Latasha Nevitt: Missing mother from Chicago Found

UPDATE: 1/27/17 – No one has been charged or are there any suspects named by the police for the murder of Latasha Nevitt.

UPDATE:  3/8/14 – The cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that the remains belonged to Latasha.  Latasha was found frozen, in the fetal position, wrapped in garbage bags. A scarf was tied around her eyes like a blindfold. Her legs were bound with a cell phone charging cord. The examiner concluded that Nevitt’s death was a homicide by “unspecified means,” the same finding as in the Tiara Groves case, wrote the Chicago Magazine.

UPDATE:  3/6/14 – Latasha Nevitt, the woman who disappeared from her home in Chicago has been one of my most popular stories on MPofA with lots of speculations on what happened to her.

Now police believe they may have found her body in an area where water workers go to turn off or drain water in Morgan Park, which is located near her home, according to WLS news.

Around 10:45 on Wednesday morning a city water worker found a body near West 107th Place and South Loomis Street.  They said the woman appeared to be in her 30s but I would think that there would be only skeletal remains left, so they may be going by her clothing and jewelry, also.

The body was in a heavy-duty plastic bag and “stuffed” into the space.

Previous story:  Latasha Nevitt, 30, was last seen by her husband, Isaac Nevitt, who said she left her house on the 1300 block of West 107th Street to walk to the food mart and liquor store on 112th street, east of Vincennes and never came back.  He reported her missing on October 14.

Latasa is a mother of three children and is attending school at Everest University to become a dental hygienist.

There has been no activity on her cell phone

Her mother, Brenda Morgan has searched areas around West 107th Street and South Vincennes Avenue, where Latasha was last seen, but could not find her or any clues as to what happened to her.

Morgan says Latasha had everything to live for and was doing well at Everest College. She doted on her three children, 10-year-old Ariel and her 2-year-old twins, Brian and Ryan.

Latasha is 5 foot, 4 inches tall and weighs 118 pounds.
Latasha’s Facebook page

If you have any information about Latasha and know her whereabouts, please call the Chicago police at 312-747-8274.

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  1. My first thought: I think the husband is a drug dealer or into drugs and someone he owed money to or pissed off that was dangerous taught him a lesson by taking her and killing her. First he says 'everybody knows me and wouldnt mess with her” oh ya? how come? because hes somebody with some power prob bc of drug dealing connections and hes sure no one would take her in that neighborhood where shes well known. Second, he says “he does smoke” (what? weed, crack?) he looks twitchy in the interviews at the house and his eyes have the characteristic crack look.
    My second thought would be shes afraid of him and ran off with her parents covering it up. I mean theyre already taking care of her kid and if he is abusive as admitted in the episode, she may have feared leaving him for another man (since he 'no one would mess with her cause they know him' – doesnt it seem odd how sure he seemed of this? sounds like a man who has connections to violent people ie drugs. I think its odd she wouldnt take the kids but IF she did run off I think she felt her parents would take care of the kids. Doesnt it seem odd that her parents arent AT ALL crying or all that concerned. They seem ho-hum about her going missing

  2. One more thing, question: he deleted the texts or 'they got deleted' ok fine but i HAVE SPRINT and I know that with a court order they can supoena the text message records which are stored by Sprint. I have asked for them before as a legal professional and gotten that response from Sprint. How come they police didnt do this? maybe they did….

  3. parents often pick up daughters and move them to safe places to get away from scary men, my friends mother did this for her and she just up and left. in this case in a small community the parents didnt want to be threatened by the father and may have hid her…

  4. All the circumstances around her disapperance is really bizzar, the husband, the parents, two trips to the store, the oldest daughter comments. I pray that she is found safe and sound!!! We always think these things couldn't happen to us. You never know!!!

  5. i watched the show weeks ago and i was very upset to see that she was not found it actually made me cry i google her name atleast once a week to see if they foud her i pray that they find her safe and alive and dont want to believe that they will find a dead body even though i kno it would hurt the family and alot of the viewers like me and others who care but we would also feel at ease i am a mother and i would never just leave my child even if i did get help from my parents to run away i would have a plan for me and my children to be safe and i would have went to the police who would have found me and my child or children a womans shelter out of state somewhere i am praying for you latasha nevitt and i hope justice is found in your case i will continue to check up on your story because my heart can not be at peace until i know justice have been found rather its you alive or god forbid your dead body

  6. Kat in Chi – How true you are. I can't believe this was broadcast on TV and there's not an outrage at the horrible police work. I suspect her hubby may “know” more than he said.

  7. I agree with you… Her parents seemed very strangely detached. The only time the mother seemed upset is when they did the DNA test; however, people do act strangely when faced with tragedy or grief so I'm not going to put the blame on anyone there. I do feel that they may have hidden her somewhere safe as well, but I doubt she would just up and leave her twin babies. Such a sad case and really stuck with me as well. I also agree with the person that said perhaps someone was mad at her husband and took it out on her. That seems to happen a lot. Hopefully not the case for this beautiful, beloved mommy.

  8. I honestly think that she is alive, but had no other way to get away from her husband …
    Her mother said he was abusive and she doesn't seems worried at all, so maybe she started a life where else…