Walker County Jane Doe; a 36 year mystery

A young girl who is known only as Walker County Jane Doe was found murdered on November 1, 1980, and it was believed she had been murdered on Halloween night.  A truck driver found her naked body near the Sam Houston National Forest, about a half mile south of the FM 1696 exit near Huntsville. 36’s years later and it is still unknown who she is.

The police determined from witnesses that prior to her death she was asking for directions to the Ellis Prison Farm.  Where she was found was about 14 miles from there.

On December 12, 2015,  a photo from the 1980’s showing a 14-year-old girl named “Cathleen or Kathleen from Corpus Cristi, Texas surfaced from siblings who met the girl at a motel in Beesville, Texas.  She told them that she wanted to go see her friend who was in Sugarland Prison.    The siblings believe that the photo of the girl could be Walker County Jane Doe.


WCJD was 5′ 6″ tall, and weighed 105 lbs. According to NAMUS is between 14-18 years old.  She had long wavy light brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. She had a vertical scar about 1½ inches long above and to the side of her right eye that transected her right eyebrow.She was wearing a gold necklace with a rectangular  smoky stone, according to NAMUS case 4630.

The following people have been ruled out as being WCJD:

Maria Anjiras 1961 Connecticut
Kristy Booth 1960 Texas
Joyce Brewer 1955 Texas
Kimberly Doss 1962 Florida
Roxane Easland 1956 Alaska
Rachael Garden 1964 New Hampshire
Cindy King 1962 Oregon
Deborah McCall 1963 Illinois
Angela Meeker 1965 Washington
Laureen Rahn 1966 New Hampshire
Mary Trlica 1957 Texas

Investigators could not make a match between the bite mark on her left shoulder and with Henry Lee Lucas.

Agency Name: Walker County Sheriff’s Office
Agency Contact Person: Criminal Investigation Division
Agency Phone Number: 936-435-2400
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 80-11-476

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