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Interview with Megan Wright brings up two new names

Update:  Dane has been found to be DJ Diggler or Dane Diggler, who is actually Dane Lee Greathouse.

I have come across this interview that Megan Wright did with Private Investigator Ron Rugen, in which he has put on his blog.

Megan Wright is the woman that received a  50-second phone call from the one of the cell phones that DB and JI had.

In the interview Rugen asks Megan about the missed phone call made from the Irwin/Bradley household number to her on the night that baby Lisa went missing and she makes some speculations on what may have happened there.

She also explains her relationship with “Jersey” a man known to be in the area when Lisa went missing and she brings up a couple of new players, Shane and Dane.

Rugen even speculates that maybe Deborah Bradley was having a relationship and Deborah used her phone that night to call looking for Dane.

Click here to read the whole interview.

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