Dawn Viens: Body may be buried under restaurant floor

Police and fire used jackhammers yesterday to break through the floor of a Lomita, Calif restaurant to search for the remains of Dawn Viens.
I have written a few articles about this saga.  Wife goes missing, husband says she left voluntarily, husband moves girl friend into house AND gives the girlfriend his wife’s old job, girlfriend throws away wife’s stuff, police 16 months later want to talk to husband and he jumps over a 60 foot cliff. Natural progress in a case like this, right? 
So, husband wakes up from coma and I am guessing he is finally talking and have told them that she is buried underneath the concrete slab of the restaurant. I will bet they will find her.
I wonder if the husband’s girlfriend has decided to quit her job, move out and leave this guy.  Hmmmm, probably not, she’s probably still living in the boyfriend’s house and will probably take over the restaurant when he eventually goes to jail. 

If you get a chance follow the link below.  There is a video on the left of the article with great aerial footage of the police digging.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Dawn Viens: Body may be buried under restaurant floor – National missing persons | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/missing-persons-in-national/dawn-viens-body-may-be-buried-under-restaurant-floor#ixzz1FYYlSjYi

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