Thoughts on the case of Zahra Clare Baker – National missing persons |

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Missing Persons Of America

Thoughts on the case of Zahra Clare Baker – National missing persons |

The more that comes out about the Zahra Baker case, the more disturbing it gets.
The Charlotte Observer reported that police are now searching through a wood chipper and mulch piles at a Morganton property where Zahra’s dad worked, for signs of her remains, as search dogs detected traces of blood on the property and on a wood chipper.
Is it possible that actually could be what happened to Zahra? That her body was disposed of by a woodchipper?
It’s even too gruesome to fathom.
But, as everyone concentrates on the step mother, Elisa Baker, we can’t forget that police are suspecting that Zahra has been gone a lot longer than Saturday, when she was first reported missing. Adam Baker, Zahra’s dad told ABC News, that the last time he saw Zahra was on Thursday.
If the police are saying she’s been gone longer, possible as long as a month before, then is Adam lying?
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