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Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATE: ARRESTED 3-Month Old SAFE Abducted by Ellsworth Jerome Young assaulting mother with gun Jan 30, 2015 11:41am 800 block of East Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale.

Similar Not Exact

At approximately 2:30 am, suspect Young was located and arrested by Bakersfield Police Department. Child was located unharmed and is now safe.


Ellsworth Jerome Young 28 years old Black African American Male 6 feet tall

January 30, 2015 11:41 a.m. Ellsworth Jerome Young physical assaulted his girlfriend and mother of 3 –month old baby. The mother ran into the check cashing place to avoided being beaten, at which time the Ellsworth Jerome Young drove off with the 3 month old baby. The mother received a black eye, and the suspect is believed to be carrying a black semi-auto pistol. Suspect Ellsworth Jerome Young 6 feet tall was last seen in Bakersfield at 5:57 He is driving a Blue 2004 Element, with broken driver's side tail light and damage on the driver's door. Washington State License AFD 9769

Please Contact

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Palmdale Station
At 661-272-2400
Crime Stoppers
At 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
Text Crimes TIPLA plus your tip to 274637
or by using the website

Original Click Here
Pay It Back Check Cashing Inc, 803 East Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale, CA 93550

Stanley Kasprzyk 55 yrs old missing blue 1995 Peterbilt tractor Trk # 2046 Dearborn MI to Bedford IL

Missing Alert

Stanley Kasprzyk is 55 years old driving a Blue 1995 Peterbilt, Last seen picking up load from Kenwall Steel in Dearborn Michigan o Tuesday January 27, 2015. Stanley’s destination was Lexignton Steel in Bedford Park Illinois. It is a 4 to 8 hour drive.

Tractor Trailer
1995 Peterbilt tractor #2046
Alabama pl#1057092
Illinois pl#35223451

Stanley's Description
5 feet 9 inches 195 lbs
Brown Hair, Green Eyes
Kenwal Steel Corporation, 8223 West Warren Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126
Lexington Steel Corporation, 5443 W. 70th Place, Bedford Park, IL 60638-6389

Similar Not Exact
Please Contact
Area North detectives
At 312-744-8266

McStay Family: Accused murder will represent himself

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Robert Ponce, the attorney representing Chase Merritt, who has been charged with the murder of the McStay family found out that Chase had kicked him to the curb on Friday.

In another surprising turn of events,  Judge Michael Smith of the San Bernardino Court, gave Chase permission to represent himself. 

Ponce spoke to the Judge as one of his last actions representing Chase and told him about Chases’s desire to get the case moving faster, and felt that if he represented himself it would. 

“He (Chase) says he has six to eight months to live,” Ponce told the Judge, reports the Union Tribune,

The media was hoping hat the Judge would also unseal some more search warrants pertaining to the case, but the requests were denied.  Which probably means that there is information there that if let out to the public would tarnish the trial.  

Although the saying goes, if you are representing yourself, you are representing a fool, Ponce must not feel this is the case here as he said he felt that Chase has the intellectual ability to do it.  I guess Ponce doesn't realize that  in other words, he is saying that a guy like Chase could pass the bar with a little studying, which is not saying much for his profession.  

The Judge did do his due diligence and told Ponce that “self-representation is generally considered an unwise move.”  Chase replied with a simple, "Yes."  

How does Chase think that he can do what an attorney and his staff would spend hours upon hours working on?  I don't know, but according to Patrick McStay, he thinks it because Chase will be allowed more freedom, so he can go to the law library and get out of his cell. 

The next court date is Feb. 20, and the prelim will be April 7.

Go to the search above and type in McStay to read all the stories i have done on this case.

Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon: Piano teacher disappears from Ft. Lauderdale

Lisa Hayden Gordon
 Lisa Hayden-Gordon, 52, a piano teacher from Ft. Lauderdale was last seen by friends Saturday night in the 100 block of Southwest Third Avenue.

Lisa Hayden-Gordon's carLisa is known as Noodles as her business name is Noodles on Jupiter.

Her friend said she would have never left her cats alone and unfed. 
Police say Hayden-Gordon is 5-foot-6, weighs about 100 pounds, and has a thin build. She was last seen wearing a short sleeve orange shirt, blue jeans and sneakers with glitter.

Lisa drives a light blue 2003 Hyundai Elantra with multiple stickers all over the outside of the car. The car's Florida license plate is 303 IEQ.

Investigators are asking anyone with any information to call Fort Lauderdale Police at 954-764-4357.

