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Friday, May 29, 2015

Jadianna Larson, 6, is missing from Sacramento, California

UPDATE:  5/29/15 - The police in Glenn County say they have found the burned body of a young girl.  The body was found by firefighters in a dry creek bed in the town of Artois. Artois is about and hour and half away from Sacramento.  The Artois Volunteer Fire Department was extinguishing flames of a grass fire west of Artois when firefighters noticed what appeared to be a burned body in the area of the fire, according to a press release from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office. The volunteers immediately called the Sheriff’s Office to report the finding.

Original story:  Jadianna Larson, 6, went missing from the 3900 block of 47th Avenue in Sacramento on Thursday morning.

She was with a male caretaker that early information stated is her mother's boyfriend.  A family member found the boyfriend passed out from a seizure.  Jadianna could not be located.

The Sheriff's Department stated that Jadianna has not been in school the whole week. 

Family are hoping that someone that knew Jadianna has taken her because they knew of the situation at her home.  There was no further information on what that situation was.

“If you have her, just let us know you have her,” said Paris Stokes, Jadianna’s uncle.

Jadianna is 3'5" tall and 60 pounds with dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and a birthmark in the center of her forehead.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the police at 916-874-5115.

Janna Rivera: 3-month-old missing from Indianapolis

Janna Rivera, 3-months-old was reported missing from the 4151 Candy Apple Blvd. in Indianapolis around 11 a.m. on Friday.

The first reports coming out say that the baby was being taken care of by the mother's boyfriend who lives in the home and the mother was at work when the baby went missing. 

Law enforcement has searched four-square-miles looking for her, including three ponds but only got one hit from a K-9 that led no where.

The police, after getting a search warrant are now searching the home where Janna was last seen.   They also stated that a language barrier is making it difficult to get information from the mother. 

IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams said the baby's mother called police around 9 a.m. Friday morning and said her baby was dead, reports the IndyChannel.

Adams said the mother later called back and recanted and instead said her boyfriend took the child last night and she doesn't know where they are.

Neighbors told police the family had just moved in to the home about a week ago.

A man who lives next door told RTV6 he saw two women and a man crying outside the home Thursday night.

"They were crying. They were very upset," he said. "One lady was going out with what appeared to be a paper bag. The other lady ran into the house. She was crying. It's just very disturbing knowing it had something to do with a 3-month-old baby."

"This is a very troubling situation in that we cannot locate a three-month-old and a three-months-old, the longer we wait, the more challenging it becomes in terms of hydration. The temperatures are fluctuating, just since we've been here, so we're wanting to locate that child," said IMPD Chris Wilburn.

Fox59 spoke to the owner of the home and she said the mother called her to say the baby was deceased and her boyfriend had taken her. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fremont Carl O'berg remains found in car at bottom of Kansas Lake

The remains of Fremont Carl O'berg  were found in his car at the bottom of Hillside Lake in Miami County, Kansas.  Fremont Carl O'Berg was 57 when he went missing from Kansas in 1992. is believed to have been found inside his car that was submerged at the bottom of a lake.

The car was discovered when Tim Leeper took a sonar image while he was fishing at a  Hillsdale Lake in Miami County.  He showed it to the police and they went to the lake to recover the car and found is was a 1981 Chevy Citation, which was the same car that O'Berg was driving when he was last seen.

An autopsy of the body positively identified the body as belong to O'berg, who had been submerged at the bottom of a lake for 23 years.

Although the police searched the lake back in 1992, the car was not discovered until March ending a mystery that perplexed his family and law enforcement for years.

Remains of Kansas man found at lake bottom 23 years later

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Would a drone have found the Fullerton couple who became lost after leaving a casino?

Two weeks after Cecil "Paul" Knutson and Dianna Bedwell a Fullerton couple went missing after leaving a casino in San Diego County, they were found in a remote area of Warner Springs.  Paul had passed away and Dianna was barely hanging on to life.  They had been missing for two weeks.  They were so far off from where they should have been, it was no wonder they were not found by the traditional search methods.

Paul Knutson and Dianna Bedwell
When someone in a car or even walking goes missing, you are left guessing what direction they went to and what turn they might have made, like in the case of Sally Estabrook, 75, who had Alzheimer's and wandered away from the family's camp in the Pinezanita RV Park last October.  She only had about a 30 minute start on them, but no one could find her.  Her remains were found two months later behind a house in Julian, seven miles away.  One mile past where the searchers looked.

Sally Estabrook

With Paul and Dianna, using a map it looks to me as though Paul did go the right way at first but instead of going north on 15 he went south and his cell phone pinged near Deer Springs Road.  Somewhere he turned around and started going in the opposite direction.  One wrong turn after the other took him to another road, even more remote than the last. 

The couple finally stopped and pulled over.  I don't know why.  They could have ran out of gas or they could of been so hopelessly lost they didn't know what turn to take next.  (I have since found out that their car went off the road into a ditch and got stuck.)  I have been lost myself and it is a scary feeling to keep driving on a remote road and just hope you are heading in the direction that will take you to a town.  I think this was in Paul's head when he kept driving. 

While the searchers were searching in an area that seemed logical they would have gone, Paul and Dianna were sitting in a most illogical spot, that no one would have anticipated they would have been.  If the searchers had had a drone, would they have been able to find Paul and Dianna?

Paul's cell phone pinged off of Desert Springs Road.  They were suppose to be traveling 15 North.  The searchers concentrated in this area.  Some how they ended up in Warner Springs at the Los Coyotes Reservation, 42 miles from the Casino in the opposite direction.

