Aliayah Lunsford: Search ongoing for three-year-old

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Missing Persons Of America

This morning, more than 1,000 volunteers arrived to help search for missing Aliayah Lunsford, 3, from Lewis County in Weston, West Virginia.

She was last seen Saturday morning around 6:00 a.m., when her mother and sibling came in to check on her, as she was sick.  When her mother came back in the bedroom around 9:00, Aliayah was gone.

On Saturday, authorities searched around her home in Bendale, then spread out farther and concentrated on a river where a dog had alerted. 

Sex offenders have been checked and polygraph tests have been administered, although the police will not say to whom.  A surveillance video shows Aliayah’s mother searching for her the morning she disappeared, but does not show Aliayah.

If you would like to help with the search volunteers are still needed and you can sign up at the Bendale Untied Methodist Church.

If you have any information on Aliayah’s whereabouts, please call 304-269-8241.

Aliayah’s Facebook page.

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