Brittany Suzanne White: Missing from Tennessee

Brittany Suzanne White, 25,  (aka Suzanne White, Alodie White, Alodie Rachel Cobb) was last seen with her boyfriend “Torch” at Occupy Memphis, Memphis, TN and may possible be a stow away on a train.  She hasn’t been seen by her family since June, 2012

The following is a description by family:
“Description: 5’2, 145 lbs, fair/tanned skin and freckles (rosacea on face looks like blush); dark brown hair (dyed burgundy), long and frizzy, possibly put up in ponytail or under hat); always wears black sneakers, blue jeans, peasant like or tight top, lots of black eyeliner, blue eyes, always sneezing from allergies, very outgoing and always wears jewelry (12 piercings, ears/nose, tattoo on left wrist of sun and moon) especially silver cuff with chain to ring and wolves on it.  Has a can of top cop mace in purse (large jean purse with fluffy decorations) and a pair of brass knuckles.
Her boyfriend “Torch” robbed a woman in Downtown Memphis at a store by gunpoint. Police are looking for him. She may not even know what he had done. She is engaged to marry him (4 days after meeting him). Not much is known about him except he is tall, dirty long blond hair, bad teeth, tattoos, and a known bad person.

She was last wearing possibly a pink peasant top and blue jeans with black sneakers, earrings in ears and rings. Possibly baseball cap.”
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  1. i have contacted the police department in Memphis there was a rumor she was there but apprently not cuz her fb acount has been active some 20 hrs ago please do all you can we miss her