Carlina White: Kidnapped baby reunited with mother 20 years later – National missing persons |

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Baby Carlina White who disappeared from Harlem Hospital on August 4, 1987 after her mother took her there with a fever, has been reunited with her mother.
On August 4, 1987, Carlina’s mother, Joy White, took Carlina took the emergency room as her 19 day old daughter had a high fever. While she was there, a woman in a white dress and a surgical smock, who at the time, she thought was a nurse, was comforting her.

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  1. What an astonishing story. I want to know more about the type of person who could go through with such a deplorable act, assuming her husband went along with it. Obviously the child must have grown up in a twisted environment, and I would be curious to see the emotions that must be at play.

  2. I think that she was so sure that the “kidnapper” was not her mother that she was able to psychologically remove herself.

    I am hoping that others who are doubting they belong to a family will be encouraged to do their own investigating.

    With this story and technology, I am sure we will hear more of these cases coming forward.

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