UDATE: The MPofA website has reached 10 million visitors. In October 2015 we were at 6 million.  We switched to wordpress.com as our host  in February 2016 and reached 7 million in March 2016.  On May 16, 2016 we reached 8 million visitors, and on Sept 9, 2016 we received 9 million views. Jumping one million visitors in three 1/2 months.  Twice the growth just 6 months prior. In December we crossed over 10 million visitors. That is phenomenal growth.  

This recent story went international:

“Missing Persons of America, who prompted the investigation after their initial blog post about the young woman who had been spotted by a local went viral, said the result was “amazing” and down to the international community.

‘This has to be one of the most amazing cases because of how one woman in Rome, Lorena Kollobani, send a photo and request to Missing Persons of America in San Diego, California and from there it joined people together internationally as everyone tried to find shelter and help for this young woman.’

“Although the young woman did not turn out to be Madeleine McCann or Amanda Adlai or any of the many other missing girls, please know that attention has been brought to these cases and may have reached many other countries that they have not reached before.’”

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Our Stats:

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Blog average visits per day: 7-10,000

As of 10/15/15  –  as of March 2016 over 7 million (in under 6 months we had one million views).  Between March and April 2016 we gained phenomenal views and predict we will have gained one million more views by June 2016. In November 2016 we earned 9.4 million views and in December we passed 10 million views.



Facebook followers: 40,000 plus

Email subscribers 41,000 plus

Google Plus Views 31,000,000 plus