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Mother turns to Craigslist to find missing daughter

Jillian Henderson-Ortiz
Here is another case where having the help of a private investigator would have helped.   Cindy Henderson said she was forced to jump through hoops for more than a year after her daughter disappeared to get law enforcement to list her as missing.
“Finally they put her on the national missing persons list and so she’s a cold case right now,” said Henderson.
On Thursday, Cindy decided to go to Craigslist to place an ad to notify everyone that she is looking for her daughter, Jillian Henderson-Ortiz.
I am glad she did, because it brought her case to my attention and I could put it on the website. There are so many MP cases that I just scratch the surface. So, if you need my help, let me know, I will get the word out here and on my column.
Jillian is 25 now and she could be anywhere.


Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

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