Over the last few years drones have been controversial, because of privacy issues.  Most are complaining they evade their privacy by flying over their house.  Drones have been kinda on the cusp of the law because of the privacy issues and the public doesn't even want the police to have them.  In some states you can't used them at all, and others they have not made a law one way or the other, and others only law enforcement can use them.   

Drones are becoming more and more sophisticated and there are some drones you are able to put on autopilot that will travel a distance beyond the range of the remote control, but it is limited.   They are equipped with a "return home" mode and will return to a pre-programmed GPS destination.   It would seem to me a drone would have been the perfect tool to look for Paul and Dianna because they were likely in a remote area. 
But, law enforcement has to bide by the FAA rules and couldn't even dream of using them for finding missing people.  The FAA knew because of the drone popularity they had to get a jump start on how to handle this new technology in its airspace and in 2012 the FAA released a list of agencies that were allowed to fly drones.  San Diego County was not on that list at that time, but later that changed and received a go-ahead.

It seems like a perfect pairing for the Search and Rescue Tactical Search Unit of the  San Diego Sheriff's office.  Right now they receive tactical training to search for the lost, use helicopters and K-9 as aides, wouldn't a drone be a perfect compliment to help them in their search?

There is even a company in San Diego that caterers to SAR groups with their Drones.  Chad Amonn has a San Diego based start up named Inova Drone where his drones are made specifically for first responders. 

"Our goal is to really save lives with this technology," Amonn told NBC San Diego this week. 

The FAA has a system in place for law enforcement to use drones and has given the authorization to law enforcement in San Diego, but they have not rushed out to buy one.  When the SDCSD was asked if they will get drones the response was they needed to discuss it.  As of this month, the San Diego County Sheriff's office is still looking into whether they will be purchasing one or not.

After looking at the video above of what Amonn's drones can do, I can't understand why they are not in use by the San Diego County Sheriff's office right now and am confused as to what they need to discuss.  It is obvious it would be an important tool for the SAR's team. 

Regardless, going back to what happened to Paul and Dianna you have to look at it candidly.  Even if the sheriff's office had a drone would it have found Dianna and Paul?  Possible not because they were so far in another direction.  It would have taken someone looking outside the box to go to the area where they were found to look for them, and that out of the box thinking would have been what would have found them.

Drones can cover a larger area quicker than ground searchers, and the freedom of not being limited by a searchers slow progress in thick woods, may have led to the idea of going farther than where a human can go.  The drone could have been utilized to go to the opposite direction of where they were thought to be, while the ground searchers continued their search between the casino and Deer Springs Road.  The drone could have covered an area faster than a human thus allowing a wider area to be searched quicker.  And since a drone does not get tired, it could have continued to push past the limitations of the searchers, and past the limitation of the standard grid of search and the limitations of the standard 5-6 mile area of search, and possible locating Paul and Dianna.  I do believe without a doubt a drone would have found Sally. 

Although this is conjecture and we will never know if the drone could have saved Dianna, Paul or even Sally, we need a drone in the hands of the Search and Rescue Team immediately for the certain and inevitable next lost person in San Diego county. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Michelle Maloney is missing from Carmichael, Calif.

UPDATE:  Michelle has been found safe.

Original stroy:  Michelle Maloney, 31, has been missing from Carmichael, Calif. since May 13, 2015.  She was last seen at the 99 Cent Store on Fair Oaks and Marconi on foot wearing a hooded sweatshirt and carrying a black white and pink Hawaiian flower duffel bag.  She has a Virgo tattoo on her left forearm and small tattoo behind her ear.

Her friend wrote, "Many would describe her as a free spirit, but she has a toddler daughter that we know has got to be on her mind- no matter what's going on in her mind right now. Michelle is very loved and missed right now -  I can only hope she is safe somewhere and that she knows she matters. "


Missing woman survived in car for 2 weeks on pie, rainwater -

Husband found dead, wife survives.

Why I share missing person photos - from a reader

A reader sent me this and I wanted to share it with everyone.  She talks about how people are asking her why she is sharing so many missing person photos on her page.  So, here is her explanation:  


Ben Babar and Cody Parrick missing from Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Cody Parrick, 20 and Ben Babar, 20, are missing from Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  They were seen last Friday, May 22, 2015 when they left to go to a festival in Pryor.  They never showed up.  Law Enforcement state that Cody's ticket for Rocklahoma was scanned at the gate on Friday evening. The festival is a three day event.  Before that the men were seen leaving the Walmart in Okmulgee around 2 p.m. on Friday.

They both were traveling in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation plates B8E23.  The back passenger tail light is out.

Parrick, 20, is a white male, 5'7", 150 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a grey ball cap, black shirt, and Aviator-style sunglasses. He walks with a limp due to Cerebral Palsy and has a speech impediment.

Baber, 20, is a white male, 6'0", 320 lbs, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants.