Cristian Antonio Zamora: Missing University of Illinois grad

Chris Zamora, 23, from Champaign, Illinois has been missing since Dec 31, 2014.  He was last seen by friends near the intersection of Fourth St. at John St. walking towards a neighborhood grocery store.  He was wearing a coat or a heavy sweater and a beanie hat. 

Chris is a 2014 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign college graduate and works part-time at Jimmy Johns.

Vicente Mundo, a University of Illinois student went missing on Sunday.  

Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 - 165 lbs
Eyes: Brown (sometimes wears blue/gray contacts)
Hair: Black
Tattoos: 2 (one on lower stomach with "WRATH" and one on left ribcage with "PBM")
Piercings: Has ear and eyebrow piercings

Champaign police has been notified and are currently searching. Any information please reach out to Champaign police at 217-351-4545.

Vicente Mundo: University of Illinois student missing

Vicente Mundo, 20, a University of Illinois student went missing on Sunday, Jan 25, 2015.  He was last seen around 7:15 p.m. when he left a friend's apartment on campus  near the corner of Third and Chalmers in Champaign and went to his car, a 2006 silver Acura TL, to go to another friend's house.  The car also has a special edition Bears license plate 2557.  Vicente was to return to his apartment where friends were waiting but he never showed up.  His last cell phone call was at 7:12 p.m. Sunday.
"According to one of his friends, he was supposed to go the garage and get something from his car, meet someone in the car. I'm not quite sure what happened there. The thing is he just never came back to the apartment," Viviana Mundo, Vincente's sister said.

Viviana said her brother's grades have been good and she wasn't aware of any problems in his life.

“I am close enough with him that he would have told me if something was going on," she said. "Nothing out of the normal. No event has happened in his life that would make him just leave and not come back."

Mundo is described as 6 feet tall, 140 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a navy down coat and a Blackhawks baseball hat.

Anyone with information was asked to call the U. of I. police at 217-333-1216 or Champaign police at 217-351-4545.

Another student Christian Zamora has been missing since New Years Eve.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Renee LaManna: Woman missing from Queens since 1995

Renee LaManna was 35-years-old when she went missing from Queens, New York.  She went missing in 1994 but was last seen on Chambers Street Subway in lower Manhattan on December 1995.  

She has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a keloid scar, which is an extra growth of scar tissue, near her elbow crease and she has a widows peak hairline.  She is considered endangered missing.  She suffers with depression and anxiety disorder which causes panic attacks and paranoia.  Renee is multilingual and has a Master degree and she may be using a different name.  The family believes she may have sought refuge with a family in New York. 

"Renee LaManna has been seen twice since her disappearance. May 1995 in Northfield NJ and December 1995 - In lower Manhattan Chambers Street subway. These were confirmed by family who met several times with those who saw Renee. The police do not admit to these sightings because they did not follow up on the sightings. The family did. Renee was wearing the same outfit in both sightings."


Garrett Steele Hancock: Goes missing from Texas after work Found

UPDATE:  1/30/15 - Frisco Police issued the following statement: “The teen was located deceased today from an apparent suicide. Out of respect for the family, we will not be commenting further on this case."

Garrett Steele Hancock, 18, is missing from Frisco, Texas as of Monday evening, Jan. 26, 2015.  Garrett was last seen at his job at Market Street at 11999 Dallas Parkway around 7:10 p.m.

He was wearing a black long-sleeve Under Armour shirt, khaki pants, black boots and a rust-colored leather jacket.

Anyone with any information about this case or his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 972-292-6200.

Robert Harrison: Senior missing from Florida in 2014

Robert Harrison, 80, was last seen in the 3100 block of Milwaukee St. in Melbourne, Fla. on May 20, 2014.  He was wearing blue jeans and a green and white western style shirt over a white t-shirt.  Please contact the authorities if you see him. 

Steven Alyea: Missing form Missouri since 1992

Steven Alyea, age now 52, has been missing from Kansas City, Missouri since 1992.  He was last seen at his home near 103rd Street and Hillcrest Road.  He was carrying a large amount of cash with him.  He told a neighbor that he was goign to Lamar to meet someone but would be back by that evening.  Steven never returned. 

He was driving a 1990 Honda Accord LX and it was found abandoned in a motel parking lot in Fayetteville, Ark. on Nov. 1992, ten months later.  The police said it had been parked there about a month. 

Foul play is suspected as Steven left all his personal belongings at hime. 

