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Ilya Salkind: Superman producer is a missing person

Superman - The Movie [Blu-ray]The Executive VP of Ilya Salkind Company, John C. Palmer says that Ilya Juan Salkind Dominguez is missing.

Salkind, 63, is a film and television producer, but is best known for his contributions to the Superman films that starred Christopher Reeve’s in the 70’s and 80’s. He secured the rights for the 1974 Superman movie and served as Executive Producer on Superman I, II, and III.

Salkind’s business partner, James Buccelli filed a missing person report with Mexican authorities on February 2nd. Salkind had left his cell phone at his Mexico City vacation home and told his staff that he was running errands and going to get some dental work done, but he never returned home.

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