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Tiffany Brown: Elderly couple missing as manhunt for suspect continues

A man sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering his girlfriend’s daughter and an elderly couple said in his videotaped confession that he constantly has “evil thoughts” and thinks about killing.

Samuel K. Littleton II, of western Ohio, pleaded guilty to three counts each of aggravated murder and gross abuse of a corpse in a deal with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty

Authorities are asking for help to locate a missing elderly couple and their car in connection with the manhunt for a man suspected of murdering a Bellefontaine, Ohio woman.
Police now believe that Samuel K. Littleton, II, who is wanted for questioning in the murder of Tiffany Brown, may be with or at least driving the car of an elderly couple, Richard, 84, and Gladis Russell, 85.
The Russell’s used to own the house that Littleton and Deb Neely, Tiffany’s mother, are currently living in on 728 Eastern Avenue in Bellefontaine, Ohio. According to Logan County auditor’s records the house was sold to Littleton with the completion of the sale in November of 2009.

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