Body of missing mountain climber found preserved in ice after 32 years

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A French mountain guide whose fate has been a mystery for 32 years has been found.

The body of 23-year-old Patrice Hyvert was found in a glacier on Mont Blanc where he set off on a solo trek on March 1, 1982, where he planed to climb to the summit and then ski down.

Patrice’s father Gerard holding a photo of his son

During his hike the weather changed drastically.  It began to snow and the winds covered the path up the mountain.  Patrice never made it to his destination and no one heard from him since.

Then on July 3, two climbers found remains on the mountain about half way up.  The Dauphine Libere reported the body was completely preserved in ice and authorities were able to preliminarily confirm it was Patrice by the ID found in his wallet.

Surprisingly, Patrice’s father told RTL radio, “I would have preferred him to stay up there.  He was better on a mountain than in a coffin.  He was in his element.”

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