Russ Retallick: Missing from Virginia Found

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Missing Persons Of America

“Please help us find my cousin it is the man in the picture. Please ask truckers to watch for him and put his picture up. Contact the police if you see him.
His name is Russ Robert Retallick he is 37 years old.  His Wife Rhonda Retallick  has reported it in Fairfax county/ fair fax city. The last time he was seen was almost over a week ago at the metro stop  Franklin St.  Here is a pic of him and his daughters. Please help us find him. Contact his wife at 1-240-774-6650

He is known to work for car hauling companies and he could be sleeping in parks and may be sleeping in cars. We feel he maybe not doing so well mentally. please keep an eye out in your state. He could be up and down the east coast.”

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