The top 5 most viewed stories on Missing Persons of America

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Missing Persons Of America

I thought everyone would be interested in knowing what The top 5 most viewed stories on Missing Persons of America in 2011 were.  So, I compiled a list:

Jamie Minor
, who went missing in June, was found about a month later in an air duct.  Jamie would use the air duct to travel from a parking garage to a restaurant and apparently got trapped. This story was not only the most viewed, but had the most comments. 

Susan Loper, the Pilate instructor,  who went missing in April was found in a wooded area by a Plano police officer, is the second most viewed story.  The story about the manhunt for her boyfriend was fourth most viewed.

Holly Bobo
, who went missing in April, is third on the list.  I believe that this was probably the most well-known case of 2011.

And the fifth most popular story is not about a missing person, but about one time serial killer Ted Bundy.  In 2011, his DNA was put into a FBI database, for police to use to match up with John Doe’s.

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