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Baby goes missing 19 years ago after mother was murdered

Missing Person Virginia Allyson Dalton On July 27, 1998, Sylena Jo Dalton, 20, was found stabbed to death on a couch inside her apartment in the 100 block of Charles Street in Strasburg, Virginia. Her daughter, Allyson Dalton, who was only 2 months old was (more…)


Woman goes missing from Tennessee in July; now husband missing

Lisa Cloyd missing Tennessee UPDATE 8/11/17 – After responding to gunfire, authorities saw Curtis Cloyd “running into a vacant house at 147 Miller Drive where he then slammed and barricaded the door,” the release states.  Later that afternoon when a swat team forced entry into (more…)

Utah man goes missing; car found abandoned with strange items inside

UPDATE 8/14/17 – Paul’s body has been found in Mill Creek on Sunday. Bring Paul Home Facebook page released a statement: “Our family has learned the heart-wrenching news that the body of our beloved Paul Heiner Swenson has been found. We are deeply pained to have (more…)

Donna Kay Cloud vanishes after blind date; becomes one of the Missing Texas Forty

Missing Person Texas Donna Kay Cloud I heard that Donna Kay Cloud had gone missing last year, but did not add her name to the Missing Texas Forty list in case she would be found soon.  Now after her missing 6 months, she will be (more…)


Media – Missing Person of America Note to media:  Feel free to use all or part of the press release (below the links) when writing about Missing Persons of America or Jerrie Dean.  Because time is an issue, media can also contact Jerrie directly at (619) 654-7427 by text or calling. All others where there […]

McStay Family: The people vs Charles “Chase” Ray Merritt – Ongoing updates of the trial

McStay Family Hearing and Trial Updates People VS Charles Chase Ray Merritt trial Below are updates and more information about the hearing and trial regarding the McStay family trial.  I will continue to update this as more information comes in.  Please note everything is written in (more…)