Angela Hammond abducted in Missouri in 1991

Angela Marie Hammond, 20,  has been missing from Clinton, MO. since April 4, 1991. She was last heard from by her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, 18, when Angela called him from a payphone that was in a parking lot of the Food Barn Store on Jefferson and Second St.

Video posted on April 7, 2009


According to her boyfriend while he was talking to Angela she told him that a man was circling around the phone booth and he had pulled up next to her car. The man was dirty with a white beard and mustache, glasses and he was wearing overalls. Angela asked him if he needed to use the phone and he said no. Rob then heard Angela screaming.  Rob drove to the phone booth and saw the truck was speeding away in the opposite direction. It was a yellow 1960 Ford truck with a white top and a water or fish scene in the back window, according to the  Kansas City Star news on April 7, 1991 .


Rob heard Angela screaming his name, as he drove past. He turned his car around and followed the truck but his transmission gave out and he could go no farther.

Rob was an early suspect in Angela’s disappearance but a polygraph test cleared him according to Charley Project.

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