If you have any information about this case call the Kansas City Police at 816-234-5136 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mark Hardin: Missing from Oregon since 2011

Mark Joseph Hardin, 49, has been missing from Sweet Home, Ore. since August 5, 2011.  Mark may have gone on a hike in the Upper Calapooia area.  Authorities found his Chevy Lumina on Saturday afternoon near the 100 line gate on the Upper Calapooia Road. 

The Linn County deputies checked the area but did not locate Mark on Saturday.  A SAR group and more Sheriff's combed the area on Sunday and Monday, but they still did not locate Mark.  100 searchers spent over 2,000 hours looking for Hardin - including an Oregon National Guard helicopter crew, teams with cadaver dogs and ATVs, as well as posses on horseback.

A lighter and water bottle were found alongside the road near Mark's vehicle that is believed to have belonged to him.   The only other clue they found was he was seen near the road late Sunday morning by a pair of transients camping about two miles east of where his vehicle was found.

Mark's cell phone messages went straight to voice mail and there were no recent calls or text messages from his phone.

Anyone with information about Hardin's location is asked to call the Linn County Sheriff's Office at (541) 967-3950.

Reuben Gerhardt: Blind teen missing from Plymouth

UPDATE:  1/29/14 - Posted on Reuben's Facebook page, "SEARCH DETAILS: I have a trained SAR person interested in leading a community search at the break of dawn Saturday Morning. She is also trained to organize search and rescue and runs the organization Hope for All Missing. Are there any other trained SAR persons on this page that are willing to step up outside of your professional organization to assist her along with community members? It would be nice if we could have several different teams going at one time, but i would prefer they all be headed by at least one trained SAR person. PLEASE, anyone who is willing and able to help, we need all the help we can get. I will post more details with time and location later today. please comment below if you can help."

Original story:  Reuben Robert Gerhardt, 17, is missing from Illinois.  Reuben is legally blind and was seen leaving his home in Plymouth, Ill on foot on Jan. 25, 2015.  He has not been seen since.  He may have been spotted in Augusta.  He was wearing black jeans and a red fox shirt and he has his left ear pierced.  Reuben has long brown hair he is 5.9 about 140 lbs.   His family and friends are very concerned for his safety.

A missing persons reports have been filed. contact 217-985-4682 or his Facebook page, Missing Person Help Find Reuben Gerhardt.

Andrew "Drew" Murillo: Family asks for help finding teen

We are still searching for my nephew. Any information that you may have is very helpful. You can call me 5594819119 you don't have to give me your name. I would greatly appreciate. His grandma (my mom) is very saddened and has been knocking on doors looking for him. Andrew "Drew" has been gone for over a month now. It's time he comes home. Asking for your help. God bless you.
Andrew "Drew" Murillo is missing and considered a runaway.  This is the message that is on MPofA's Facebook page:

Please Share this Post and Spread the word. He has been missing for a Month and is Runaway. Let's bring him home Safe back to his Family. If anyone who knows him and know his Whereabouts please take him home and let's not have the Family worry anymore. As a Parent this is something we would never want, there's a lot of no good people out there and if you see this Andrew Please come home and don't trust anyone out there, there not going to be in your Best interests with Life. Go home and make your Life Better with your Goals & Dreams for your Future. Everyone knows your smarter than this, please just go home to your Family with people who you can Trust and Love you Unconditionally, everything will be fine.
We are still searching for my nephew. Any information that you may have is very helpful. You can call me 5594819119 you don't have to give me your name. I would greatly appreciate. His grandma (my mom) is very saddened and has been knocking on doors looking for him. Andrew "Drew" has been gone for over a month now. It's time he comes home. Asking for your help. God bless you.

Hayden Powell: 11-year-old abducted by mother, warrant issued

Hayden Powell, 11, has been missing since Jan. 14, 2015 from Boaz, Alabama.  He may be traveling in a 1992 black jeep Wrangler with a soft top and AZ license plate A22 5355 with Gena Powell from Maricopa County.  They may have a small black Havanees dog named Leo with them.

Gena has a warrant for her arrest from Maricopa County as well as a warrant to remove Hayden from her. 

If you see them please call the Chandler Police Dept. at 480-782-4200. 

Posted by Hayden's father:  "I have still not had any contact with Hayden or his
mother although I continue to try every night. I haven't spoken to Hayden in over 2 weeks. Hayden has now missed nearly 50 days of school this year because of his mother's decisions. I miss my son. His siblings are missing him terribly. I pray he will be home soon. I am remembering all of the fun things we did together as a family last Fall. Thank you for your continued prayers and support and for sharing this page."

