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Is Attorney David Brener missing or on the run?

Attorney David Brener missing from Florida

Attorney David Brener has been missing since October 2018.  

Brener is a well-known criminal attorney in Fort Myers, Florida. He is currently the attorney for Jose Bonilla whom is also known as the Zombicon Killer.

Brener has represented Robert Dunn, who shot and killed his wife at a Cape Coral day care center, and  he was the defense attorney for the rap group Cash Feenze accused of murdering two people, to name a few, but Brener is not only known for the cases he has worked on but also his controversial personal life.

David Brener

Domestic Violence and Battery

Brener has been arrested for domestic violence and battery over the years, although he has never been charged.  In August 2012, Brener attacked his girlfriend, reports news-press.

“He pulled her across the room by her hair, choked her and swung a purse at her. An officer noted the left side of her jaw appeared swollen and her elbow appeared to be broken, according to the report. No charges were filed in that case because the victim retained counsel and did not want to go forward, said Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the state attorney’s office.”

In November 2014, Brener got into a bar fight and broke a man’s eye socket, reports news press.

“He was arrested for battery and the case was sent to the state attorney’s office of the 12th circuit in Sarasota. No charges were filed, and when a reporter called to ask why, officials said the file had already been destroyed.”

In 2016, Brener’s wife claimed he beat her, urinated on her and kept her captive in their condo.  A jury found Brener not guilty.

Goaskmoz posted on social media that Brener was his/her step father, and his/her mother is the woman who Brener allegedly kidnapped and beat up.  The post claimed that recently the police had shown up to search for Brener.

“Police were at my former residence and my mother’s searching for him [Brener].” 

Six months ago in May 2018, Brener was accused of grabbing a woman by her throat and pushing her near the Hetman Street parking lot.  He was charged with battery over that incident, but Brener did not show up for court to answer those charges although an attorney representing him did.  This case is still pending.

Research shows that all the above events have not gone unnoticed by the Florida State Bar.  Although the Bar typically waits until there’s a conviction before taking any action, in October 2017, they opened a case and began investigating Brener. 

With Brener, as the attorney of record, not showing up to represent Bonilla last month, Judge Bruce Kyle was forced to issue a writ of bodily attachment.  This document orders the sheriff to take Attorney David Brener into custody once he is found or he turns himself in.  At this time it is unknown if a missing person report has been made to the police.  

If you have any information about David Brener’s whereabouts, please contact the Fort Myers Police Dept.

Alliyah Lunsford, mom never asked about missing daughter 

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