TULSA, Okla. —
Quick Facts
  • Cody Parrick and Ben Babar went missing May 23
  • Parrick's Rocklahoma ticket was scanned at the gate
  • They are believed to be traveling in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23
Two men last seen at Rocklahoma have disappeared
Cody Parrick and Ben Babar were last seen Saturday but went missing Saturday evening. The pair were supposed to leave the festival for work Saturday but never showed up.
Rocklahoma officials verified with the sheriff's office that Parrick's ticket for Rocklahoma was scanned at the gate Friday evening. According tothe Okmulgee County Sheriff, he then received a three day pass to the festival.
Before heading to Pryor, police said the men left the Wal-Mart in Okmulgee around 2 p.m. on Friday.
Baber and Parrick are believed to be in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23. Baber's family said the back passenger tail light is out.
Parrick, 20, is a white male, 5'7", 150 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a grey ball cap, black shirt, and Aviator-style sunglasses. He walks with a limp due to Cerebral Palsy and has a speech impediment.
Baber, 20, is a white male, 6'0", 320 lbs, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants.
The Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation and is accepting any and all information regarding Parrick and Babar. 
- See more at:
TULSA, Okla. —
Quick Facts
  • Cody Parrick and Ben Babar went missing May 23
  • Parrick's Rocklahoma ticket was scanned at the gate
  • They are believed to be traveling in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23
Two men last seen at Rocklahoma have disappeared
Cody Parrick and Ben Babar were last seen Saturday but went missing Saturday evening. The pair were supposed to leave the festival for work Saturday but never showed up.
Rocklahoma officials verified with the sheriff's office that Parrick's ticket for Rocklahoma was scanned at the gate Friday evening. According tothe Okmulgee County Sheriff, he then received a three day pass to the festival.
Before heading to Pryor, police said the men left the Wal-Mart in Okmulgee around 2 p.m. on Friday.
Baber and Parrick are believed to be in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23. Baber's family said the back passenger tail light is out.
Parrick, 20, is a white male, 5'7", 150 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a grey ball cap, black shirt, and Aviator-style sunglasses. He walks with a limp due to Cerebral Palsy and has a speech impediment.
Baber, 20, is a white male, 6'0", 320 lbs, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants.
The Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation and is accepting any and all information regarding Parrick and Babar. 
- See more at:
TULSA, Okla. —
Quick Facts
  • Cody Parrick and Ben Babar went missing May 23
  • Parrick's Rocklahoma ticket was scanned at the gate
  • They are believed to be traveling in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23
Two men last seen at Rocklahoma have disappeared
Cody Parrick and Ben Babar were last seen Saturday but went missing Saturday evening. The pair were supposed to leave the festival for work Saturday but never showed up.
Rocklahoma officials verified with the sheriff's office that Parrick's ticket for Rocklahoma was scanned at the gate Friday evening. According tothe Okmulgee County Sheriff, he then received a three day pass to the festival.
Before heading to Pryor, police said the men left the Wal-Mart in Okmulgee around 2 p.m. on Friday.
Baber and Parrick are believed to be in a silver 2005 Pontiac Montana van with Muscogee Creek Nation tag B8E23. Baber's family said the back passenger tail light is out.
Parrick, 20, is a white male, 5'7", 150 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing a grey ball cap, black shirt, and Aviator-style sunglasses. He walks with a limp due to Cerebral Palsy and has a speech impediment.
Baber, 20, is a white male, 6'0", 320 lbs, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants.
The Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation and is accepting any and all information regarding Parrick and Babar. 
- See more at:

Frances Monclova, 14, is missing from Chandler, Arizona

Frances Monclova, 14, is missing from Chandler, Arizona.  She has been gone from her home since Wednesday. She was last seen at Folley Memorial Park in Chandler.

Frances is 5 feet 4 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen at Folley Memorial Park in Chandler.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Chandler Police Missing Person Unit at 480-782-4000.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Caitlyn Williams, 9, missing from Benbrook, Texas Found

UPDATE 5/27/15 - Tips generated by the alert led authorities to Bossier City, La to the Bossier City Days Inn on Tuesday afternoon.   After an officer confronted Jessie around 2 p.m., gunfire broke out and there was a struggle ending with one FBI agent shot in the leg and Jessie killed, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. 

"The child was safely recovered," Sandy Eubanks of the Benbrook police said.

UPDATE:  5/26/15 - An Amber Alert has been issued for Caitlyn.  The police have released that they are also searching for Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24, in connection with what they are now calling the abduction of Caitlyn.  Jessie is Caitlyn's uncle.  Jessie lives on South Bowen St., in Arlington, Texas.  He is 5'10" and 220 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.  Jessie states he owns Zairs Technology on his Facebook page.  

LEO believes Caitlyn lied about where she was going and believe her to be in grave danger.   There is an arrest warrant out for Jessie.

The FBI is also searching for Caitlyn and Jessie and state that Jessie has altered Caitlyn's appearance. because Jessie was seen with her uncle near a beauty shop in Fort Worth, and think she had her hair cut short there. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the two also stayed in a hotel in the area too. The Dallas Morning News state that "authorities have recovered a rental car that the two were using."

Original Story:  Caitlyn Williams, 9, is missing from Benbrook, Texas.  The information provided stated she left her home on Friday at 3:30 p.m. on her bicycle to go to a friends house.  She did not return on Sunday and there has been no explanation as to whether she ever made it to the friends house or not.

Another report stated she was not seen since Friday afternoon, and even though she was suppose to return home on Sunday they didn't call the police till Monday. 

Caitlyn was riding a pink purple and white bicycle on the 1100 block of Wade Hampton Street near Benbrook Lake.  Her friend lived down the street.

If you have any information to her whereabouts, please call the Benbrook police at 817-249-1610.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vernon "CODY" Matthews missing from Pollock Pines, California

Vernon "Cody" Matthews, 24, has been missing form El Dorado County in Pollock Pines, Calif. since Friday June 6.  He was last seen near Hwy 50 in teh Fresh Pond area. If you see him please call 530-621-6600.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anthony Dale Barbour: Missing two-year-old from Tompkinsville, Kentucky Found

UPDATE 5/26/15 - Laynee's body was found at about 2:15 p.m. in the Temple Hill area of Barren County in a well on the Barbour family's property.  Barbour was arrested in a traffic stop at the Temple Hill Volunteer Fire Department on Ky.  about an hour before. An officer noticed that "something wasn't right" with the vehicle Barbour was driving and he was arrested without incident.

