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Moshe Pasarel is missing and endangered; may be in Indiana FOUND

3/31/19 – The family has stated that Moshe was located safe.

Moshe Pasarel, 28, has been missing from Indianapolis, Indiana since Monday, March 25, 2019. He was last seen on 851 Indigo Way.

Time is of the essence as Moshe has been diagnosed with depression and has threatened suicide recently.

I spoke with Moshe’s sister, Shosh and she stated that Moshe had been taken to the hospital.

“On March 24, 2019 he was taken to St. Vincent Emergency in Indianapolis. He is severely depressed and suicidal,” said Shosh. “He checked himself out on Monday March 25, 2019. As far as we’ve discovered, he hadn’t been transferred anywhere else.”

Moshe used to live in Florida and just recently moved to Indiana to be with his family. The family does not know if he returned to Florida or not or has gone someplace else, but he doesn’t have money or transportation to get anywhere, so he likely is still in Indiana.

“He has ties to South Bend, Indiana, Florida, and Brooklyn, New York, but no access to a car,” said Soshe. “He doesn’t have monetary means to travel either. He had his cell phone with him, which appears to be off since at least Monday.”

It is possible that Moshe could have gone to a homeless shelter as he has done that before, but any that have been checked showed he was not there. If you are part of a homeless community, please keep an eye out for him.

Moshe’s Namus case# MP56366. Please note, he may have his glasses on.

If you know of his whereabouts or see him, please contact the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. and/or Det. Nicole Bockling at 317-327-6160 for Case IP190030502 or as always leave a tip here.

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