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Where is Aubrey Sacco?

aubreysaccoAubrey Sacco, 23, a Greeley, Colorado native was on a solo hike in the Himalayas and was suppose to check in with her family on April 29, has disappeared. Aubrey left for her 5 month trip in December starting at Sri Lanka then headed to Nepal. She registered at two places along the hiking trail at Langtang National Park. The American Embassy is looking for a hiker that may have been with her and the FBI have joined the search.

“The FBI is looking at it and they’re saying it is a criminal matter. They’ve asked us to hold off so they can get their people in line, so we can’t say a lot about what they’re doing. But honestly we don’t know a lot,” Sacco family spokesperson Aileen Barry told AOL news.

Aubrey’s father traveled to Nepal along with her brother, Crofton, and Barry’s nephew, Dinesh Shakya, an expert on Langtang National Park. to search for her and vows not to come home till he finds her. (See video) They remained there till last week.

“I think she is waiting for her father to come get her,” said Connie Sacco, Aubrey’s mother.

It has been three weeks since the search began for Aubrey and the last trace of her was in April. at a hotel a day before she began hiking in the Asian country.

“I have a strong connection to her. Sometimes a family member can feel if a person is dead or in pain, like intuition. I have a very strong feeling that she’s alive,” said Paul Sacco via a CNN Skype interview from Kathmandu.

Aubrey’s family has offered a reward and Nepali police and soldiers continue to investigate and search.

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