Christopher and Lisa Zaharias: Children missing since 1987 from Santa Ana

Christopher and Lisa Zaharias have been missing since Nov. 20, 1987 from Santa Ana, Calif. 

Authorities believe they were abducted by their mother Susan Zaharias and kept hidden by the mother's family. 

A warrant for Susan's arrest was issued on Feb. 17, 1988, but she has never been located.  Susan would be 55 years old today.

Christopher Louis would be 30 and Lisa Mae would be 28.

Christopher and Susan could have been raised under another name and not even be aware that they have a father that has been searching for them for 27 years.  They also could have been told their father is dead or didn't' want them.  They may also think that someone else is their biological father. 

Please think back in your memory see if you remember possibly playing with these two children as a child or maybe seeing them during summer vacation and played with them.  Maybe looking at the photos and it stirs some memory of actually meeting them years ago when you were small.  If you think you might have some information, no matter how small, please leave a tip here or go to the Zaharias Facebook page where there is many more photos for you to look at.

And if you happen to think you maybe Christopher or Lisa, please do the research on your father to learn more about what happened.  There is mounds of evidence and stories about how he has been searching for you and has never stopped searching for you, like this LA Times story

There are several possibilities where Susan and/or Chris and Lisa could be, Wetumka, Ok, Greensburg, PA, Chino, Ca,  Foothills Ranch, Ca, or Riverside, Ca.

Can you identify Carolina Doe?

Can you identify Carolina Doe?

Carolina Doe is an unidentified female who was found in a ditch of Cotton Hall Road in Yemassee, South Carolina on May 24, 1995. 
Carolina Doe could be someones loved one that has been missing for years. 

Carolina Doe was born between 1961 and 1964 and was 5'3" tall with reddish brown hair, brown eyes (post mortem) and Hispanic.  She had both ears double pierced and a 3" scar on her lower neck from thyroid surgery.  She also had a 5" hysterectomy scar on her abdomen.  

Authorities believe that Carolina Doe was murdered and them her body dumped at the location.  

Carolina Doe's Facebook page.


If you have any information about her identify, please call the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office at
843-525-7656 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Timothy J. Potter: Missing since 2007 From Missouri

Timothy James Potter, born October 17, 1966, is approximately 48 years old this year. Tim was last seen around 2a.m. on Jan. 19, 2007, at a friends home in the Huffman Trailer Park. 

His family was not aware of Tim’s disappearance until a couple days later when Tim’s employer, the G and D Steak House stated that Tim had not shown up for work. They thought that maybe he had gone to his uncle's funeral in Potosi, Missouri, but after asking around they found he was never seen there. Tim was very close to his uncle and was extremely upset about his uncle's passing, so the fact that he did not show up to attend the funeral was odd.

Tim drove a 1985 Cadillac Deville, and it was at the trailer park, until a short time later when a man driving a purplish blue pick-up with tanks in the back retrieved the vehicle stating that Tim had arranged for him to fix it. The paperwork and registration was missing from the vehicle.

If you have any information about Tim's disappearance please call the Rolla Police dept. at 573-308-1213.

5 feet 7 inches at 150lbs
Brown Hair Brown eyes
Garfield cartoon cat right side chest
Fievel Mousekewitz on the left side chest
Ribbon with Daddy Pride and the names Jamie and Charlie on his left arm
Plucky Duck cartoon character on his rights shin, and Big cat with naked girl on his right shoulder blade

Please Contact:
Rolla Police Department's Division
Criminal Investigations Unit
At 573-308-1213
Confidential tip line
At 573-364-0111
Missing From the City of Rolla Missouri Huffman Trailer Park

Monday, January 26, 2015

Samuel Thomas Waters 21 years old Missing Jan 04, 2015 10:00 pm from Northdale Road

On January 04, 2015 around 10:00 p.m., Samuel Walters a 21 year old McDonald's employee and resident of Lawrenceville, Buford, Georgia went missing. A friend reported dropping Waters off at a Hurricane Shoals Road near Hillcrest Green Drive just a few blocks from his home o Northdale Road.

Samuel Thomas Waters is:

5 feet 11 inches tall at 140 lbs
Brown Hair Green Eyes

Red hooded sweatshirt over a white button-up shirt with red and green stripes.
Blue jeans and black Nike shoes.
Tattoo on the right side of his neck

Kelly Nash went missing the following morning from Jimmy Dodd Road in Buford
Please Contact
Lawrenceville Police Department
At 1-770-963-2443

Join Facebook Search

Northdale Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 and Hillcrest Green Dr NW, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Kelly Nash: Suddenly goes missing from Georgia home early in the morning

Kelly Nash 25 years old, was last seen by his live in girlfriend, at 4:00 am when she was, awoken by his coughing and sneezing. He stated he was not feeling well.  Later, she woke up again at 7:30am, and Kelly was nowhere to be, found!

