Euripides Cruz: Found wandering the streets after missing for six years

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Missing Persons Of America

A man that has been missing for six years has been found wandering the streets.

A police officer bought him some lunch in South Hampton on July 10 and when he ran his name on a hunch her found out that the man has bee missing for six years.

Euripides Cruz was reported missing from Waterfury, Conn. on July 8 2008.  The family thought he may have gone to New York as because of his schizophrenia he would hear voices in his head.  The family put Cruz’ information into the NAMUS database, as his family did not know if he was alive.

Authorities believe that Euripides who is 60 now, has been walking from town to town on Long Island for most of the time he has been missing.

He has been reunited with his family.

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