Missing 2-year-old found tied up in closet, parents murdered

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Missing Persons Of America
UPDATE: Demetrius Hunt, 42, is one of the victims and the toddler’s father.
A missing two year old was found bound and gagged in a closet in his home where his parents were murdered.

The authorities arrived at the scene of a triple homicide in Banning, California and found three adults.  The police knew there was a child living in the residence and thought he may have been taken.  Three hours later they found him bound and gagged in the closet of the house.

The toddler whose name has not been released was okay, but he was unconscious and taken to the San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.  There is speculation that the heat may have caused him to pass out.

The bodies were identified as the child’s parents and another woman.

The police are treating the case as a homicide as there is no indication that it was a murder suicide.

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