Kelly left behind his vehicle, wallet and keys. he was last seen in the area of the Jimmy Dodd Road and the Buford Dam in Georgia.

The family is offering a $50,000 dollar reward.

Samuel Waters Went missing from Lawrenceville, Georgia on January 4th

Please Contact:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Mcstay Case: Search Warrants unsealed and confusion follows

McStay Family
The original search warrants executed by SDPD by Det. Dugal were unsealed on Friday, Jan. 23, 2015.

What is found in those search warrants is very confusing if you compare it to what the authorities said while the McStay family was missing.  For example, Det. Dugal stated in the search warrants to the Judge that he felt that the family had been either kidnapped or killed.  Specifically, on February 19, 2010, Detective Troy DuGal of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, wrote, "...It is my opinion the McStay family is the victim of foul play."

This is completely the opposite of his words when he spoke with Patrick McStay and also what he told to the media.  It wasn't long after finding the family's missing car parked at the border that the authorities began perusing video surveillance tapes from the crossing and came across one that showed the video of "the family" walking into  Mexico.  Instead of keeping this info to themselves, they shared the video with the media and the public, along with their statements they believed it was the McStays.  This shifted the whole case and the public was led down the garden path that the family was fleeing, and didn't want to be found anyway and not to think there was any foul play associated with this case anymore.  San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore, just two months ago told NBC 7 news that it was a “missing persons case,” not a homicide investigation.

Has Gore gone lazy, lost his investigative senses or was he trying to save the department money by labeling, what we now know is an obvious murder case, as a voluntarily missing case

We also found that the information about the eggs on the counter and popcorn bowls probably came from the warrant:  Two small bowls of popcorn were sitting on a couch in the living room and in the kitchen, and there was a carton of raw eggs and a bag of microwave popcorn on the counter.  But nothing was ever brought out about the  knocked over lamp, until the search warrant was opened on Friday. 

Also, a list of the items taken by the authorities show that they collected cell phones and Joseph's wallet were found in the home, in addition to all computers, camera's and camcorders and suitcases full of clothing.  But what about the cell phone pings showing the family driving around the Fallbrook area for a few days.

After the arrest of Chase Merritt, the San Bernadino police said they believed the family was killed in the home.  So, what did the SBCSD know that the SDPD and SDCSD did not know?  Why could the SBCSD state without fear of contradiction or being proved wrong say the family was killed in the home, and even say how, but SDPD and SDCSD that wandered around the home for days could not state, let alone conclude?  Did SBCSD do a forensic investigation that I believe the SDPD or SBCSD never did?
Chase Merritt has been charged with the
murders of the McStay's.
So, we are left with questions after questions that we can theorize the answers to, in hopes to bring some kind of explanation to this case.  These are my questions:

Why did Dugal change his thoughts early on in the investigation, or did he, but was directed to say something else or keep quiet.  What happened that caused him from saying the family was kidnapped or killed to pulling items out of the home to saying they crossed the border?  Why didn't Dugal have the forensic team go in before items were taken out of the house.  Did after the items were pulled out of the home and the car found at the border, did they assume there was no more investigation needed to be done, and their first thoughts about the fate of the McStay's were wrong OR was there a higher power that told them their instincts were wrong and the video proved that?

AND, if Dugal's believed the McStay's were killed, why wasn't a forensic team brought in to examine the home?  Was he not allowed to bring in a forensic team?  Was a higher power telling him that there was no money for that or it was a waste of time because the family walked away? 

I can't help but wonder if after the video tape surface, the case was shut down by someone higher up, possible Gore, within the police force and the officer's on the case were told to not work on it any longer because there new stance now was that the family crossed the border.  And their job now was to keep pushing that idea on to anyone that asked about the case, in spite of what the investigating team thought.  This may explain why the forensic team was not sent into the house.

Read more about Gore and a federal complaint and his connection to the Ruby Ridge case in 1992. 

Now that we know they were killed in the home.  How could the SDPD and the SDSD miss that fact and the SBCSD did not.  To quote Patrick McStay:

"San Bernardino says that they believe that it all happened in the home. You mean to tell me that they can figure that out and San Diego can't?"