Original story;  A two-year-old girl is missing from the 200 block of East Temple Hill Road in Monroe County in Tompkinsville, Kentucky since Sunday morning.   Her mother called the police to report her missing.  She is believed to be with the mother's boyfriend, Anthony Dale Barbour, 25, of Summer Shade, Kentucky.

Anthony shows an arrest record in Barren County Kentucky for non support and his last post on his Facebook page was a pair of glasses that said, "Don't Provoke," on March 28.  He posted he was working for the America Snubbing Service out of Montana in 2014. 

His car, a red 2000 Pontiac Sunfire was found abandoned in a field about 7:30 p.m. last night. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tiffani Streling missing from Burley Idaho

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Tiffani Streling, 21, is missing from Burley, Idaho.  Tiffani did not show up for work and her phone is turned off.  She is  5-foot 4-inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, dark hair with a blonde stripe, along with a tattoo on her arm with a half a heart and a tattoo of two feet on her back.

She was last seen in Burley wearing a black Hoodie with zipper pockets displaying the AERO logo, dark blue jeans, white tennis shoes with pink laces.  If you know her where-a-bouts to call 878-2251.

Bresha Reynolds: Teen missing from Gooding Idaho

Bresha Elizabeth Reynolds, 16, is missing from Gooding, Idaho.  She was last seen on May 7 in Wendell around 9:45 p.m. according to Gooding County Sheriff Deputy Jocelyne Nunnally.

Bresha is 5-feet 1-inch tall weighing 180 pounds. She has brown hair and green eyes. You are asked to call 934-4422 with any information on Bresha’s whereabouts.

Susan McLean: Monroe Township Pennsylvania woman goes missing in Scotland

UPDATE 5/26/15 - The Scottish police have ended their first week of searching for Susan and called it disappointing.  She still has not been located.

"Everyone in Aberfeldy has been very supportive and I want to thank all the people who have spoken to the police and given their time to help in our search for Susan," he said. "We just want her to be here with us, if anyone knows anything that might help to bring her back to our family, please let the police know so that we can bring her home," said her husband, Donald who was vacationing in Scotland with her and their two sons. 

Members of McLean's extended family flew to Scotland to support Donald and the couple's sons, but some of the family has since flown home.

 Original Story:  Susan McLean, 61, from Monroe Township,  Pennsylvania went missing in Berfeldy, Scotland on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.  Susan was in Berfeldy at the Moness Resort for a vacation when she went missing.  .

Surveillance photo (Credit: Tayside Police Division)
Surveillance photo (Credit: Tayside Police Division)
Susan McLean, 61, went missing from her vacation lodge in Aberfeldy on Sunday evening and was last seen on surveillance cameras on the grounds of Moness Resort, according to Tayside Police Division.

They are using search dogs and helicopters to look for her, and officers are going house to house to ask residents for any information that could help locate her.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Shawn Davenport: Autistic teen missing from Brooklyn, N.Y.

He is 5 feet 7 inches, weighs 198 pounds, with a heavy build, medium complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a gray sweater, blue basketball shorts, and black red sneakers.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call 800-577-TIPS.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Danielle Lewis: Missing while biking in Horsetooth Mountain Park, Colorado Found

UPDATE:  5/18/15 - Danielle has been found safe.  The jacket that was found was determined to not be her. 

"I was like, 'you can't leave.' I tried to get her to come back in..." Susanne told the Coloradoan moments before learning her daughter was found safe. "She would love to live on her own, but the fact is, right now, she can't."

"She was found safe inside the city of Fort Collins," Officer Matt Johnson said. Police said she called a friend Monday after spending the weekend in the Fort Collins area -- it was not immediately clear where she was for the past four days.

Danielle Lewis, 21, is missing from Larimer County near Ft. Collins, Colo.  She went missing on Thursday, May 14, 2015 and was believed to be in the area of Horsetooth Mountain Park riding her bicycle, after being spotted around 3 p.m.

Her jacket was found on the trail in the park and the authorities are searching for her and considered her a missing endangered adult.

Danielle left home just before noon on Thursday after getting into an argument with her mom and stepdad. She was last seen wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.

Danielle has a seizure disorder and does not have her medication.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brianna Herrmann: Teen missing from San Diego

Brianna Herrmann, age 15, was last seen in #SANDIEGO, April 27, 2015.
On Monday the car was found in Los Angeles.  Brianna's mother, Rhona Kauffman believes that Brianna is with Dean Henderson, 19, aka Timothy Dean Rivera a known "local Drug Dealer," who she met at the beach the month before, according to Facebook.

Dean Henderson

In a very detailed article by the LA Times, Dean Henderson's mother Erica Henderson was in the news in 2005.  Erica and her husband Jeffrey, 36, and baby William and baby Abigail  lived in a cabin in San Dimas Canyon in the Angeles National Forest.  It began raining in the area and the water began rising and the family had to leave their cabin and they called 911.  The rescuers tried to get them out by a raft tied to a tether and Erica strapped the baby to her chest in a carrier and tried to get on the raft, but the raft tipped over sending the firefighter, Erica and William into the water.  They were pushed downstream and then washed up on a sandbar where they were rescued.  The whole event was captured on TV and Erica appeared on Good Morning America.  But shortly after, social workers came to take William away, after they heard about the circumcision done by his father and they did not believe the Henderson's lifestyle was healthy. 

