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Where is baby Gabriel Johnson?

UPDATE April 21, 2016:  Elizabeth was released from jail and is now back to living her life.

UPDATE March 2016:  

Elizabeth was supposedly living under the name of  “JoJo”, who was married and worked as a cars saleswomen in New Mexico. Internet sleuths told police where she was.  She was arrested for leaving state and had gotten married which was against her parole. She spent 20 days in jail for this. Logan went on to have two more sons with his now fiance. Logan has stated he hopes Gabriel comes home soon and his sons would love to meet him.

UPDATE:  Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of “Baby Gabriel”  was  released from prison on Friday.

The AP stated she left the prison with a cardboard box and was driven away by her attorney to an unknown location.

She has no plans to make a public announcement.

Age-progression for Gabriel

Previous story:  Dec, 9, 2012 – A judge sentenced Elizabeth Johnson, Gabriel’s mother,

Logan McQueary, Gabriel’s father

for custodial interference, which she will receive over five years in prison.  But with time already served, Johnson will only remain in jail another two years.

Elizabeth was acquitted of kidnapping Gabriel, but convicted of unlawful imprisonment – domestic violence; guilty of custodial interference – domestic violence; and guilty of conspiracy to commit custodial interference – domestic violence.

The jury deliberated for about a day and a half. It appears they couldn’t agree on the kidnapping charge, and instead convicted her of unlawful imprisonment, a lesser charge.

Elizabeth Johnson

Original Story:  Elizabeth Joanne Johnson, left Tempe, Arizona on December 18, 2009 with her son, Gabriel Johnson, whom she did not have custody of. She took him to San Antonio, Texas, driving her grandfather’s white 1995 Oldsmobile Delta 88. They arrived on December 22 and stayed in two motels in the area. Elizabeth was last seen with Gabriel at a hotel in San Antonio on Dec. 26, 2009.  Gabriel was last seen with Elizabeth on Dec. 27.  Elizabeth was seen getting on a Greyhound bus later that day and she did not have Gabriel with her.  She left the car in San Antonio.

She texted Gabriel’s father, Logan on Dec, 27, that she had killed Gabriel and dumped him in a trash bin.

“U will never find me im already bording a plane. Out of the country. When im safe ill email u the exact location of dead gabriels little blue body. If the garbage don’t come first.”

Logan then called Elizabeth:

Elizabeth: “Yes I did. I suffocated him and he turned blue. That’s when I put him in his diaper bag and I put him in the trash can.”

Logan: “Where are you and where’s Gabriel?”

Elizabeth: “I told you that I killed him this morning.”

Elizabeth later took back her statement and said she gave her son away to a couple at a park in San Antonio, who she met through an underground adoption agency and only said she killed him to upset Logan, and because he had talked with other women.

She was supposed to appear for a custody hearing in family court in Arizona on December 28, but she never showed up and a warrant for custodial interference was issued. Elizabeth was arrested at a youth hostel in Miami Beach, Florida on December 30, 2009.

There were searches everywhere for Gabriel including a San Antonio dump but he was never found.  Some believe he is still alive somewhere.

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