I wonder if a lot of these high profile cases that go behind the Wizard of Oz curtain ("Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain") are put there by the forces in charge.  Why not tell the public that the McStay's went to Mexico, when you already believe they are probably dead and you don't want to spend the money going after someone when you don't have any bodies to prove they murdered the people.  Tell the public that a young woman, Rebecca Zahau committed suicide (see notes below), so you don't have to pursue a murder, that you probably could never find, as they have disappeared in the wind. Tell the public that a teenager was a victim, even though the students closest to her, believe to this day that she had a hand in her mother and brother's own murder. You killed the only witness anyway, so how are you going to prove it.  Over and over again we are seeing cases that are difficult to prosecute are stopped before they are thoroughly investigated.   Because I am not in the inner workings of the SDPD or the SDSD, I can only wonder why these cases were not pursued further.  But, I can't help but feel that the Wizard of Oz excuse is being used a lot lately, and I can't help but wonder why.  We will never really know if what I am wondering about is true or not, unless someone in the system comes out and says. But, I do know that is highly unlikely.  There is not many who would sacrifice being ostracized, let alone lose their pension, to set the record straight.

There is a lot more to come for this case and even possible more search warrants revealed, as CBS News and other media organizations are asking for the search warrants filed later in the investigation by the SBCSD and the pre-preliminary hearing for Merritt is scheduled for Jan. 30.

I do feel that the real truth will come out now that it is in the hands of the SBCSD and more will be revealed about the handling of this case by the SDSD.

Note 1: "In summer 2011, it was the infamous Coronado Mansion murders, I mean, "suicide" and "accident" that got folks all riled up at the perceived incompetency of the San Diego Sheriff. In summer 2013, it was the hands-off behavior that Gore exhibited while handling the Hannah Anderson "ordeal."  There were several surveillance more videos that captured Hannah and DiMaggio together. Why didn't the SDSD ever pick those videos up?  They would have certainly have shown whether Hannah was really a victim or not.  Click here to read more of this CNN article." 

Note 2: The SDSD stated that the bed  which the rope was tied to, moved the bed several feet.  The SDSD said the bed moved 7.5 inches, but the re-enactment that News 8 did showed the bed moved about 5 times farther.  Regardless, the bottom line is that the SDSD should have done their own re-enactment.  Why didn't they? (Click here to see the News 8 reenactment of the case and draw your own conclusions). 

Read more about the McStay, Zahau, and Anderson case here.

Michelle Henri Crossland: Missing from Missouri for 11 years

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Dept. is asking for the public's help to locate Michelle Lyn Henri, AKA as Michelle Crossland, who has been missing since June 2004.

Michelle was last seen at her home in  Buckhorn/Waynesville area in Richland, Missouri.

Henri would be 36-years-old now.  When she was last seen by her family she had brown hair and weighed about 160 pounds.  She is the mother of two sons that are in their teens now.  She did work as a respiratory therapist in Jefferson City. 

If you have any information about Michelle, please call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office at 573-774-7948 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

Stephanie Aughenbaugh: Missing from PA and suffering from BPD

Stephanie Aughenbaugh was last seen in Bloomsburg, PA on Jan. 15, 2015.  The post says that she is not in her right frame of mind because of her BPD, and her husband is searching for her. 

Stephanie has green/grey/blue eyes and is very small framed, with dark brown hair, although she may dye it.  She have very small feet and has a tattoo on her right inner forearm with a Chinese letter, and her husband's name, "Fred" around her left ring finger with a crown of thorns.   She could be wearing a dark grey pea coat and driving a black Pontiac 2001 Bonnieville with a handicap plate and POW stickers. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr an Mrs Runion; Update: Autopsy GBI Crime lab Murder Charges on Two Bodies Found in Elrey and June Runion: Senior couple disappear after going to buy car on Craigslist

Funeral service will be held for Bud and June Runion on Saturday, January 31st at 1:00 p.m. at Mt. Paran North Church of God, 1700 Allgood Road, Marietta, GA 30062.

Atlanta, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, (GBI) Crime Lab Results Such a very unfortunate finding, after a vehicle that matched the description of the 2003 GMC Envoy that Elrey and June had traveled from their home to McRae Georgia to buy a car advertised on craigslist, was found in a water channel, and two bodies were discovered at a separate location, the Telfair County Sheriff's Office discovered
Around 12:30 the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office posted the results of the GBI autopsy examination. The findings concluded that the two bodies found, were those of 69 years old Elrey "Bud" Runion and 66 years old June Runion. The worst of the findings is that GIB had found that both victims Elrey and June Runion were killed, both shot in the head.


