Are these four cases of missing women from Michigan connected?

This map shows the locations of the four missing woman when they were last seen.

UPDATE 9/20/16 – Jeffery Willis was charged with the murder of Jessica Hearing. Daniel Clay was arrested for Chelsea Bruck’s murder.

Daniel Clay, 27, was arrested at his home in the Frenchtown Villa Mobile Home Park in Monroe County by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for the murder of Chelsea Bruck.

The authorities announced today that Chelsea hurt herself at the party the night before she went missing.  I also remembered that Connie Snyder is also missing and then that Jessica Heeringa went missing back in 2013 and is still missing.  I also found that Lisa Knight has been missing since 2012.

I was curious to how close each of these young women were to each other when they went missing and the map above shows that.

All of them are from 2 to 4 hours away from each other.  Does this mean that these cases are related?  What do you think?

Chelsea Bruck went missing from Newport, Mich. on 10/26/14 in a rural area while she was at a Halloween party.  Newport is located below Detroit. On April 25,  a body was found about 10 miles from where Chelsea had been.  A positive ID was made Saturday night.

Also,  posted April 25, 2015, a body has been found in the water in Brownstown Township. Further details were not released.  I will add as soon as I know more.

Daniel Clay was arrested for Chelsea’s murder.  He told police he accidentally killed Chelsea Bruck by choking her while having consensual sex with her in his car following a Halloween party two years ago.  A medical examiner revealed an autopsy showed Chelsea as beaten to death with a blunt object. 

Connie Snyder went missing from Kalkaska, Mich. on 10/18/14.  She was walking alone at night. A body was found in a creek at the intersection of Walnut and First Street and was identified as Connie. – A body found frozen in ice in the Boardman River has been found to be Constance “Connie” Snyder. Her body was found near the intersection of Island Lake Road and U.S. 131.

Kalkaska to Newport is about a 4 hour drive.

Jessica Heeringa went missing from a gas station where she worked in Norton Shores on  4/26/13. Jeffrey Willis was charged with her murder.

Jefferey Willis, 46, of Muskegon Townships was arrested for murdering Jessica Hearing.  He is also facing charges of the June 2014 shooting death of jogger Rebecca Bletsch, the April 2016 abduction of a 16-year-old girl, and three charges related to child pornography and video surveillance.

Lisa Marie Knight missing from Ossineke, Michigan since June 8, 2012. She was last seen leaving a friends home.

Ossineke is about 4 hours from Muskegon, Mich.

If you know of anyone else that is missing from mid to UP area of Michigan, please let me know. or IM me on Facebook – Thanks.

Please note that Jordan Brooks has been found.

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  1. I do think they are connected, either trafficking or a serial killer. There are more missing than just these four. Some have been gone for years. Trafficking operates in every state and I think is responsible for many disappearances for many years. Male and female. Terrible that it takes so many gone to finally raise awareness. Thank-you Jerrie Dean for writing this article and helping to raise awareness.

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