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Jerry McFalls and Susan McFalls missing from Arizona

Susan McFalls

Missing Person Arizona Jerry McFalls and Susan McFalls

October 19, 2018

Nov. 2, 2018 – The Mohave County Sheriff’s office identified remains of one of two people found in the Arizona desert as Susan McFalls.

The family of Jerry and Susan McFalls was informed by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Thursday afternoon that two bodies had been discovered Monday in the Virgin River Gorge area.

Court records stated that shell casings were found near the couple’s truck in Littlefield and at least one handgun, possibly two, were missing from the house, court records state.  The family believes that if the remains turn out to the McFalls that the family was driven to the gorge, as all their vehicles, including an ATV were at their residence and their health would not have let them walk that far.

March 27, 2018

David Bounsall, who works with a PI company found a stained mattress cover on a wood pile while searching for Jerry McFalls and Susan McFalls.  It appears to be blood, but will need to be tested first.  The cover was turned over the police and will be tested to confirm what the stain is.

Original story:

Jerry McFalls, 62,  and Susan McFalls, 62,  are missing from Littlefield, Arizona.  They were last heard from on January 11, 2018.  The McFalls also have a home in West Jordan, Utah and go back and forth between the two.  They texted their daughter-in-law, Merridee on the 11th to tell her they were driving back to Utah.

Family found the couple’s vehicles parked at their Arizona home and their personal belongings, like their keys and medications were found inside the home.

“They are missing from their Arizona home,” posted Merridee on Facebook. “No signs of a struggle, everything’s there their dogs, cars, purse, cell phone, dinner defrosting etc they have just vanished

The McFalls would not leave suddenly like this and the mystery as to what happened to them and where they would be, has not been figured out yet.

On January 23, 2018, authorities used K-9s to search for the couple.

Jerry McFalls
Jerry McFalls and Susan McFalls

Contact the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at 800-522-4312 if you have any information about the whereabouts of the McFalls.

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Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

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