Richard Hitchcock: Missing from Allegan since 1990

Richard Hitchcock has been missing since 12/22/90 from Allegan, Michigan.  If you have any information about him, please call the Michigan state police at 269-673-0500.

Please help Kellie find her cousin:

“This is my cousin Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock. Rich has been missing/deceased for 22 years since December 22, 1990. We have a few places where dog searches, tips from the public and tips about those whom report to have been the last to see Rich the night he disappeared left his remains. We’d like to get help in paying to do some excavating in those areas and would also like to be able to help pay travel expense for those involved in searches as they travel from all over Michigan and from some other states in the US.

It is my goal to bring Rich’s remains home, give our family peace and let his soul rest in peace. It is my hope that we won’t have to live a 23rd year without knowing that this is so.

The Mid Michigan Working Dogs K9
Search and Recovery Cold Case Team

I need to pay for excavation equipment, travel expenses for those involved in helping find Rich. If I am able to do that and have extra money from donations, I will be donating remaining money to Mid Michigan Dog Search and Rescue as well as the Missing You Foundation for all that they have done over the last 6 month in investigating this case. We have done the research and now Spring is here and the ground is in much better condition to do the digging. With your help we can make this happen.”

Please consider helping Kellie and making a donation by clicking here.

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