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Kristin Smart: Missing since 1996 – The Conclusion

Day 4 Flores’ backyard is finally dug up

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While the Smart’s attorney was handling the lawsuit, the Smart’s were trying to get information from the police department on how the investigation was going. The police said they had a reason for keeping information to themselves. They felt that the information that they were giving to the Smart’s and to their friend Dennis Mahon, was being misused.

“They have been very involved and very appreciated of Dennis Mahon, his Web site  (last checked this website is no longer up – but a new website is up.) and the information he puts on it. We have asked Dennis and the Smarts to remove the information because it’s inaccurate. We will not participate in providing information to them that ends up being incorrect,” Bolts said. “Every time we give them information they think they are doing the right thing by putting it on the Internet. If it was accurate information, we would not have this problem. But Dennis puts his own spin on it. We cannot maintain the credibility of the investigation if we can’t validate the information on the web site we don’t share information with the Smarts,” Bolts said.

“If they would agree not to share information, we would meet with them on a daily basis if they wanted. But they have declined.”

Then in 2007, a big break in the lawsuit came. Susan Flores was going to let a private construction crew dig up the backyard as part of the above mentioned civil lawsuit, that was part of the discovery process.

Nothing was found and the Smart family ruled it out as a final resting place of their daughter. They had two other places though they think she may be.

“Law enforcement sees it ‘only’ as a homicide, however the majority of families who have lost a child to a homicide have been able to lie their children to rest and for them the only ‘peace’ they will receive will come with justice! For us, the only peace we pray for will come with finding our Kristin, justice is still in the back seat, we want our daughter found,” said Denise.

Denise hopes that those two other locations will also be searched as part of the discovery portion of the civil suit.

A $75,000 reward for information leading to Kristin or resolution of the case along with an additional $100,000 reward is being offered by Terry Black, another friend of the Smart family, for the location of her body. Black believes Smart’s body could be buried on the Nipomo, Mesa.

“I just would like to see closure to the family, and sometimes money is the only thing that motivates people to come forward,” Black said. “My sole concern is retrieval of the body. I’m not in the blame or punishment role here.”

“I am hopeful this information gets saturated in the media and then someone, somewhere, may have more information and will ultimately contact us to help bring us closer to Kristin,” said Dennis Mahon.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department says the Smart investigation is open and active.
Kristen’s disappearance resulted in the Kristin Smart Campus Security Act that requires all college campus security to report cases of possible violence or missing persons to police.

Where are they now?
Paul Flores’ parents, Susan and Ruben have divorced and Susan lives with Mike McConville in Arroyo Grande and regularly attends city council meetings.

Lt. Steve Bolts became the Under Sheriff for the San Luis Obispo county Sheriff’s Dept. and was arrested in June 2010 for alledgely driving drunk in Atascadaro. He pleaded not guilty. In September, 2010, Bolts plead no contest to a charge of reckless driving. He was fined $500 and was placed on three years probation. Bolts retired from the department in September 2010.

Paul Flores after serving a jail sentence in Santa Barbara County jail in connection with a charge of driving under the influence is living in Lawndale, California.

“In September, 2009, Paul was driving drunk and slammed into Holly McPeak and her brother,” said Mahon. Holly McPeak is a Volleyball Hall of Famer. “Paul was driving on a suspended license.”
Dennis Mahon is still managing his website for Kristin and Kristen Modafferi. The 19-year-old, who is from Charlotte and a North Carolina State University student, was last seen on June 23, 1997, leaving a San Francisco coffee shop.

I asked him about the police being tight-lipped about information on the Kristen case and he said, “What people don’t know is I didn’t start getting interested in the case till five years after Kristen had been missing.”

I also asked him if he would like to send me a photo of himself so I could add it to this article.

“No, that’s okay. It’s all about Kristin. Put another photo of her up instead.”  So we did.

Kristin Smart


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