Jeffrey and Erica Occupy LA Video in 2012

The Henderson's also met with criticism from the Fire Department that called then uncooperative when they tried to rescue them. 

Before this incident, in 1998  the Orange County Social Services found bruises on Dean's back and Jeffrey said he had been hitting him with a belt.  Custody of Dean was given to Erica's mother.  

After going to court, a judge reunited William and Abigail with Erica and Jeffrey, but William stayed with Erica's mother.  The family was  monitored by social services, but in March of 2005 they could not be found.   (See video of them in 2012 above.)  

Brianna's parents are singling out Dean and state he is holding Brianna against her will.  Frankly, I don't know about that.  I have a hunch they are together, but I don't think Dean is keeping her from her family.  BUT, regardless, Dean should not be traveling with a 15-year-old girl, but should be telling her to go home or calling someone to come get her.  He is older and an adult, Brianna is not, so Dean should be doing the right thing and getting her back to her family.  (Dean, this is the right thing and the only thing that should be done.  You should not be helping her stay away from her family.  She needs to be back in school and hanging with her friends and not you.  If you are together because you care for her, then really, really care for her and get her back with her family). 

Also, allegedly Dean encouraged Brianna to steal her mother's car to sneak out, and that car was found in front of an address that Dean's mom has used, which is the same place where the tip stated she was sleeping on a mattress. I don't know if the Henderson's are still living there.  When police arrived Brianna was not there although the mattress on the floor was found.  I am sure the relative has told Brianna that the police showed up, so they are staying clear, but I would not put it past the relative to go to their location to give them food or money.  Maybe a PI posted outside this house that Brianna was last seen at, would lead them to Brianna. 

Also, there are rumors that Dean has access to a boat.  I would think that would be a perfect place to hide out, but eventually they would need to come ashore for supplies.

Brianna takes medication for her kidney disease and other illnesses and did not take it with her.   If she is truly in need of this medication, she would have to go to a free clinic somewhere to get more medication.  I suggest the PI head to free clinics around the North Hollywood area and see if anyone has seen her.  She was last known to be in LA and most of these runaways end up in North Hollywood as all the teens help each other there and there is plenty of flop houses.   

Brianna is 5’4” tall, weighs 118 lbs., has blonde hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information on her location, please contact the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2844 or (619) 531-2000 or dial 911 immediately! Case Number: 15018098N

Larry Bolen: George school teacher missing

UPDATE:  5/18/15 - Cadaver search dogs were brought in on Monday to search in the area where Larry's car was found, but nothing was discovered. 

Original story:  Larry Bolen, a Douglas County Hugh School teacher from Douglasville, Georgia went missing on May 10, 2015.  He left his home on Dorsettt Shoals Road on Friday night and has not been seen since.  His green 1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan was found by a security guard in Hunter Memorial Park in Douglasville on Gurley Road. Douglas County Sheriff investigators believe the car has been there for a while. 

If you have any information on Bolen's location please to contact the Douglas County Sheriff Office at 770-949-5656.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stephen Ziska: Missing Boston College student Found

UPDATE:  5/16/15 - Brookline police said Stephen Ziska had returned to his New York house and was safe. 

Stephen Ziska, a student at Boston College has been missing since May 11.  He was last seen by his roommates when he left his apartment on Strathmore Road in Brookline, Massachusetts .  He was scheduled to take an exam at noon on the college's Chestnut Hill campus, but never showed up.
If you have any information contact the Brookline Police on 617-730-2222 or Boston College Police at 617-552-4440.

Michael Hernandez: Missing from Indiana

Michael Anthony Hernandez, 23, went missing from the Safe House Bar and Grill in Crown Point, Ind. on May 1, 2015.  He left in his blue 4-door 2008 Toyota Scion XD hatchback with plates 906LTI. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elaina Perkins 13yrs Missing from Seattle

Elaina Perkins 13 years Missing from Seattle

Eliana Perkins
5 feet 2 inches
120lbs, small build
light brown skin
brown eyes, Long brown hair
Genel Perkins
She came back 3 months ago from being gone. She spent ten days in a hospital and was gone again. I don't even know why. The police don't know why

Please Contact:
Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011
Polly Klaas Foundation at 1 (800) 587-4357

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Landon Thomas: NYU Law School Graduate goes missing Found

UPDATE:  5/18/15 - Posted on Landon's Facebook page, "First, our family would sincerely like to thank everyone involved with the search for Landon Thomas whether the help was spiritual, financial, or just words of encouragement, we thank you all. Landon Thomas was located today! He is safe. I am with him now in New York. Tomorrow we will be driving to Kalamazoo. We are asking for respectful, understanding, and privacy right now. Thank you all again."

Original story:  Landon Thomas, 25, a recent NYU Law School Graduate went missing on April 27, 2015.  He was packing and moving his belongings from his apartment he shared with a roommate on 145th Street in Harlem to move to Astoria with his roommate.  He left the apartment, leaving his identification behind and went missing. 

Patricia Thomas, 54, Landon's mother said he was liked by everyone and was going to take the bar exam and his goal was to work at the district attorney's office.  He grew up in Kalamazoo, Mich. and loved living in New York.

If you have any information call the NYPD at 800-577-TIPS or leave a tip here.   

Landon's Facebook page

A'Million Shelton: Amber Alert for 7-month-old Texas girl

A'Million Meshelle Shelton, 7 months, is missing from Houston.  An Amber Alert has been issued.
She was last seen with her mother, Chantay Denise Myers, 24, who has had her parental rights for the child terminated, according to officials.

