Karyn Renee Mehaffy: Teen missing from Winfield, Iowa Found

UPDATE 10/2/15 –  According to the Bring Karyn Mchaffy Home page run by her mom.

I would like to thank everyone who has tried to help find Karyn! God bless you! unfortunately she has made decisions I continue to not support! apparently she has married Wilfredo Martinez and is now pregnant with his child. TODAY, I got a call from the National Missing and Exploited Children Network saying that they are work under orders by Henry County Sheriff to pull her missing poster by order of the Henry County attorney. I wish Karyn the best in her new adult life, she has a long hard road ahead… I love her dearly and I will forever! Thank you Kasey, for all of your help! Thank you Charlotte, Megan and all of our friends and family! Thank you to Lorretta Coon! Thank you also CFSI & NMEC. I LOVE YOU KARYN RENEE MEHAFFY! YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY BABY BEAN!

UPDATE 7/11/15 – Posted on Bring Karyn Renee Mehaffy Facebook page on Friday, is the following:

“Karyn called last night..seams sad and home sick…I know it has to be hard to leave the only family you have ever had… .Karyn…mama loves you…if you ever need me I am a Phone Call Away!!! She says she does listen to my songs… and read all my posts!! Seeing all the pictures helps! Please!! I beg you. SHARE THESE POSTS!!! If every one shares her picture.. someone on their friends list will share also!!and so on!!! Lets bring her back home!!! PLEASE!!!!”

I wondered if the mom was able to get the phone number she was calling from or ask her where she was at or tell the police.  The response to those questions:

Well I obviously were they paying the call to was not correct it was an 89 year old apostolic woman… And her family.. Who happens to be a member of our family… But no she is not there they are using a magicJack number.. Or some kind of a device that sings the call to a different tower to a different place… I have learned some information over the past 24 hours so hopefully something good will come of that and I can let you all know as soon as possible!! As far as sharing the pictures it helps to get her face out there and it also helps her to see how much we miss and love her!!! Thank you everyone please keep sharing and please keep praying!!”

Regarding the kidnapping:

“well see we really don’t know the truth… the witness that was with her was obviously not reliable.. or in on the scheme.. in my personal opinion she should be questioned by the FBI… and I have contacted National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to let them know that… we don’t know whether she was taken or whether she’s there willingly she says currently that she’s there willingly but he is also sitting right there next to her telling her what to say and what she can’t say last night when she called me she sounded so sad and so upset… I do fear for my child because what if she is there willingly God knows he won’t let her come home when she wants to!!!”

UPDATE:  6/17/15 – Police officer Dean Walter says, as everything initially unfolded there was a request for an Amber Alert, but it was turned down.  Today we are finding out that the case has been downgraded from abduction to runaway.

The police no longer consider this an abduction

“She’s willingly with him,” Walter said.  He also said that this is the first time in his career where a case has changed from abduction to runaway.

What is disturbing is there is a poster released that shows Amber Alert on it that was created by “Locate the Missing.”  I have asked them to update their information and poster, because NO ONE should ever be putting Amber Alert on a poster when there is none.  An Amber Alert is allowed only by LE and to put that on a poster when there is NO Amber Alert should be against the law.

This poster is circulating around social media and an Amber
Alert was NEVER released.

 Whether Karyn was taken by three people or even one, or jumped in the car willingly seems to be playing itself out on social media.  The Bring Karyn Renee Mehaffy Facebook page still states that she was abducted.

Although anyone can understand the concerns of a mother, but this case is similar to many cases lately where hysteria outweighs common sense, and a parent is using social media to rally to her cause and some are saying she is leaving out information and inflating stories.  Well meaning people are there to help, but others that are seeing holes in “mom’s” story and are posting their comments. 

Now there is a photo on the Bring Karyn Renee Mchaffy home that is suppose to be a photo of the “boyfriend’s guns, that was sent to the mother from the family according to the post that is likely meant to bring a whole new level of urgency.  Many are questioning if the photo is even true and if it was why would the “boyfriend’s” family send the photos to her.    

Although the mom and the Facebook page is desperately trying to show her daughter in danger the police on the other hand are seeing it just the opposite.  Social media is split.  What do you think?

Original story:  Police are looking for 16-year-old Karyn Renee Mehaffy. Winfield Police Department and then Henry County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an abduction in the 300 block of South Olive Street in Winfield on Friday, June 12th.

 It was reported that 16-year-old Karyn Renee Mehaffy was abducted by three subjects in a dark blue SUV. The make and model of vehicle is unknown at this time. 

But then this was released on the Facebook page:

Most recently this:

Karyn is described as a 5’3” blonde hair with blue green bangs, tan, and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing green skinny jeans and a black sleeveless t-shirt. 

Anyone with knowledge of information regarding the whereabouts of Karyn, please contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (319-385-2712) or you’re local law enforcement agency.

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  1. Whether or not she was abducted is not what is in question here. What is in question is that there is a family out there worrying about their 16 year old daughter. I believe that they deserve police interaction even if it is just to get this girl to call home and reassure her family. Make an appearance or something. This is coming from a mother.

  2. She was not abducted. She planned to be where she was with her cousin, so the cousin could be a witness to the fake abduction. The girl is 16, thinks she is in love, and is openly defying her family. Not knowing the laws where she lives, this may cause her and/or the boyfriend to be breaking the law. However, it is not LE' s job to make her parents worry-free. There are juvenile court processes parents can carry out to assist them in these situations. But the parents have to get off the computer and go down to their local juvenile court, get honest, fill out forms, give info and follow-through on the court dates. These are the resources for this type of a case. Save patrolman and detectives for mysteries. And I am a mother, too, although what that has to do with the parents accessing appropriate resources is beyond me.

  3. She is a fucking minor and she should not be with a 20 year old guy but home with her parents and minding them. The police should be fired and put in men and women who are willing to uphold the fucking law! Her parents failed to discipline her as a child and now her life is at risk and in danger from emotions she can't control and the other guys is playing with.