Pennsylvania woman that went missing, was hiding, arrested as fugitive – National missing persons |

January 29, 2011 Missing Persons Admin 0 McMullen, 30, from Pennsylvania, left her then 6-year-old son with some friends in the fall of 2008 and disappeared. Authorities found her car abandoned across state lines and her family feared the worse. They […]


Juliani Cardenas: Car found in canal

January 29, 2011 Missing Persons Admin 0 silver Toyota Corolla that Juliani and Jose Estaban Rodriguez were in has been found in the Delta Mendota Canal. There were no bodies in the car.  The police say they will continue to search […]


Amy Sue Henslee: Blood found in relatives trailer – National missing persons |

January 28, 2011 Missing Persons Admin 0 police have been searching for Amy Sue Henslee since she was reported missing by her husband, James Henslee on Monday. Then shocking news upsets the family and friends when they hear a report that […]


Adji Desir case

January 27, 2011 Missing Persons Admin 0

I was asked to watch Nancy Grace show on Adji Desir, a case that I wrote about several weeks back. Nancy was able to get more information on the case from Sgt. Ken Becker, and I […]

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