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Kyron Horman: Sheriff speaks on updated search for missing Oregon boy

June 4, 2014 –  Desiree Horman says that Terri Horman “failed a lot of questions that they asked her,” and that she failed three polygraph tests, each nearly 10 hours long.

“She was saying what her response was and trying to justify what her timeline was and trying to justify why she failed that question,” Young said.  “That is a glaring example of someone who’s guilty.”

Desiree said that the police might be upset with her after she let this information out.

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton spoke to commissioners on Thursday on the status of missing Kyle Horman, who was last seen at his Portland, Oregon school last June.
Staton said a task force will be developed to further the investigation in the Horman case.
“We can target specific elements to bring a conclusion to this,” said Staton.
Staton admitted the broad tips have caused him frustration in the case. He said each and every lead has to be looked at and documented, but some are too broad when the tip is no more than to search in a wooded area.
Staton would not give specifics as to what moving forward in the investigation meant.
“I don’t like standing up here and telling you that we are moving forward in this investigation but not being able to tell you why. I would love to be able to tell you this is what we have found. I wish I could tell you this,” said Staton.

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