On the early morning of January 22, 2015, Elrey and June Runion had responded to Ronnie "Jay" Adrian Towns, 28 years old of McRae Georgia, concerning a vintage vehicle 1966 Mustang that Towns apparently had to sell. Elrey and his wife June had drove to McRae to look at or purchase the said 1966 mustang. Mr. and Mrs. Runion’s family reported them missing the following day after Mr. and Mrs. Runion did not show up to babysit. Days later, it was, found that towns were the only one to have last, contact with Mr. Runion. The investigators determined that Towns story did not add up and a warrant was then, posted for arrest. Mr. Towns then turned himself in, and search carried on for Mr. and Mrs. Runion. Their pewter/champagne color 2003 GMC Envoy license number BWU 7349 was soon after discovered partially submerged in a water channel in Telfair County. Two bodies were, discovered in separate location. The positive identification and cause of death was pending the Georgia Investigation Bureau’s Autopsy examination.

Nikita Sarantakis: 14 yrs old Missing from Methuen Found

Found January 24, 2015 5:29 p.m.
Methuen Police Department:

A Lawrence cab driver identified her from Facebook.  Methuen Detectives went to meet her January 24, 2015 5:29 p.m.

Family expresses thanks and appreciation For the thoughts and prayers and the finding of Nikita

Original Nikita Sarantakis 14 years old went missing in Methuen Massachusetts.
She is, believed to be in a Blue Honda Civic. And possible with a man named “Bebo”
Nikita might be in or near the cities of Lowell, Methuen, Lawrence, Springfield or Bedford, Massachusetts

Remains found in sucken car in canal might belong to teens missing for 36 years

Dana was reported as a missing person unlike Harry
A car found in a Florida canal may hold the remains of two teens that have been missing since 1978.  The police have identified the car as a 1969 Dodge, and it was owned by a 19-year-old that has not been seen for over 35 years.

The car was located by city workers doing some maintenance work.  A piece of the car got caught on the workers equipment. 

Dana Null, 15 and Harry "Wade" Atchison, 19, went missing on Oct. 7, 1978.  They had gone to a Journey concert and returned to Wade's parent's home afterwords. Wade was having a small party at the home while his parent's were in New York at the time.  During the party, Wade got in an argument with his brother and jumped into his car.  Dana jumped in the car with him.

Police refused to do missing person report for Harry as he was an adult.
Atchison's sister, Donna Amaya, told ABC News that bones were recovered and they were from the lower half of a person's body.

"When I first got the call, I was kind of stunned, I guess you could say," Amaya told ABC News.  "Afterwards, in letting the extended family know about it, it finally sunk in."

Dana's parents filed a missing person report, but the Atchison never could because the police said that Atchison was an adult and could leave if he wanted. 

This case is similar to the case of Terrance Beghin, 26, who went missing in 1986.  His 1982 Corvette was found in the Punta Gorda canal 30 years later in October 2013, with his remains.  

In 2014, the remains of Carol L. Wood who had been missing for 18 years was found in a car pulled out of the Oswego River in New York. 

In April 2013, the remains of two teens who went missing from South Dakota in 1971 were found inside a Studebaker in the Brule Creek in South Dakota.  The wheel became visible because the level of the water was low. 

The most shared story in 2013 on this website, was the story of two cars located in a North Dakota creek.    As the police pulled the 1969 Camaro from out of the water they found a 1952 Chevy.  The Camaro held the remains of three teens,  Jimmy Allen Williams, Leah Gail Johnson and Thomas Michael Rios who disappeared in 1970 leaving three family's wondering most of their life whatever happened to them.    The other car held the remains of Nora Duncan and John "Alvie" Porter and Cleburn Hammock, who went missing in 1969.

In May 2014, Tim Miller, the founder of Texas Equusearch went to the Houston Police Department to tell them they had discovered more that 125 cars submerged in a Houston waterways, while they were searching for a missing woman.  Miller believes that may be missing people in some of those cars.  Miller is still trying to bring attention to the situation so these cars can be retrieved, but so far the police stated they do not have the money to do it, according to Miller. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jennifer Powers: Missing from Alabama since 2008

The reward for a woman that has been missing for seven years has been increased to $10,000, announced the Madison county Sheriff's Office.

