Idaho woman missing for months; husband receives Facebook message saying, "I need you." FOUND

Mallory Curran

12/25/16 – Richard has notified me that Mallory has been found safe.

Mallory Lynn Curran, 32, from Caldwell, Idaho was last seen in Boise on Oct. 27, 2016.

Her family tried reaching out to her on her Facebook page on Oct. 31, asking where she was.  There was no response.


Then on Dec. 15, her husband, Richard, receives a Facebook message from someone claiming to be Mallory.  The message didn’t come from Mallory’s usual Facebook page, but from a brand new one that was created.

“I have never seen that Facebook before not sure if it’s her or a cruel joke,” Richard told Missing Persons of America.   “I had never seen that profile before and it is still open and hasn’t been deleted.”

What was so alarming is “Mallory” said “This is Mallory, I need you, please.”  Richard replied, “Where are you, I’ll come get you?”  Mallory responded, “Come get me.”  Richard replied, “Where are you…what’s the address?” Then the messages stopped.


At this time it is impossible to say if it is Mallory trying to contact him or not.  But, something is certainly going on.  Was it Mallory?  Was she trying to contact her husband before she was interrupted or was it a mean person preying on an innocent family searching for their loved one?

“She has never gone more than 2 weeks without contacting our 14 year old and 11 year old,” said Richard.

Knowing that there is no reason for Mallory to just go missing, and she may have been trying to reach out for help, time is of the essence to find her.

The police need tips on Mallory’s location.  If you saw Mallory around the end of October,

let the police know.  If  you think you recognize her or you saw her after Oct. 27th, please let the police know, too. It will be crucial to help narrow down where she might be.


Mallory is described as 5 feet 8 inches tall and approximately 140 pounds. She is thinner than in the missing poster put out by the Idaho State Police.  She has hazel/green eyes and blonde hair. Mallory has also gone by Mallory Lynn Brunssen.

Anyone with information regarding Mallory’s whereabouts is asked to contact Officer Glynn with the Caldwell Police Department at 208-455-3115.

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  1. Does she have a history of mental illness? I ask because there is a statement that “She has never gone more than 2 weeks without contacting our 14 year old and 11 year old…” For a mother to be gone for more than a few days without contacting at least their children is not normal behavior. If she has a mental issue then that should be shared to help those searching for her.

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