the need to torment another person so?

But today, Patrick got a little bit of relief and maybe a chuckle when he found a video that he is calling a "brilliant compilation," that shows the conflicting statements made by an individual over the years that has been blogging about him for years.

What is so interesting about the video that it is very clear that there is instance after instance of conflicting statements made by the individual that are contradictory and it has been conveniently all been put in one video to prove it, something liars and instigators cannot do; prove what they are saying is true.

Here is the video that is on YouTube and attributed to Cornelius Walker that shows a small sample of the contradictory statements made by a blogger, that I feel is trying to make a name for himself by using the McStay family tragedy.

Kaylene Gallegos: Arizona woman missing since 2010 after leaving her home with two men

Kaylene Marie Gallegos was 22-years-old when she went missing from Pintop/Lakeside, Arizona on May 22, 2010

Kaylene left her father's home and got into a vehicle with two people, Jacob Mata and another man.  She told her father she was going to Phoenix.  She never returned.  One of the men questioned who was with her said they got lost on a forest service road in the White Mountain Apache forest lands and spent the night there and the following morning Kaylene and he got separated.

Jacob was located after he and another woman, Jenifer Petit started a fire, according to Audra, Kaylene's cousin.

Audra states, "Fact that when searching they found absolutely no trace of her in the car they were in or the wooded area where they had all seem to have got lost in when choosing to separate cus argument."
If you have any information about Kaylene, please call the Navajo COunty Sheriff's Office at 928-524-4050 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amy Kaelin: Missing from Beaverton Found

UPDATE:  4/16/15 - Amy Marie Kaelin was found safe, Portland Police Bureau said. She was taken to a local hospital for further care.

Amy Marie Kaelin, 36, from Beaverton, Ore. has been missing from the Embassy Suites on 319 SW Pine Street since 3:40 a.m. on April 15.

Beaverton Police Officer Jeremy Shaw said that Kaelin checked herself out of the OHSU Hospital and took a cab to the Embassy Suites. The cab driver is the last person to have seen her.

She may be suffering from a mental health episode.

Amy is 5' 6" tall and 135 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing black yoga pants, a black hooded sweatshirt and carrying a brown purse.

Anyone with information should call Beaverton police at 503.629.0111

Zauren Hernandez and Hugo Hernandez missing from San Diego County

UPDATE:  4/15/15 - Hugo was dropped off at his mother's home in San Marcos and he is safe.  Police are still searching for Zaruen. 

Original story:  Police are seeking Zauren Hernandez who ran away with his 5year-old son Hugo afer he shot his brother-in-law, Navidad Santos after an argument.

Jolianne Elementary School was put on lock down and Santos was taking to the hospital where he is recovering. 

Alma Del Real: Missing from Indiana, Police post message to social media

Alma Del Real was last seen on Sunday afternoon after her friend dropped her at her home on Ewing Street in South Bend, Ind. on April 12.  

Alma did not show up for work on Monday city police Capt. Phil Trent said in a news release. She also missed a conference she was suppose to attend in Chicago.  They say her bed was never slept in and her green Chevy pick up is parked just steps from her house.

In an interesting and different way, the police have left a message for social media, partly asking for help and partly chastising them.

"Investigators working the case are getting information being passed via friends and relatives of Alma. This information is being circulated by individuals posting to social media sites such as Facebook.   While we encourage dialog, much of this information could help the investigators pursuing the case. Please call us directly with any and all information, however trivial. Detective Jen Gobel is the lead investigator and can be reached at 574.235.7478. Several pieces of helpful information that were discussed amongst Alma's friends via social media could have moved the investigation forward had police received the messages first-hand in a timely manner."

Alma was last seen wearing ripped, light blue, slim-fitting pants, a black crop top and a tan fitted leather jacket. She is 5-foot-5, 137 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about Del Real is asked to call the South Bend Police Department at 574-235-6480.

Ashley Pegram: Goes missing after kicked out of car for being drunk

UPDATE:  4/16/15 - Police in South Carolina have arrested a man on an obstruction charge in the case of a woman who went missing after a date she arranged through a messaging app, reports CBS affiliate WCSC.

