Missing Stockton teen seen entering Walmart but never leaving

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Missing Person California

Jasmine Garcia, 16, has been missing since Friday, November 25, 2017.  She went shopping with her family at Walmart on Hammer Lane, in Stockton, for the Black Friday sale and she disappeared.

Jasmine was only wearing her pajamas.  She didn’t bring her wallet, card, ID or any money when she went venturing out with her family that night.  Jasmine walked away from her family to go to the makeup counter but never returned. When it was time to leave Carmen, Jasmine’s mother, said she couldn’t find her.  She searched and searched and then called the police.

The police looked over the surveillance video and saw the family entering the store, but did not see her ever leaving.

Carmen told KTLA 5 that the police officer said, ‘I’m just notifying you that it does show when you guys walk into the store, but it doesn’t show, at any time, when she leaves.”

This seems to be the end of the story from the media, but I wanted to know more.  There must be some information on social media about Jasmine.  I found a post put up by Taryn Reyes that had more information:

“All of the sharing that this case has received on Facebook has made a HUGE difference. Walmart noticed all of the attention and felt the pressure of 1,000s of people wanting answers about this missing girl which prompted them to review surveillance tapes for a second time on Tuesday. They found something VERY different than SPD. A full 4 days after Jasmine disappeared Walmart informed Carmen that her daughter had been seen leaving Walmart at 7:04 pm, one half hour after they had arrived at Walmart, with a boy. Carmen received a call last night from SPD and was finally allowed to see the footage today. Unfortunately, Carmen was treated more like a criminal than a victim. She was not even permitted to bring a family member to view the tape.”

So, now we know that Jasmine did leave Walmart but her family doesn’t know where she is.  From the video they know that she was seen with a slim, dark complected Hispanic male in his late teens believe to be a Miguel and may also be with a teen named Miriam in a black car.

If you see her please contact the Stockton Police Dept.

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