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American missing men and women in Mexico, do you recognize them?

tijuana mexico man

American missing men and women in Mexico

 If you believe one of these people is your relative, please read this information for help:

Buscapersonas David Nostas is a Facebook page that post missing people in Mexico.  He has been doing this for a very long time and is a well-known and respected man.  He has many followers and you may try to post a photo of your missing loved one there, if you think they may be in Mexico.  On David’s Facebook page, many of their posts are of people whom are believed to be American that are lost or purposely in Mexico for many reasons.  Many of MPofA readers see the posts and send them to me to be added here as they believe they may be missing American’s that are lost in Mexico.  So, know that some of the photos I have posted here are from the posts on that Facebook page and others were given to me directly by someone who emailed me.  If they come from David’s page I do not have much information than what was forwarded to me.

Since this post was written, many have tried to contact those that have originally posted the photos.  Some respond, but most do not, leaving a frustration situation for those trying to figure out if this is their loved one or not.

 Your best bet is to contact the US Embassy unless otherwise stated on the photo.   Please go to this link to get started.

 You may also try contacting ColibriCenter for help.  Half-way down the page is English if you cannot read the Spanish.

You may try posting on the Facebook page BUSCANDO DESAPARECIDOS EN LA FRONTERA, to see if anyone recognizes the photo.

And, as mentioned above posting on David Nostras page.

Scroll down to see the photos and read the stories of homeless people in Mexico that are believed to be from the US or Canada. These stories are running in reverse chronological order.

 If you recognized the person, or believe they may be a match to a missing person, please forward this story to them.   Also, included in this post is a few stories and photos of missing people who were know to be going to Mexico before they disappeared, and are still missing.

2019 – We have a couple that may be missing in Mexico.  They would have entered Mexico from Laredo.

Chad Peters and Tammy Arthur have been missing since around October 2018.  The authorities stated that a video shows them entering Mexico several times with their vehicle full of their “stuff”.  They were driving a 2018 Honda Accord.  A phone call came from Temapache, but there is no confirmation that it was them that called.  Tammy is 4’11” and 90 pounds with brown hair and eyes and Chad is 5’10” tall, 150 pounds with shaved head and green eyes.  If you have seen them, please send an email to or Davidnostas and have him contact me.  Thank you.

Check out this story about a man missing in Mexico since 2017

List Begins


Sept. 27, 2018 – We have a new woman to add to the list:

She is believed to be American and was see around the General Hospital of Ensenada.
Here is the post that it comes from send over by one of MPA readers.  If you think you know this woman or have more questions, please get a hold of Mathaly Davila that posted:
“Ella es extranjera, pare de usa, en condicion de calle, quizá alguien la este buscando, ayer andaba por el hospital general en Ensenada”

Do you Recognize this Homeless American man in Mexico

June 11, 2017 – This morning I received this below post from several people.  It is posted in Spanish, but has been translated.  It reads:

#Davidnostas Mexican friends let’s help this young man, it takes months lost and apparently has amnesia
Description: 1.85 ft tall, fair complexion, Colorado by the sun, eyes between green and blue, medium build, dark blond hair broad tickets.
Message sent by: Mariel Perez

Hello good evening, I’d like to ask your support to publish the image of this person since months ago is lost. Last night I saw him personally and caused more impact on me, I don’t have the resources, nor the means to help him but I have faith that this page can help you. I can tell that he is a person doesn’t remember anything as if he had lost his memory in an accident, he speaks English and some Spanish, is expressed as a person under investigation. Wear a sign that says car accident, this young man lives of charity and roam the city and usually found in the vicinity of a hospital named Carlos Canseco in Mexican Army, he has seen from #tuxpan, #Veracruz #Altamira, #Tampico and limits of #cdmadero #tamaulipas. I’ve been trying to get the municipality authorities support me but no reply. In advance thank you Don David for his great work.