Edward Bonilla, 30,  has been charged him with obstruction of justice in the case, and providing misleading information, Dorchester County Sheriff's Capt. Tony Phinney told the station. Police confirmed to WCSC the suspect is the same man she went out on a date with that evening.

Bonilla said he kicked Ashley out of the car, but surveillance video at the gas station shows she got in the car and drove off with him.  

Original Story:  Ashley Pegram, 28, from South Carolina has been missing every since she went on a date with a man she met online.

Ashley who lives in Clemson Terrace near Summerville in Dorchester County drove away from the house in a blue 2005 Hyundai Sonata around 9:30 p.m. on April 3 to meet a man she met through Kik, leaving her three children behind with her mother, reports The Post and Courier.

Ashley's family reported her missing to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and gave them the information of the man that Ashley went to meet.

Brandy, Ashley's sister called the man who was identified by WCSC news as Emoney Dom, 18, of Hanahan, and he told Brandy that Ashley was drunk and he kicked her out of the car around midnight about a mile away from her home.   UPDATE:  At this time it is assumed that Emoney Dom, 18, was actually Edward Bonilla, 30.

Police located a surveillance video of Ashley at the Sunoco gas station on College Park Road in Ladson around 12:12 a.m., getting into a car.

If you have any information about Ashley, please call the police at 873-5111.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Billy Thompson: Honey Boo Boo's Uncle is missing - NOT

UPDATE:  4/15/15  So, after checking MP reports yesterday I never did see a thing for Billy being missing and questioned the validity that a report was ever filed and figured that his brother's comment yesterday was probably right, he was fine.  Then today TMZ reported they talked with Billy who said he was never missing in the first place, he just didn't want to talk with Mike or June.  

Billy also said he was with his kids just last week, so they were making a big deal out of nothing.

But, who was really making the big deal out of nothing.  June and Mike who said they filed a missing person report that I can find no evidence of, or the celebrity blogs that said that June and Mike said they filed a missing person report.  

Whichever it was, missing person reports are serious business and not to be used by celebrity whores drumming up attention for themselves.

Original story:

Billy Thompson was last seen on Saturday at Mike "Sugar Bear" and June "Mama June" Shannon Thompson's home in McIntyre, Georgia.  He was there to visit while Jessica was preparing to go to her high school prom.  

The family have filed a report because they have not heard from him since then and he is not answering his phone.  They  are especially worried because Billy has been struggling to find work and recently suffered a difficult split from the mother of his children, reports TMZ

Lee "Poodle" Thompson stated on his Facebook page about Billy that, "There's nothing wrong with him, his just wants some space.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tim Rhodes: Man missing from Ohio since 2011

Tim Rhodes, 53, has been missing from Conneaut, Ohio since 2011.  There is a reward for information leading to his whereabouts. 

Michaela Garecht: Child kidnapped from Hayward in 1988

Michaela was kidnapped on November 19, 1988, at approximately 10:15 a.m., in Hayward, California (San Francisco Bay Area).
The location was at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Lafayette.  At that time it was called Rainbow Market.  Today it is Mexico Super.

According to Sharon Nemeth Murch, the mother of missing Michaela Garecht on her blog, "Dear Micaela"

"November 19, 1988 
It was a sunny Saturday morning, the first day of Thanksgiving vacation, when Michaela and her best friend, Trina, asked if they could go to the neighborhood market to get some candy and sodas.  The market was only two blocks away, but Michaela had only been there a few times, and then only in the company of the teenage girls who lived next door.  I didn't want to let her go, and at first I told her no.  But she begged and begged, and so I gave in, and let her go.  I stood at the door and watched as the girls picked up their scooters from the driveway to leave.  Michaela turned to me.  "I love you, mom," she said.  "I love you, too, Michaela," I told her.  Those were our last words to each other.  I stood and watched as the girls glided down the driveway and to the end of the block, until they turned out of sight.  I went back inside and started washing the breakfast dishes.
Michaela hadn't been gone for long, not long enough for me to worry about her, when I heard shouting out in the street, where Michaela's dad was working on the car in the driveway.  A minute later he stuck his head in the kitchen doorway.  "Somebody snatched Michaela up at the market," he said breathlessly.  "You call 911. I'm going up there."  I stood there with my mouth open, unable to comprehend the horror of what I was hearing.  Somebody "snatched" Michaela up at the market?  What did that even mean?  I picked up the phone and dialed 911.  They knew my name without my telling them.  They asked some questions, and told me to wait at my house for the officer."

