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Day: January 28, 2011

Amy Henslee and mom’s “secret code”

This morning Good Morning America (video) showed a clip where Amy’s mother was talking about a secret code that they had.  She said she would tell Amy, “You know the secret word, just call me and say that so I know it’s you and give me the location.” I don’t know why anyone would have […]

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Amy Sue Henslee: Bodies of Amy and another woman found (video)

Police are searching for a missing Michigan mother who went missing on Monday, January 24. Her husband, James Henslee said he last saw her when he left the house at 7:30 am that morning. The couples two kids left had left for school at 7:20 am. Later that morning he called the house at 10:00 […]

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Amy Sue Henslee: Blood found in relatives trailer – National missing persons | police have been searching for Amy Sue Henslee since she was reported missing by her husband, James Henslee on Monday. Then shocking news upsets the family and friends when they hear a report that blood was found in a trailer near a relative’s house on County Road 687 in Hartford that belongs to James’ […]

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