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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Woman missing for 18 years calls Sheriff

Judith was featured on a deck of
playing cards for cold cases
Judith Bello Medina, 28, was last seen leaving her job at National Food Corp. in Stanwood, Washington around 9:30 a.m. on December 13, 1993.  Her car was found at the Stanwood Post Office in Washington.

The fact she never picked up her 3-year-old son from day care seemed unlike her and authorities considered her disappearance suspicious.

"She never called. She never wrote," said Daniel Bello, her brother. "It's just been a long time."

The family also hasn't seen Bello's son, because shortly after she disappeared her husband took him away. The boy, called his grandmother in Mexico before she died a few years ago, Daniel Bello said. 

Then this week, the Snohomish County sheriff's detective received a phone message from a woman claiming to be Judith Bello and that she was living in California.  She said she called after seeing her profile on the sheriff's office website.

Detectives spoke with her family and are confident that the woman is Judith.  

Gail Palmgren: Wrecked jeep found

Update:  Police positively identified the vehicle using the license plate as belonging to Gail Palmgren, but there is no sign of Gail.  Authorities are considering searching the area around the vehicle with cadaver dogs tomorrow.

The red Rubicon Jeep that Gail Palmgren was driving when she disappeared may have been found.

It is in a hard to get to area where there is heavy under growth near East Brow at Hampton.  Investigators will need to rappel down to get to it.

The wrecked Jeep was found after Hamilton County deputies did a second aerial search around Signal Mountain which is the area where her cell phone last pinged before she went missing.

Deputies have said the operation could become a recovery effort if a body is found in the wrecked Jeep.

Gail was last seen leaving her home on April 30th dropping her children off  with her husband, Matthew Palmgren who was the director of pharmacy programs for Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Gail's Facebook page

Kalisha Madden: Missing woman from Detroit

Kalisha Madden, 27, was last seen leaving her job at the Vegas Strip Club at 6600 block of Michigan Avenue in Detroit on Monday.

According to her mother, Pamela Johnson, Kalisha did not leave the club alone.

":Getting in either a black truck or a black car with three males, one they say was on crutches.  I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but that is the last time she has been seen," said Johnson.

Kalisha is the mother of six children and her family said she would have been in contact with someone by now.  Kalisha leaves the children with her mother and then picks them up from school.

Kalisha has not answered her phone or been on Facebook or called anyone since Monday. 

Kalisha is 4'11" tall, and 160 pounds.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the Detroit Police at 313-596-5600.

Lisa Irwin: Vigil's stopped and psychic interviewed by Megyn Kelly

Many of you already know that the group, Lisa's Angels as been asked to stop holding their candlelight vigils in front of the home of missing baby Lisa Irwin of Kansas City, Missouri.

They have been holding the vigils since October 4th.  The attorney's said:

"Vigils by a large number of people on their front lawn is a spectacle, disturbing to their neighbors, and disruptive, especially to their young sons, in their attempt to return to as normal a family life as possible under the circumstances," said Jon Picerno and Joe Tacopina in an email on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

I also wanted to talk about  Megyn Kelly from Fox News interviewed with self proclaimed psychic Stephanie Almaguer on Wednesday, about her "vision" she had on the whereabouts of Lisa Irwin that prompted a group to search in that area last week.

Psychic in Baby Lisa Case Talks To Megyn Kelly About Her Visions

Almaguer believes that baby Lisa drowned in the family bathtub and was then placed on the parent’s bedroom floor as attempts were made to revive the infant’s lifeless body. After attempts failed,  the baby was buried in a shallow grave not far from the family’s home.

“She’s in a hole, and it was a hole that carried water,” said Almaguer.
Fox News said they confirmed that the police are planning to investigate the location that Almaguer described but as of today, no word when that would happen. 

Fox News has garnished a lot of criticism for speaking with a psychic than to stay with verified facts on the case. 

On May 2011, Almaguer did a tape for the All American Family.  In the video she talks about her family and Almaguer has had her own share of criticism.  Many are saying she read other's thoughts on the missing baby Lisa case on the internet and stating they were her own "visions".

On May 2011, Almaguer did several audition tapes for what she calls, All American Family that will be on MTV.  In one video she talks about her family and says,  "my family is like a modern day Roseanne Show….we are not fake."

Another Almaguer video here

Aubrey Sacco: Colorado resident missing in Nepal

Aubrey Caroline Sacco

UPDATE:  8/2/13 - I just heard that Police in Nepal have arrested two men suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Aubrey Sacco, reports Fox News.

The two suspects were arrested Thursday in Rasuwa, near where Sacco went missing, and were being questioned, said police official Raj Kumar Shrestha.  Then later on in the day a new development.  Three more suspects were arrested following a tip off by Jagat Tamang of Bhorle VDC-1 and Pemba Tamang of Saramthali VDC-9 in Rasuwa district, according to the Republica, the two men previously arrested..

Jagat and Pemba told the police of other people allegedly involved in the disappearance of Aubrey who they now say was murdered shortly after she went missing.

Those men were identified as Lakpa Tamang of Langtang-8 and Chyangba Tamang of Saramthali-8. The identity of the third suspect is not known at this writing.

Previous story:
Unknown man that Paul hopes will come forward
and identify himself

Back in August I wrote
about Aubrey Sacco from Greeley, Colorado who disappeared wile hiking in Nepal in 2010.

Aubrey was hiking in the Langtang area of northern Nepal when she was last seen, and now her father hopes that a man in the photo may have more information about Aubrey.

Her father, Paul Sacco, has traveled to the area many times in hopes to find his daughter (see video).   What he did find was her laptop, video camera and journal that was left at the last hotel she stayed at.   Paul and his wife, believe that Aubrey is still alive and being held against her will.

"They have told us that they're not talking and all of the searchers that have interviewed those people know that the villagers are withholding information,"  Connie Sacco, Aubrey's mom told KDVR-TV. "They're protecting each other because they're afraid of the police."

Now her father is asking if anyone knows the man that is in the picture that was found on Aubrey's laptop.

"I want to emphasize that this guy is not a suspect.  We just know that she took the photo of him, so why wouldn't he surface?  Why wouldn't he say something," said Paul.  "He's a person of interest, just because we don't know who he is."

Paul believe that the man may know something about what happened to Aubry because they were in the the same Nepalese cities around the same time.

If you know the man that is in the photo, let me know.  Hopefully, he can provide some information that may help reunite a father and daughter.
Examiner article on Aubrey

Brad Meltzer's Decoded

I have been watching Brad Meltzer's Decoded since the season started in 2010.  I love the way that the team hits the ground and talks to people, and digs up information I never read in any history books.  The show goes deep into different cases like the assassination of Abe Lincoln or the Lindbergh kidnapping, revealing information that you have never heard before.

Most of all, I like the fact it questions and analyzes information, which in turn teaches me how to analyze and question.

Season one covers, the assassination of Abe Lincoln, (the fact that maybe Booth got away and the government lied - sounds far fetched?  Well, just watch the show and it won't see so far fetched), D.B . Cooper's plane hijacking, the White House and the Statue of Liberty. 

I guarantee you a very interesting show, that will make you think and see history in a totally different light.  If you haven't seen the show before, grab a copy and watch it, you'll be glad you did.


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