After coming out of the store the girls walked down the street, then remembered they forgot their
Loren Herzog, one of the Speed Freak Killers. 
He committed suicide in 2012

The composite drawing
scooters and turned around to get them.  Michaela bent down to pick the scooter up, and that is when a man jumped out of a parked car and grabbed Michaela from behind and put her in the car. Michaela's friend was the only witness and she ran back into the store to get help.

The man was described as white and in his 20s, with pockmarks on his face.   He had shoulder length, dirty blonde hair.  Around 6 feet tall and thin. The witness described him as having fox-like eyes.  He was driving a large older model American car.  Possibly a four-door, that was beige or tan gold with possible cement splatters on the sides and lights into the rear bumper.  The bumper had dents and the car was old and run-down, and could have been in a couple of accidents.  It left heading south on Mission Blvd. towards Union City.
In July 2011 Hayward police announced
that Garrido has not been eliminated
as a suspect and is still a person
of interest in the case of Michaela Garecht.[72]
Hayward has been sentenced to 431 years for the kidnapping
of Jaycee Dugard

Ronald Whitaker: Missing from Biloxi Found

UPDATE:  4/15/15 - Ronald was found Tuesday in the Mississippi Sound near a Biloxi, Miss., when his body surface behind the Hard Rock Casino garage, according to TV station WLOX.  Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove told WLOX that Ronald probably had been in the water since Sunday.

Original story:  Ronald Whitaker has been missing since April 11, 2015 from Biloxi, Miss.  Please share.  Ronald had gone to a concert on the gulf coast and he was wearing a red and white polo with black jeans.  Please leave any info here. 

Justice Brewer: Teen disappears; grandfather wakes up to crying granddaughter and back door open Found

UPDATE:  4/13/15 - Because of an alert person, Justice has been located at a house in southwest Detroit, according to her father, Bill Franklin.

Evidently a neighbor read the News-Herald story and realized that there was a girl down the street at a house that looked like Justice.  The person even went to the house, but was told that Justice was not there.  Not satisfied with the answer, they reached out to Justice's parents and also to the police, who came to the house and caught Justice running out the door and down the alley. 

Justice was taken to the police department and then released back to her family. 
Original story:  Justice Kelsey Brewer, 17,  who lives in the 1500 block of Liberty Street, in Lincoln Park in Detroit, Michigan, disappeared the night of April 10, according to her father Bill Franklin.

Justice was home around 9 p.m. that Friday.  When Bill woke up that morning, he heard his baby granddaughter (Justice's daughter) crying.  He went to look for Justice, but found the back door of the house open and he could not find her. 

“Our hearts are in pain not knowing where she is,” Bill said. “It’s unlike her to pull something like this.”

Her mom, Elizabeth posted, "I'm her mother and there are KIK messages sent to friends but nobody believes it's her because it is not words she would use. It's more like someone responding using her name!!"

Brewer, an eleventh-grader at Riley Education Center in Allen Park, is 5 feet, 5 inches, with hazel eyes and long brown hair.

Elizabeth also said, "She could be in South West Detroit or in a downriver community.. If anybody knows anything please contact the Lincoln Park Police Department. Or PM me on here! Her daughter needs her and her family wants her home safe! Please share."

She does not have a car, her family added, or an activated cell phone.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts should call the Lincoln Park Police Department at 313-381-1800. You can leave an anonymous tip here, too.

Rachel Jackson: 13-year-old missing from Brighton Park

I just heard about this.

Rachel Jackson is only 13-years-old and she has been missing since March.   MARCH!!!!

She was last seen on the 2900 block of W. 38th Place in Brighton Park of Chicago around 11:25 p.m.

