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Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson: Missing from Texas since 2004

Jennifer, who was 26 when she went missing, lived in Lubbock, Texas with two roommates. She worked at Nothin’ Butt Smokes and was also a sophomore at South Plains College. The day she disappeared she had been at her boyfriends house on the 2400 block of 118th Street. She left to go home to change, then go to work around 11:00 am on July 13. She drove her black 1999 Honda Civic home and then just disappeared.
Jennifer never called her employer at Nothin’ Butt Smokes to tell them she was not coming to work. She was to be paid the following day and her paycheck was never picked up. Her employer did call Jennifer’s boyfriend to see if he knew where she was. He thought she might have fallen asleep and over to her trailer. He saw her car outside and knocked on the door but no one answered. He became worried and called Jennifer’s roommate to see if she knew anything. When the roommate got to the trailer, the door was locked and both sets of keys were hanging inside the door. The car outside was unlocked and her cell phone, checkbook, and driver’s license were on the front seat. The one thing missing was her tan shoulder strap purse.

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