Alexandra McIntire: Baby missing since 1994

Missing Since: July 20, 1994

Age: 7 months
Height: 2’1
Weight: 15 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Alexandra has a scar on the upper left side of her back from extensive lung surgery.

Alexandra  last known to be in the company of a female caregiver in San Diego, Calif.   Her caregiver took her to visit relatives in South Africa and never returned her. Authorities believe she was sold for adoption.

Arsena McIntire, now of Poplar Street in Mansfield, said her 8-month-old baby Alexandra McIntire vanished July 20, 1994, in San Diego, Calif.

“I still don’t know if she was really in South Africa,” Arsena said. “This is the stuff she was feeding me, so I don’t know if she was ever there or is in the U.S.”

Arsena said she was told there was not enough evidence to prosecute the caregiver.

“I put my name on a lot of websites where kids can go to find their parents,” Arsena said. “The FBI said they thought they sold her. I have hope if someone wanted her enough to buy her, I have hope they will love her and take care of her.”

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