UPDATE 6/7/17 – “IF ANY BODY IS LOOKING FOR A MISSING PERSON.. or A MISSING RELATIVE. THERE IS A LADY IN RIO BRAVO TAMAULIPAS.  HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OFF HER. SHE IS WHITE DOESN’T KNOW SPANISH.. PLEASE IF U HAVE A HEART SHARE THIS.. SOMEONE IS MISSING A LOVE ONE.. PLEASE HELP ME SHARE THIS..THANK U SO MUCH  Posted by:  PLEASE NOTE:  This woman below is the same woman that was photographed in Dec. 2016.  We dubbed her Nuevo Laredo Jane Doe.  Go about mid down on this page to see the other photo of her.  She has a cat cage and several cats with her.

Here’s a better close up photo of her:

UPDATE 4/3/17 – MPofA received this photo.  “This man was seen today (April 2nd 2017) in Reynosa México. He doesn’t remember his name or where he’s from. Hope someone recognizes him.”

Reynosa John Doe

UPDATE 3/3/17 – Jhonatan Sanchez posted on Facebook about this American man in Zihuatanejo in the state of Guerrero, also said he is originally  from Dallas, TX goes by the name of Anthony, he said he went to Guerrero on vacation, had an accident and his family thinks he’s dead.

Mexico man
Guerrero John Doe

UPDATE 2/26/17 –  “He sleeps and roams the historical center of xalapa veracruz, non aggressive is very quiet he has blue eyes, please share.”

mexico man
Xelapa Vera Cruz John Doe

Many are wondering if the above man is Robert Fisher (below) from Scottsdale, Arizona wanted by the FBI for killing his wife and two children in 2001. Robert Fisher

UPDATE 7/19/17 – IDENTIFIED Jessica Jane DOE – It has been brought to my attention that Jessica Jane Doe has been identified. With the help from the America Red Cross in Mexico, she was identified and was from South Carolina, not NC.  She has been united with her family.  Her true identity was not disclosed.

UPDATE 2/23/17 – This is a new photo of a woman that was found in Mexico.  Do you know who she is?

A rough translation of the below text reads:  She says her name is Jessica from North Carolina. I do not understand as she only speaks English. She was beaten. She is disoriented and is at the Red Cross in Juarez.” I am also hearing Nuevo Leon Mexico. If anyone knows the right city let me know.

Jessica Jane Doe

UPDATE 2/9/17 – We have a new person to add to the list. He is near a border town in mexico around the Rio Grande Valley area in South Texas.  He is believed to be lost homeless in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, Mexico, they say he only speaks english which seems to be American.   If you think you recognize him, let me know.

Mexico Man 5
Rio Grande Tamaulipas John Doe
Rio Bravo Tamaulipas John Doe

I received the above photo on 3/22/17.  I believe it is the same man in the photo above.  “Seen in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas.

UPDATE 1/17/17 – Below is another man who is homeless in Mexico.  This is the same man that was seen sitting in front of the bar in Tijuana (picture below with the pink wall.)  After receiving this photo below, he has been ruled out as being missing John Terry, by his family.

tijuana mexico man
John John Doe

UPDATE 12/24/16 –  We have a new man on this post that appears to be American lost in Mexico.  He was seen in Tijuana.

John John Doe

“We have been seeing this American man who is no older than 25 he is in rough shape he needs to go back to America he needs help. Today his eyes were both purple and blue. He is going to end up dead on the streets here if he doesn’t go home.I asked him his name he replied his name was John.Here is the best photo we could get of him.”

Please note that I know a front photo of him is imperative to make a match so I am waiting for one from the person that sent this photo. They now know he goes by the name of John. (Received photo above and John Terry has been ruled out by his family.)

Please note this woman is believed to be the same woman under the 6/7/17/ post above.  UPDATE  12/16/16 – I have received a photo of a woman who looks homeless and is believed to be American.  She is Nuevo Laredo  which is a city located in the Municipality of Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It’s right by the banks of the Rio Grande, across from the United States city of Laredo, Texas.

