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Day: February 11, 2011

Sign up for the new alert to help find missing children

When my son was 3, he thought that I had told him it was okay to walk up to a neighbors house. When I discovered he was missing, I, of course, panicked. I realized quickly that he must have walked up to the neighborhood kids house but I didn’t know where they lived. I ran […]

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A Child is Missing call system

Good News!  A lost child should be everybody’s business and everyone should be coming together to find that child.  “A Child is Missing” is a non profit organization that is working to do just that. West Fargo, ND is the latest city to implement a new system that will make 1000 automated calls in 60-seconds […]

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Farmer in Boise turns out to be FBI’s most wanted

A New England mobster who went missing in 1994 after he attempted to kill his boss. has been found on a farm in Boise, Idaho.Enrico M. Ponzo, 42, lived on a farm where he fixed computers and tended his farm animals. He had moved there about 10 years ago and although he didn’t know anything […]

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michelle dubois

Michelle Dubois – Florida mom’s body found

Missing Person Florida Michelle Dubois Authorities have confirmed that the body of Michelle Dubois has been found. Michelle went missing about 6:00 on Monday. Her husband Christopher Dubois said he said that when he took their twin’s, Chris and Leo, to daycare on Monday, when he came back his wife, Michelle was gone. She had […]

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