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Missing Men – missing from media coverage | Catherine Burton | Independent Notebook Blogs

Catherine makes a great point in this article. You would not believe how many people are missing a day. Some turn up a few days later, some weeks, but not all get the same amount of attention when they go missing. It is so important to get the word out and push your story, otherwise, someone may walk right passed “your” missing person and you never even know it. I am hear to help you, so if you know someone that is missing, let me know and I will help you get the word out. Here’s the story….

“The body of a young man found in the River Irwell in Salford was today confirmed to be that of the missing Nathan Tomlinson.
Nathan went missing on the same day as Joanna Yeates. Missing Men   missing from media coverage, notebook
Until yesterday, his family and friends had no idea of his whereabouts or what may have happened to him and desperately reached out to the public to help with police enquiries by releasing statements, appealing at football games, addressing the local media and putting posters up all over Manchester and Salford.” Read the rest here.

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