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Day: January 22, 2011

Juliani Cardenas

The canal in Patterson, California is being drained to look for Juliani Cardenas.  A witness saw a silver Corolla, Toyota go into the canal.  Before this, police pulled out 3 different cars out of the canal.  The reason so many cars have been found in the canal already is because it is a place to […]

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Nancy Grace’s latest book

TV legal analyst Nancy Grace’s second Hailey Dean thriller (after The Eleventh Victim) works as a zany yet dark satire of pop icon worship. Hailey, a past victim of violent crime, is working as a Manhattan psychologist when a serial killer begins shooting D-List celebrities who are on the verge of making a comeback in […]

Read More gotta love this!  My Child IDTM allows you to create unlimited profiles up to 128 MB, so you can store information for your entire family on one device. Fully integrated with the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal, or L.E.A.P., My Child IDTM can help turn hours into minutes when information retrieval is critical.  You […]

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Zachary Green   A phone call from a boater who had spotted a body led police to the Esopus Creek Sunday.  The police found the body of Zachary, and positively identified him through dental records.   Update:  Police did a search under the ice for missing Zachary Green, on February 27, 2011, but nothing was found.  The […]

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Carlina White: Arrest warrant issued for “mother” – National missing persons |

An arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who is suspected of kidnapping Carlina White when she was a baby 23 years ago.Police has issued an arrest warrant for Ann Pettway for absconding supervision. Pettway is on parole and is not allowed to leave the state, and police have not been able to locate […]

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