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Gary J. Geiger December 3, 2014


Update – Found Safe

Clermont County police said a man who was missing has been found and is safe

Gary J. Geiger, 66, was missing from his residence in Amelia. He was believed to have walked away from his home Wednesday night.
On Friday, the Clermont County sheriff announced that Geiger had been found Friday morning and had been taken to the hospital for examination, but appeared to be in satisfactory condition. Deputies say Gary J. Geiger is believed to have walked away from his Amelia home evening or night, of the December 3rd.
They’re concerned because Geiger has been diagnosed with dementia.
Geiger is six feet, two inches tall. He weighs 205 pounds.
He was last seen wearing a red checkered shirt and blue jeans.
He may also be wearing a fedora and a black Carhart style coat.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 732-7510 or 732-7545.
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Gary J. Geiger

Amelia, Clermont County OH 45102

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