Nuevo Laredo Jane Doe

A message was translated and it read:  Translate : Gorda Melendez wrote, “The other day she went to my work, No one can help her because she only speak English, She have a AT&T line (American) She wants to make a call , she can used it because she didn’t pay she used my phone she spoke with a Man asking why he didn’t pay for the phone I think he ask her how she’s been she only repeat yes , yes , yes and said that she was waiting for the transfer . That was it, she thank me and she left. She have a temper.”

Another message posted said:  Gabriel Quintero Mtz wrote, “I work in a gym I’m a trainer she paid for a week, she came back in a month, they didn’t let her paid for another week because of the way she looks. The thing that got my attention was that she run in the treadmill for 20 min , like a professional runner, then I was like it’s weird that a “homeless ” workout like that , she only speak English, she did a good workout , she didn’t bother anyone.”

Although there is not a full frontal photo, I am hoping that I will get one in the next few days.

Original story:  

Over this year, I have been getting photos of men that are believed to be American stranded in Mexico, and I have attempted to try to match photos of known men that have gone to Mexico and are now missing.

Noel Shankle, 28, has been missing since February 2012.  He was last seen in Carrollton, Texas and last heard from by his daughter.

“He has a 4-year-old and calls her every night to say goodnight,” Nelly Shankle, Noel’s mother told the Valley Central.

Noel Shankle

The family knows he rented a car from Hertz in Harlingen and drove into Mexico to get dental work done.  A trip he has taken in the past.   The 2011 silver Nissan Altima he rented was not turned back into the rental car company.  The family does not know if he is still in Mexico or not, but there is a good possibility.

There is also James Robert Stacy. He was last seen driving between Ciudad Victoria and Matamoros Mexico on January 25, 2014.

James Stacy

As there seems to be more and more photos of men in Mexico that the photo takers believe may be from the US and are homeless.

Taumalipas John Doe

One such person is in this photo above.  The post reads, “This guy is in Taumalipas México. He DOES NOT speak Spanish.”

Henry John Doe

There is also this man (photo above) This man has since passed away in Oct. 2016. –  “An American White Male in Mexico and don’t know his name or anything. He weighs now only about 90 to 100 lbs, this man needs help. Some people purchased him some food, but they are trying to get him identified. Apparently, if he don’t know his name, may have been due to trauma of some sort, they nicknamed him Henry, he can’t remember anything and to speak only English is a dead giveaway. This man don’t belong over there and someone has to help get him to a hospital for DNA.”

He was thought to be Carl Wiegand (Photo below), but after multiple attempts to contact the family, I never got a response from them.  On Dec. 15, 2016, someone spotted the post about Carl and knew Carl’s father and forwarded the information to him.  I was able to speak with Carl’s father and subsequently get more photos from Shelia Bradley.  After looking at the photos Carl’s father has  ruled out the man as being Carl.   Sadly, during the research into whether the man pictured above was actually Carl or not it was found that the man was killed by a car while he was standing in the street in Nov. 2016.  Thank you Shelia Bradley for all your help on this case and getting more photos and finding out what happened to the man.

Carl Jonathan Wiegand from Texas was last heard from on March 9 near Falcon Dam. He was in Monterrey visiting family. He was going to cross back into the U.S. at Falcon Dam but then was redirected to cross at the Roma crossing. Carl was expect to appear at a funeral for an uncle but he never showed up nor had he been in touch with any family members.

Carl Wiegand

There is also this man (photo below) “Someone to be looking for, this guy walks in Guasave Sinaloa, in the center is the spends more x the market, speaks only English and apparently suffers from their mental faculties, let us help you to get back with his family.” Guasave Sinaloa is located in the north-western part of Mexico

Guasave Sinaloa John Doe

Could this man be Jonathan Barmaki who disappeared from Jacumba in San Diego County next to the border fence and his car was found abandoned with his dog, Sandy deceased inside?  It was later determined the dog died from natural causes.

Here is a photo of Jonathan.  Is he the man in the above picture?

Jonathan Barmaki

And here is another man in this video that was found on the streets of Nuevo Laredo.

As more photos come to me, I will add them to this post.  Hopefully, with them all on one page, it can be shared to family’s that believe their missing loved one is in Mexico, and a match can be made.

missing person mexico


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