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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reny Jose: Missing from Panama City Beach

UPDATE:  2014 - Police believe that Reny probably drowned while under the influence of LSD.  The family believe that is not the case and will continue to look for him.  Although friends said he wanted to hurt himself, his family said he was active.  Also, the fact that the water was extremely cold makes it seemed even stranger that he would enter the water, just to go swimming.  Although the case seems to be concluded for the police, the family will never feel it is concluded till Reny is found.  

 Previous story:
 Reny Jose from New York that was attending Rice University in Texas went to Panama City Beach, Fla. for spring break and went missing on March 3rd, 2014

Jose arrived at Panama City Beach with 20 of his friends.  Friends told the police that Jose had taken some LSD on March 3 and they could not locate him the following morning.  His clothes, wallet and cell phone were found near the rented vacation home in a trash can near the house soon after his disappearance was reported.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, call the bay County Sheriff's Office at 850-747-4700 or leave a tip here. Make sure you click on the home tab to read all the stories of missing persons.

Here is the Find Reny Jose Facebook page


  1. He took LSD and his friends couldn't locate him the following morning? Does that mean they left him alone while he was on drugs? What kind of friends are these??

  2. How could he throw his life away when it was just getting started? For some drug? More examples of how 'drugs are not dangerous' crowd is selling a new generation a bunch of bull. No thought given to purity, strength, more people on prescription meds for other medical conditions. Take whatever you want, where ever it comes from. You aren't hurting anyone else or violating their rights.



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