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Nancy MacDuckston: Missing Belmont woman last seen with mysterious man

nancy macduckston

August 11, 2003, Nancy MacDuckston from Belmont, Calif., decided to drive to Davenport, California to spend the day at the beach. “She loved to sit at the top of the cliff’s and read and watch nature,” said Nancy’s husband, Bruce. “It was her way of rejuvenating her soul, her mind, her batteries.”

When Nancy did not return home later that day, Bruce called the police. They began searching for her and found her Mazda 2001 minivan on the side of Highway 1 at a bluffs overlooking the ocean. There was a chair, a book and a pink sun hat set up along side the van and Nancy’s wallet was found undisturbed inside the locked car, along with other items.

Nancy Macduckston
Mysterious Man

Tracking dogs picked up Nancy’s scent on a path that lead to the cliffs edge, but they couldn’t tell if Nancy was walking to or from the edge.

Further investigation lead police to the New Davenport Cash Store and Restaurant where an employee remembers Nancy was there and she had bought a few things, She was also seen at the Whale City Bakery and the Davenport Post Office around 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Later that evening Nancy was seen back at the New Davenport Cash Store and Restaurant with a mysterious man.  The man was Polynesian, around 30-40 with salt and pepper hair, 5’6″ and 150 pounds. Nancy and the man laughed during the meal and shared conversation and left around 5:30 p.m.

During the search for her scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have studied the tides at the time of her disappearance and Coast Guard boats patrolled the area, but nothing was found, reports the LA Times.

The Belmont Police Sgt. Dan DeSmidt said they found handwritten instructions on the year-round, day-to-day operation of the Preschool where Nancy worked as a Director.

“She left administrative arrangements that a person would not make if they were planning on returning,” said DeSmidt.  A few days later two friends received postcards that Nancy probably mailed the day she went to the post office. She wrote, “Hey, I’m finally taking that vacation, a day trip.”

 To this day no one knows what happened to Nancy.  Did she fall or jump or get pushed from the cliffs into the water or did she leave with the mysterious man?
Anyone with information on the Nancy MacDuckston case should contact the Belmont Police Department at 650-595-7400.
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