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Missing Persons of America has over 4000 stories about missing  and found people, resources to help you find your missing loved one and editorials for you to read.

After years of free access and lots of ads, AND after much deliberation, we have decided to switch the website to a pay wall and remove 90% of the ads as of June, 2019.  There is still many free stories to read, but to access the full website you will need a membership.

Many people are subscribed to MPA (50,000 and counting) but in order to see the full website you must be a member.  If you are in doubt whether you are a member, click on a page and it does not allow you to read the full story then you are subscribed to receive notifications of new articles but you are not a member.

The membership rate is at a very low price of $10.00 a year, and because half the year is done, the rate is currently $5.00 a year.  That comes to 50 cents a month.  We hope you will continue to be our fan as we make this transition.

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