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Terrence Woods missing from filming location in Idaho

Terrence Woods missing Idaho

On Monday, Oct. 14, 2018, Terrence’s father spoke to the media and stated;

“One story they said they watched my son run off a cliff. What do you mean you all watched him? What do you mean you watched him? What are you saying? He’s 130 lbs soaking wet, these are all big guys like me, and you’re going to say you watched this little guy go and kill himself of whatever you’re trying to put out there? Come on man,” said Woods Sr.

He also said, “My son saw something, heard something. He shouldn’t have seen or heard and didn’t like it. My son is not in the woods, someone picked my son up. What for? What’s going on? That’s what I need to know. My son is not in the woods.”

New information has come out about Terrence Woods.

According to his sister, Sharnia Tisdale the story surrounding his disappearance does not match Terrence’s personality.  She told Fox45 news that the crew told Sheriff Giddings that Terrence was acting strange.  At one point he went up to a steep drop and stood there looking over the edge.  Several people saw him start running down the hill.

“And he would not stop, and he took off, and he just kept going. and they lost him at a road down below where you drop almost straight down, straight down a hill,” Sheriff Giddings says.

But his sister, Sharnia Tisdale said that Terrence “would not just run off or do anything like this.”

“He’s traveled around the world he really likes to do tv, he is a loving person and caring and an all around good person,” said Sharnia.

The search is ongoing for Terrence.

Original Story

Terrence Woods, 27, from Maryland has gone missing while working with a film crew at the Penman Mine near Orogrande in Idaho.  Terrance went missing on Friday around 5:30 p.m. when he became separated from the rest of the crew of the London Production Company Raw TV.  The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office were notified and so far he has not been located.

Terrrence Woods

Terrence Woods films.  

His Facebook pages says he attended Richmond The American International University in London.

Anyone with information on Woods’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Idaho County Sheriff’s office at (208) 983-1100.


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