Jennifer Fay (Locke) Powers  was last seen on July 1, 2008 on Granto Drive in Harvest , Ala.   Her husband, Jason said that they both went to bed and when he woke up she was gone.  He didn't report her missing till about two weeks later.  Jennifer left her wallet and medication behind. 

Jennifer was in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program at the time of her disappearance.  Since her disappearance one of her three children have died of cancer. 

She is described as a white female with red hair and brown eyes. She's about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She will be 35 years old in February.

If you have any information on her case, please call the Madison County Sheriff's Office at 256-533-8826 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

Doyle and Lillian Chumney: Missing, home found ransacked Found

UPDATE:  1/23/14 - The bodies of Doyle and Lillan were found in the car that had been burned.  The police state they are putting together a multi-task investigation unit to find out who is responsible for their deaths.  

UPDATE:  1/22/14 - The Chumney car was found in Coshocton County at the intersection of 244 and 281 in Bakersville, police sources tell FOX 8 I-Team reporter Peggy Gallek.

Doyle, 86,  and Lillian, 79,  Chumney are missing from Tuscarawas, Ohio.  They could be driving a beige 1986 Pontiac Parisienne with Ohio plates EZXF9647.

Doyle and Lillian talked with their son on Tuesday evening and made plans to take their son to the airport on Wednesday, but they did not show up.  Their daughter went to their home on Bodmer Avenue and found the door open and the home ransacked. 

Currently the police are searching for the couple.  If you have seen them or their car, please call the police at 1-866-693-9171.

Their car was found on I-244 and I-281 on 1/22/15

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Elaina Perkins: 13, missing from Seattle Found

Eliana Perkins, 13, Found Safe.

Update Eliana's Mother reported that her daughter has returned and is safe,
Awaiting further details

Seattle Police Department detectives are looking for 13-year-old Eliana Perkins. January 16, 2015.   Eliana boarded a Metro bus number 8 at 23rd street and Jackson. Her destination was to be Southlake High School, however she got off the bus at Othello Transit Center on Martin Luther King, and was late for school arriving, with a male subject. This male subject had picked Eliana up after school, on Friday according to witnesses.
"I have no idea how she got with him or why she is with him," Genel Perkins said. "His motives can't be good if he's with a 13-year old girl."

Seattle police tweeted the teen's photo Tuesday, asking for help locating her.
Perkins attended South Lake High School for a middle school re-entry program after getting suspended for behavioral issues, her mother told K5 News. At 7:00pm on Friday night Eliana answered a call to phone number 206-371-5013, however at 5:00pm on Saturday a Spanish speaking male answered the same phone number.

The male subject, is described as 30 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall Brown eyes, black hair, and brown skin, medium build and little chubby.

Eliana Perkins is 5'2", 120lbs, small build, light brown skin, brown eyes, brown long hair. She was last seen wearing a black North Face wind breaker jacket, a black knitted sweater, black snowflake multi-color printed leggings, and grey ugg boots.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Richard McArthur: Missing from Oklahoma since 2011

Richard Thomas McArthur was last seen  in Boley, Oklahoma walking away from the Stepping Stone assisted living facility on Oct. 15, 2011.

This is Richard's Facebook page, please "like" and show your support.
  • We believe that he may be in the Poplar Bluff, MO area.
  • Long Description
    Richard Thomas McArthur
    Also goes by Rick, Ricky or his nickname Stone
    Birthdate 8/12/77
    Brown Hair that gets curly when longer. Thin on top
    Brown Eyes
    Aprox Weight 130-150
    Height 5'9

    Rick was involved in a atv accident in 2008 Tragically his friend passed away and he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He had to relearn how to do the basics of life again. He now walks with a limp and has slurred speech.
    He was a resident of Stepping Stone Residential Care Facility in Boley OK when he went missing.

    He has numerous tattoos
    Unicorn on his left forearm
    Angel & Stone McArthur on his left arm
    Tribal Band on left arm
    Lowe down the back of his left arm
    Wood down the back of his right arm

    He's resided in Texas(Denton), Kansas(Hutchinson), Oklahoma, Missouri (Poplar Bluff) He has family and friends in all of these areas.
    He's a true country boy.
    If you see him please let him know that he has family and friends who are looking for him, love him
    very much and want him to come back home. Also please tell him that his cousin Arthur (JuneBug) Wants him to call to
    let him know that hes ok.

    If anyone sees him or knows his whereabouts,
    please call Arthur or Christina VanLear at 406-317-2188 or 406-270-6475.
    Or email
    Or you can contact his Aunt Ruth at 620-803-5834
    Or please feel free to post on this page


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