Nichol Van Stralen: Missing from Glendale Found

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Missing Persons Of America

According to Find Nichol Van Stralen Facebook page she has been found on Jan. 15, 2014.  

We are so happy to announce that Nichol has been found safe , We could not have done this without everyone sharing her fliers , those leads that came from that has brought Nichol home . The dedication of those who put their boots to the ground , were truly amazing ! Nichol has been missing since September , her family has been able to talk to her for the first time in months . She is safe . We are asking for everyone to lift this family up in prayers at this time , they are exhausted.”

Previous story:  There will be a candlelight vigel in Glendale in Dec. Click here to read more.

“Nichol is 26 years old, DOB: 4/8/87, 5’7′, 125-135lbs, Blonde Hair, Blues Eyes, has a tattoo on her wrist that says “Live Free”. Was last known to be in the Orange County Area. Could be in San Diego or Mexico.


“She hasn’t made any calls since Sept. 10th and hasn’t texted anyone since Sept 12th. I know she doesn’t have a phone charger right now and her phone has been dead. But she Usually will try and find someone with a charger to make a call. Or she’ll use someone else’s phone to call us. We are going to the Police Department today and will officially report her as Missing. She took the train from Glendale CA to San Clemente, CA on the 10th and that is the last we heard from her. She should be in the Orange County or San Diego area. We tried calling the most recent numbers she called/texted and nobody has seen or heard from her either. She could be in Mexico?? IDK. For Photos Please refer to her Facebook page @Nichol Marie Find Nichol Van Stralen

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  1. I have seen this same comment on a few of these now. So you believe that people with tattoos are criminals and that's all you see? So sad. This young girl is missing and that's all that matters. Finding her and making sure she is safe. This web site was not created for people to come and judge those that are missing, to ask why, and what did they do to deserve it. Just to help. If that's not your goal then your in the wrong place.

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