Kelsey Pawlyk: Missing from Oregon may have traveled to California

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UPDATE:  If you look below you can see a lot of messages from Kelsey or someone that is pretending to be her.  

Yesterday, one of our eagle-eye readers have found a news report out of Medford, Ore. dated Oct. 15, 2015 that states that a man picked up a hitchhiker on I-5.  The news story shows a photo of Kelsey Pawlyk.

The story states the man was taking her downtown but when they got to the RVTD transfer station she would not get out of the car and pulled a knife and tried to stab him.  Instead of Kelsey getting out, the man got out and then called the police.

Kelsey was booked on attempted assault charges.  Of course, we don’t know Kelsey’s side of the story.  I am hoping that the police did call her family to let them know they did have her for a while.

I thought she might be out of jail now, but according to a reader she is still in there as there is no release date on her booking.

Previous story:

“Unfortunately my beautiful daughter KELSEY ANN PAWLYK has not been seen or heard from since September 7th. Kelsey was allegedly traveling from Eugene Oregon to Portland Oregon. She frequently travels between Portland Oregon and San Francisco California. Her family and friends are very concerned about her safety. Please forward the following flyer of Kelsey.”


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  15. I can't imagine they released her… If you go to her booking, it says she has a 50k bond and there is no release date, just her intake date. Man, I hope she gets some help! She sounds like she needs it desperately. Also, there is a strange FB page called RIP Kelsey Pawlyk. Very strange!

  16. I met her in Ashland Oregon she makes a bit of sense. I know she is in prison on an assault charge but her story is credible. Perhaps the doubter's never locked stepped with Sciencetology like she did. She worked for me as an administrative assistant.

  17. She is actually not crazy. The Scientology people got ahold of her. They dumped her and her high class clothing at Jackson Hotsprings at Ashland Oregon in the middle of the night. I watched it happen her being kicked out of the car. How would you like your daughter/sister being dumped at the side of the road by the Sciencetology people? That is what happened.

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