A'Million has black hair and brown eyes. Her mother is described as 4 feet 9 inches tall and she weighs about 125 pounds.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact Harris County Constable's Offfice Precinct 7 at 713 643-6602.

Brittany Johnson: Missing from Albuquerque Found

UPDATE 5/16/15 - Rescue crews have suspended their search for Brittany after finding a body at at the bottom of a steep cliff in Sandias on Friday evening. The body has been recovered and OMI will do an autopsy today and determine whether the body is Johnson’s.  The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department said her death appears accidental and that she likely fell on Saturday.

UPDATE 5/15/15:    A man hiking near Sandia Crest found Brittany's car keys and put them on top of her car on Saturday. 

Authorities have also found out that Brittany made a call near I-25 and Budaghers around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.  After that the phone was shut off. 

Although there has been seven teams searching for her, plus dogs and a police helicopter she has not been located. 

Original story:  Brittany Johnson, 24, from Albuquerque was last seen near Broadway and Mountain at the Bath House around noon on Sat., May 9, 2015.

Her family reported her missing when she did not show up for a family event.

Brittany's car was found in the Sandia Mountains on Crest Road on Wednesday.

The family and police state that her actions are out of the ordinary and are concerned for her welfare.

If you have seen her please call the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept. at 505-798-7000. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Police state they know who killed 7 women in New Britain

UPDATE:  5/13/15 - NBC Connecticut exclusively found out through multiply sources who the person was that the authorities would not reveal.  His name is William Devin Howell, 45, and he is currently incarcerated at a Connecticut prison on separate manslaughter charges.  "Howell’s current 15-year sentence at the Garner Correctional Institution stems from the homicide of Nilsa Arizmendi, a 33-year-old Wethersfield resident who disappeared in 2003."

Original story:  Police stated on Monday released the identity of another woman that was found along with six other bodies in an wooded area behind a shopping plaza in New Britain, Conn.

Three of those bodies were found eight years ago; Diane Cusack, 53, Joyvaline Martinez, 23, and Mary Jane Menard, 40. 

On Monday Melanie Camilini, 29, from Seymour who has been missing since January 2003, was identified as the fourth victim.  There are still three remains found that have not been identified at this time, reports WSFB News

Melanie Camilini
The remains were all "skeletal in nature" and had been at that location for at least a decade, said the police chief during a press conference,

Authorities did state they believe that one person was responsible for killing all of these woman and have identified a suspect but will not release who that person is, although they state that the person can not harm anyone else.

Investigators have been searching about the 15 acres behind Hartford Road since 2007 after someone found partial remains.

Elizabeth Honsch was found murdered near the same area, but authorities are stating that her case is not connected to the other found bodies, and an arrest was made in that case. 

Some of the women were reported missing from other towns and not from New Britain. 

Cecil Knutson and Dianna Bedwell: Missing after going to Valley View Casino FOUND

UPDATE 5/24/15 - 

(credit: CBS)
(credit: CBS)

Paul was found dead and his wife was still alive at the Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley at the Lost Valley Boy Scout Camp at Chihuahua Valley Road in the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.  Dianna was suffering from dehydration.  Both had diabetes and needed insulin daily.  A police statement release says:

On May 24th at about 2:30 p.m. off-road enthusiast traveling in a very remote area of northeastern San Diego County happened upon a vehicle that was stranded along a dirt road. When they investigated closer, they discovered an elderly couple inside the vehicle. The male occupant was deceased but the female occupant, who has been confirmed to be Dianna Bedwell, was found alive but in serious condition. The off-roaders contacted the Los Coyotes Tribal authorities who in turn responded to the vehicle and assisted in the rescue of the female passenger and called for the San Diego Sheriff's Department. Bedwell was evacuated to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries. Sheriff's homicide investigators responded to the hospital and were able to obtain a brief statement from Bedwell. The preliminary investigation indicates that the couple became lost soon after leaving the casino while attempting to find a shortcut to their ultimate destination. They remained with their vehicle until ultimately found.

UPDATE  5/21/15 - Paul's daughter is asking for financial help to pay for gas and even gas for an airplane to search for Paul and Dianna.  Click here if you can help.

UPDATE 5/12/15 - Dianna's son, Robert Acosta stated:  “My mom's phone was shut off fairly quickly after leaving the casino.” About 15 minutes later their dad's phone was shut off as they drove on Highway 15 near Deer Springs Road. “My mom doesn't turn her phone off, my dad doesn't turn his phone off. They don't call me without saying hey we're leaving the casino now,” he said. The fact that they didn't do that is an issue for us.”

Original story:  Cecil "Paul" Knutson and Dianna Bedwell are missing from San Diego County.  They were last seen leaving the Valley View Casino in Valley Center on Sunday, May 10 around 2 p.m.  They were planning on going to their son's home in La Quinta but they never showed up.  They may be driving their 2014 white Hyndai Sonata with plates 7EHE981.  If you see them or the car, please call 858-565-5200.

What is interesting is their son Robert said they were suppose to be at his house for Mother's Day, but they are shown leaving the casino at 2 p.m.  It would have taken them approximately 2 hours to get to their sons' home and they were due to arrive at 4 p.m..  Most seniors want to be in their house before the sun goes down because their eyesight is limited.  They were also called punctual people by the family.

Posted by Dianna's daughter, Kristin Smith who lives in Florida

"Father's cell phone pinged off one tower at the casino and then another by the intersection of Deer Springs Road and I-15 in Escondido."