Rachel is 5-foot-3 and weighs about 125 pounds. She has brown eyes, black hair, a medium complexion and wears glasses, according to authorities.

She was last seen wearing a navy blue vest, light blue T-shirt and navy blue pants, police said.

Anyone with information about Rachel’s whereabouts should call Area Central detectives at 312-747-8380.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


PCSO: Body found near Craycroft and Sunrise likely Ann Pardo - Tucson News Now

On Sunday, hikers noticed something unusual with a railing, looked down and noticed a body.

Keys on the body were matched to the Pardo home, said officials.

Identification by the medical examiner is still pending.


Missing teen Natalie Bell found in Oxford, Alabama |

Natalie Cervantes: Teen missing from San Diego County

Natalie Cervantes, 17, is missing from Chula Vista (San Diego County) Calif.  She was last seen on March 2, 2015. 

Call the Chula Vista Police Department (California) 1-619-691-5151 is you see her or leave an anonymous tip here.

Both photos shown are of Natalie. Her ears are pierced.

Natalie Bell: Teen missing from Alabama

UPDATE 4/13/15 - Natalie Bell was found in Oxford, Ala. with a 20-year-old man.  This may be why the police and media had picked up on this story and was circulating it so quickly.  They may have already known that she may have been with someone.  This may have been another case of a internet predator, although I have not received confirmation of that.  

Natalie Bell, 15, of Lacey Springs, Alabama went missing on Saturday, April 11, 2015.  She was last seen at the end of her driveway on Hough Road.  She had her Yorkshire terrier with her. 

The Morgan County Rescue Squad has a land search underway looking for her according to WHNT news.

The way this story is being reported makes me wonder that there is something else going on concerning this case.

She was last seen wearing a black tank top and black shorts.

If you have any information on Natalie Bell's whereabouts, you are asked to contact law enforcement immediately.

Melissa Rubio: Teen missing from Miami

Statistically, teens return home within a few days, and most are home within a few weeks, but Melissa Rubio, 15, has been missing for a month now.  She was last seen at her home at 4450 NW Third Street in Miami before she walked to the school bus.  Later they found out she never got on the bus. 

The Miami Police Department is searching for a 15-year-old who they say suffers from depression.
According to police, Melissa Rubio was last seen on Friday morning at her home at 4450 NW Third Street.

Lilian Lopez, Melissa's mother said she was wearing a grey sweater and dark grey sweat pants.  She said her daughter has been suffering with depression, but there had been no arguments and there was no reason for her to runaway. 
She is described as being 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds. She has black hair and green eyes.

Anyone with information on Rubio's whereabouts is urged to call police at 305-603-6310.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rafael Valles Moreno: Missing from San DIego County since 1982

The Sheriff's Homicide Detail wants your help in solving the suspicious disappearance of a man more than 30 years ago.

37-year-old Rafael Valles Moreno was last seen with three Hispanic men on August 30, 1982 at the Pastime Bar in Escondido. A few days later, Rafael's van was found in a field in Poway.

At the time of his disappearance, Rafael Valles Moreno stood about 5'10" tall and weighed around 160 pounds. He had black hair and brown eyes. Rafael also went by the nickname, "Chino."

If you have any information on the disappearance of Rafael Valles Moreno, call the Sheriff's Homicide Detail at (858) 974-2321.

You can remain anonymous and be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Call the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477.

Anonymous email and text messages can be sent in via

Ashley Lovett: Police search nearby property for the remains of missing Georgia woman

Ashley Lovett, 27, from Millen, Georgia went missing on July 2014 and the Jenkins County Sheriff's Office have relaunched their search for her after receiving tips in January.  They did not officially start their investigation until March when the official report was filed according to WJBF news.

Two family members, Chris Lovett, Ashley's brother and Susan Coleman, Ashley's stepmother were taken into custody on April 10.  The missing woman's relatives from Savannah, GA. say Lovett was mentally challenged and receiving a disability check.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Scene Unit are currently searching a hole on around an abandoned home near Williams Road and West Old Savannah Road in Millen. 


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