Stormy Hack, 17, missing from Montana; posters being taken down

UPDATE 9/29/16 – A message that appears to be from Stormy has been forwarded to Stormy’s mother, Kim. It begins, “Hey everyone. It’s been a minute. I want to take a second to inform everyone that I’m not dead, or a slave somewhere, or part of some huge drug conspiracy.”

Kim told MPofA, “I dont think its from her.  She doesn’t talk like that.”  Kim also stated she asked the police to subpoena Facebook for the iP address but they have refused.

Stormy’s message goes on and in part also said “….those of you who REALLY know me, know these silly rumors are just that. Rumors.  Made up to hurt people and criminalize the innocent….As for me, I’ve never been better.  I can’t wait to share my stories and accomplishments with those of you that I love and see you once again…A gracious thank you to everyone who has support me through this.  I will come back to be present with the rest of society when I am good and ready.”

Without any positive confirmation that this is truly Stormy’s message, you can’t really say this message is a 100 percent indication that Stormy is okay.  To me, as a parent this would not make me feel that my child was alright.  It would only leave me with lots of questions and uneasiness.  Especially if I thought that the message did not sound like my child wrote it.  I think the police are being remiss by not following up on this. How can they be sure it is even her?  How can they be sure it is not someone else posting a message to take the heat off of this case that has seen a lot of attention come to it since it was posted here on the website and Facebook page and shared out over the last few days?

Original story:  Stormy Dawn Hack, 17, has been missing from Stevensville, Montana since August 8, 2015.

The Ravalli county Sheriff’s office state that she is a runaway and that she headed to Denver, Colorado.  They did not state where they got that information from.  Because of the runaway status the FBI cannot be brought into the case.  Stevensville Police Chief James Marble stated, “She just left,” Marble said. “She was having issues at home.”  He also believes that someone may be helping her stay away from her mother and he is relying on tips to help locate her and will welcome any concrete information that will put them in the right direction of where Stormy may be.

Stormy’s mother, Kim does not believe she is a runaway and she believes the police are lying to her.

“I was told my daughter was transported over state lines to Wyoming and dropped off at a gas station. A few months later I was told she was transported to Colorado,” Kim told Missing Persons of America.

What is interesting is that Kim has the same information that the authorities are stating that her daughter is in Colorado.

“My daughter is not just a runaway. There is more to this. Adults are involved, drugs are involved, there is so much more to my daughters disappearance.”

Marble told the media he has received many tips on Stormy but nothing that panned out and he is not even sure that the tips were viable, and he believes that the tips were of a teen that looked like Stormy but not necessarily her.

Kim believes that more can be done to find Stormy.

“No charges have been filed, no witnesses have ever been interviewed,” said Kim. “We are a very small community, only two officers.”

Kim also shared that Stormy’s missing posters are being taken down.  We have heard of this happening before with other missing people.  The reasons they are taken down vary from a citizen no longer wanting to see the posters, to a person directly involved with the missing disappearance not wanting the posters up.

What is concerning is that Stormy may be held against her will, and can’t come home or being influenced to not communicate with her family.

There are so many questions that Kim has, like:

Why have the witnesses that saw her after she allegedly ran away never been interviewed?

How is Stormy classified as a runaway when someone drove her out of state? And why the persons who drove her out of state have never been charged for aiding and abetting or endangerment?  Heartbreakingly, Kim believes her own father is one of the adults that encouraged her to do this. One of the adults that aided her.

Why was she told, Stormy was driven out of state to Wyoming and dropped off at a gas station…..then told driven to Colorado and she got in a car with her sister..then she is seen in town…here.

Kim is left to wonder what happened with Stormy’s impacted wisdom teeth, and why was she communicating with friends on social media up to just a few months ago, but has stopped communicating with her entire family since 2015?

Stormy is 5’1″ tall, and 113 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

If you have any information regarding Stormy please call the Ravioli County Sheriff’s office at (406) 375-4060 or the Montana Missing Persons Clearinghouse, (406) 444-1526.

You can also leave an anonymous tip here.  Let’s help find Stormy.

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