"The (cell phone records) don't make sense," Smith said. "There are three paths he could have taken (to get to La Quinta).... and Deer Springs has nothing to do with those paths, which is weird."

Sylvia Likens', Dianna's sister, was murdered in Indiana 50 years ago when she was 16.  The 2007 movie, "An American Crime" was based on that crime where Gertrude Baniszewski, along with her children and two neighbors  tortured Sylvia till she died, after she was left in Gertrude's care while Sylvia's father traveled with a carnival to make money to support his family with his concession stand.  Dianna was 18 at the time and was married.  Her other two brothers were living with their grandparents.  Paula Baniszewski, Gertrude's daughter, was working as a teacher's aide under the name of Paula Pace in 2012.  Her true identity was found out and she was let go from the job.

Dianna and Cecil were bus drivers and retired and moved to Orange County. 

Robert Acosta, Dianna and Cecil's son is a former San Diego police officer and he and his wife, Monique were "convicted of damaging their foreclosed home" in Riverside Count in 2012, reports ABC 10. They filed an appeal in May 2014 but it was denied.  They were sentenced to 270 days each in jail and 5 years probation.

A court document stated:
"From early June through June 14, when defendants moved out, they seriously damaged the property. Monique cut down a tree in the back yard and pushed it into the swimming pool. Both defendants pulled up plants in the back yard. Inside the house, there was spray paint on the walls. Monique put black dye on the master bathroom grout. In order to bring a heavy bar down from the upstairs game room, Robert and a neighbor used a sledgehammer to pull out wrought iron posts from the staircase. While defendants were at home, someone used the sledgehammer to tear apart or demolish a whirlpool hot tub in the back yard. Stonework between the swimming pool and the whirlpool hot tub was damaged and removed. In the kitchen, the cabinet doors, drawers, countertops, and appliances were removed. Wooden beams attached to the ceiling of the entryway were removed. Half of the rock facing on the house was gone and the rocks were lying on the ground. The garage door and the entry gate were gone. Defendants moved things out of the house into storage pods. A big semi-truck also moved things away from the house."  

 Robert who was hired by the SDPD in 1998 resigned after his arrest.  

Tammy Kingery: Missing from South Carolina since 2014

Tammy Kingery, 37, from North Augusta, SC has not been seen since Sept. 20, 2014. 

Park Kingery, her husband said that she was not feeling well so he picked her up from work and she went to bed.  He left their house on Mealing Rd. with the kids and when they came back she had left a note she had gone for a walk.  He was concerned as she has gone through depression.

"Her cell phone was still there, her purse was still there, she didn't take nothing with her," Park Kingery said.

Tammy`s father, Phillip Russell, said he didn't think she committed suicide, although she may have been unhappy.  He also said, since the rescue parties haven`t been able to find her in a 10 mile radius of dense woods she may be alive.  

There doesn't seem to be any definite anything from the people closest to her.  She is stated to be depressed but nothing from the police to confirm this scenario.  Dad called her unhappy and not depressed.  Did she walk away?  Well, if she did you would have thought she would not have taken a house key or her phone, but if she was not planning on coming back whether suicide or running away, she would not take either things.   The last thorough search seems to have been in December 2014.  No mention of SAR or cadaver dogs used in the search.  If the dogs had been used at her house and had tracked her out the door and down the road there would be more to go on, but I have found nothing that states that was ever done.  If you also note the flyer states she was wearing a backpack and seen walking away from the home.  I do not know if this is witness information the police obtained or not.  

This is one of those missing stories that has little information to go on.  Where you have some police departments that let the media know everything, you have others that keep their information to themselves.  Usually that is because they know something they cannot share with the media or public.  Your guess is as good as mine what they could be.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office at 803-275-7608.

Facebook page

Mason Pachulski: 12-year-old missing after going to feed fish FOUND

UPDATE:  5/11/15 - Mason has been found safe. Mason admitted to leaving his house  on his own and hiding while people were looking for him.

“He just decided he was going to go for a walk, not go to school today. I don`t know why. He hasn’t told us,” said Mason’s mother Georgeann Pachulski.hool, you know the schools do nothing about it, there must be some reason he ran away!

Original story - A Missing Endangered Person Alert has been issued out of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania for a missing 12-year-old boy.

Mason Pachulski went outside to feed to feed some fish at his home on Center Avenue on Monday morning and he disappeared.

Media and Mason's mother, Georgeann have said there was an Amber Alert, but that usually includes a vehicle description.  At this time it is a Missing Endangered Person Alert. 

Mason is 4 feet 4 inches tall, 80 pounds with red hair.  he was wearing dark pants, dark shirt and Blur-framed glasses. 

Arianna Lopez: 6-year-old taken by dad; won't say where she is

The father of missing Arianna Lopez, 6, has turned himself in to the Albuquerque police on Sunday afternoon but refuses to say where Arianna is.

Sunday morning, Lopez had called our newsroom and said he planned to turn himself in at the studios. KOB contacted police shortly thereafter, since the safety of a child was of concern.
Lopez said he came to the news station because he wanted his arrest to be filmed. He had been sending letters to the governor, state lawmakers and KOB since April, discussing his disappointment with his ongoing custody battle for his two children.  Lopez also sent KOB documentation that states back in 2010, he had custody of the couple's kids while his wife was being treated for bipolar disorder.

"She's [Arianna] in California now; I called her, she was real happy to talk to me. When I asked her, she was in church I asked her if she wanted to go with her dad, and she said yes," Abelino Lopez told KOB news.

As he was being escorted by the police the media surrounded him and asked him where Arianna was.  He responded he would not tell the police and he was not going to tell them either. 

