Has the mystery of Mary Cerruti’s disappearance been solved?

mary cerutti

Skeletal remains found in attic walls may belong to woman missing since 2015

Mary Cerruti lived alone in her house on Allston Street in the Heights area of Houston and kept to herself.  She was seen once at a city meeting where she protested the new apartment complex that was to surround her home on one side in 2012, but little after that.  Then one day a neighbor noticed she didn’t see her anymore.  Time went by and Mary’s home was foreclosed on after her mortgage wasn’t paid.  The payments had stopped in 2014.  One media report says a missing person’s report was filed in September 2015, another said it was never filed because the police required a relative to report her missing.

What happened to Mary was asked but no one seemed to really delved into what happened to her except for one neighbor that hired a private investigator.  What they found was a lot of dead cats in her home, but no Mary, reports the Independent Journal Review.  Her ex husband that lives in Brooklyn had no idea where she went.    Then in 2017, the new owners of the home noticed a loose board while storing things in the attic.  They pried it up and looked inside to see the skeletal remains, reports the Daily Mail.  Along with the bones were found a pair of red glasses, like Mary would wear and a patch of material.

It’s only speculation how the remains got there.  At this point no one knows for sure if it is Mary’s remains until DNA is done, but it is likely it is her’s.  How she ended up where she did is anyone’s guess.  Some thought she may have been looking for one of her cats and accidentally fell and over time her remains ended where they did.  There are also theories that she was murdered and her body hidden there.  We’ll have to wait for the medical examiner to sort it all out.

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