He also stated that the Children Treatment Center was medicating his daughter for no reason. Lopez told KOB the Children's Treatment Center made his daughter sign a consent form to take psychotropic anti-anxiety medication that he doesn't believe his daughter needs.

According to KRQE news Arianna is in need of the medication that Abelino refuses to give her, so he was given a court order to stay away from her.

It is believed that Abelino Lopez took Arianna from the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.  He  snuck into the church and waited for the opportunity to take her. 

Police are asking everyone to keep an eye out for Arianna.  She is 4 feet tall and 65 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  She was wearing a pink dress.  Abelino did say she was with family but did not say where. 

Albuquerque police are now talking with California police.  They also stated that if anyone is harboring Arianna they should call them immediately or would be facing charges.

If you have any information please call the Albuquerque police at 505-926-6077 or 505-379-1292 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

Tabitha Tuders: Teen missing since 2003

Tabitha Tuders was 13-years-old when she went missing from Nashville, Tenn. in 2003 on her way to school.  She usually walked three blocks from her home to the bus stop at 14th and Boscobel Streets.  but on April 29 she never made it to the bus or school.

One witness said he saw her get into a car and head up a hill.  Later dogs would track that same route.  Another said they saw her walking in the opposite direction of the bus stop.  Two separate witnesses saw her in Linton, Ind.   Just recently a tip came in that she may be living in Fremont, Neb.  No further information was given as to why she would be there. 

Authorities have released an age-progressed photograph of Tabitha as she would look today at 25. 
Tabitha at 13.
A piece of paper was found in Tabitha's room in her handwriting that read "T.D.T. - N - M.T. L"  The first set of initials is thought to be Tabitha's.  Tabitha was known to go to the library to get on the internet and the police searched the logs but found no information. 

In Aug. 2003, eleven-year-old Heaven Ross from Alabama went missing on her way to school.  She was found under a house in Holt, Ala.  Authorities have considered the two cases may be connected, but the distance between Nashville and Northport was great and no evidence has linked the two cases together.  Anyone with information should call the Fremont Detective Bureau at 402-727-2680 or Fremont Police Department's Crime Stoppers at 402-727-4002.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Josue Ramirez Marinero: Baby found alive in dumpster, brother missing Found

UPDATE 5/8/15 - Police have arrested Jesus Marinero's son, Roberto C. Martinez-Marinero, 25, for first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.  He turned himself in to the Douglas County Department of Corrections,  and told them in was involved in the death of his mother.

Authorities are still searching for Jesus' 5-year-old son Josue Ramirez-Marinero.  Police stated they have reason to believe he was thrown into the Elkhorn River by Roberto. 

Original story:  A missing baby that was found alive in a La Vista dumpster in Nebraska on Wednesday has turned into an Amber Alert for his brother.

The Nebraska authorities have identified the 11-month-old boy that was found in a dumpster outside an apartment complex with a soiled diaper covered in lint on it, as Angel Ramirez-Marinero. 

The mother of both of the boys, Jesus Marinero, 45 was found dead Wednesday night in South 4th and Cedar streets in Omaha.
UPDATE:  5/11/15 - Divers in the Elkhorn River are believed to have found the body of missing Josue, according to Omaha Police Capt. Kerry Neumann at a news conference Monday. A forensic examination will be conducted for confirmation.

According to the AP,  "Josue's brother Robert Martinez-Marinero surrendered to police Thursday and said he'd stabbed his mother, 45-year-old Jesus Ismenia Marinero, after they argued about money. The 25-year-old man also said he'd thrown Josue in the river at the bridge and put 11-month-old Angel Ramirez-Marinero in the dumpster."

Original story:  An Amber Alert has been released for Josue Ramierez-Marinero, 5.

WOWT news reports that there were several burglaries at their home between January and April.  There is evidence that the home was set on fire.

If you have any information, please call 402-331-1353.

Kevin Keeler: Santee man goes missing on way to work

Kevin Keeler, 58, has been missing from San Diego County since Monday.  He left his home in Santee at 7:30 a.m. to drive to Poway for a tile job.  He never made it.  Kevin also usually stops for coffee on Woodside, before going to Poway, but that morning he did not.

Kevin's truck is similar to this one
Please keep a look out for Kevin's truck which is a 1994 blue Dodge Ram with a rack and a mirror missing. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Body of River Falls student recovered from river

A'Kyleana "AK" Latham: 2-year-missing; mom found murdered in car Found

5/5/15 - AK was found safe.

A'Kyleana "AK" Louise Latham has been missing since Saturday after her mother was shot and killed in a car outside their home.

Taylor Latham, 24, was found in the car parked at the 1200 block of Louisiana Ave. on Monday evening.  Authorities have determined she was killed on Saturday and that AK was likely taken then.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of AK, please call the baton Rouge Police Dept. at 225-389-4869.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Robert Sontag: University of Wisconsin student goes missing walking home from bar Found

UPDATE:  5/6/15 - Robert's body was discovered in the Kinnickinnic River just below the dam on S. Winter Street, River Falls, Wisconsin, Pierce County. This location is near where he was last seen.   

Robert Steven Sontag, aka, Bobby, a 20-year-old University of Wisconsin-River Falls student went missing while walking home from the bar on Friday.  Sontag was last seen near the 400 block of South Main Street around 2 a.m.  He was walking home with a friend but they became separated.  Sontag has not been seen since.

There is a body of water near where Sontag was last seen and searches are being conducted in the area.

Anyone with information can call the River Falls Police Department at 715-425-0909.


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